Boy, giving up is the hardest thing like making the right choice or quitting the team forever, etc.

Here's the reason why heroes or heroines give up:

  • feeling betrayed or lied to
  • feeling weak or guilty about something
  • realize that it's their fault since the beginning
  • realize that they're not themselves like they used to
  • feeling sad that they're different or missing their old life


  • Peter give up being Spider-Man after being called a freak and losing his powers.
  • Judy Hopps gives up, because she felt sad, and she lost her friend Nick and made things worse for the predators and prey.
  • Jason Johnston and Evelyn Ross gives up hope, since Maroone banished them on a small island.


I'm Spider-Man, no more.
~ Peter Parker deciding to give up being Spider-Man and throw away his costume forever

(Penny: Uncle Gadget? What are you still doing in bed? And why is your trenchcoat and hat in the trash can?) I'm no longer a policeman, Penny. I'm a-- Well, there are a lot of things that I can be. Window washer, huh? Dogcatcher-- Ooh, parking valet. Sky's the limit. (Penny: But Uncle Gadget, you can't give up now. Here, look what we've got.) (She pulls out a plastic bag containing a bowling shoe, and presents it to her uncle.) (Penny: It's a bowling shoe. One of Claw's men drop this at the Science Convention.) What were you doing at the Science Convention? (Penny: Never mind that. Look, we can solve this together. We can track down Claw and get you your job back.) No. I'm through. (Penny: All right then, I'll track down Claw myself.) (Gadget becomes firm at Penny.) No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You are to stay out of this completely. Do you understand? This is a grown-up problem. (Penny, begging: Uncle Gadget, just give me a chance. One chance.) (Gadget becomes sincere at his niece.) Look, the fact is...that there is nothing that you or anyone else can do for me. I'll never be a crimefighter. Never again. (Penny: You don't believe in me.) (She runs out of the room, crying.)
~ Inspector Gadget giving up being a policeman since Claw stole the laser from the Science Convention and placed a microchip on him, getting him fired.

I guess I lost the knack. I'll never fly again.
~ Rocky the Flying Squirrel giving up flying while trying to save Bullwinkle from Boris Badenov.


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