After saving the world, before the movie finish and Confess their feelings, the heroes and heroines get married at the end or later until the sequel like Aladdin And Jasmine for example.

Here's some reason:

  • reunited each other after the battle, etc.
  • confess their feelings after loving each other
  • either months, years or few weeks/days, they decide to get married after loving each other and decide to be together forever
  • sometimes they put on hold after they know each other more
  • sometimes we have to wait until the sequel so we know that they're getting married or not yet
  • No matter where you're from, what you look like or redeemed is more important thing



  • Princess Fiona and Shrek are married in the first movie after confessing their love.
  • Robin Hood and Maid Marian got married after Prince John, Sir Hiss and the Sheriff of Nottingham are thrown in prison by King Richard.
  • Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood got married at the end of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • Peaches and Julian are married in the 5th movie after saving the world.
  • Carol Pewterschmidt and Mayor Adam West are married in Family Guy episode "Brothers and Sisters".
  • The Great Leslie and Maggie DuBois are married after the "New York to Paris" race ends in draw with Professor Fate demanding a rematch a race back home to New York.


  • Muscle Man and Stara got married in Regular Show episode "Dumped at the Altar".
  • Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave got married at the end of South Park episode "Follow That Egg!".


  • Many people get married in Kim Newman novels.
  • Alvin York gets married to Gracie Williams at the end of Sergeant York.
  • Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce got married in Glee episode "A Wedding".
  • Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson got married in final season of Glee.
  • Goku & Chi-Chi are married.
  • Naruto Uzumaki & Hinata Hyūga are married.


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