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Good vs evil by monoguru

Good Defeats Evil

Good Defeats Evil
is similar to Facing the Enemy, Overpowering the Enemy, Outsmarting the Enemy and Good vs. Evil. It is also similar to Evil Beats Evil.,though in this case, the one whom defeat the villain/antagonist not on the villains' side, but from heroes' instead.

The heroes that defeat the villains are in several ways:



  • Frodo Baggins: Destroyed One Ring by drop it onto Mount Doom, both to destroyed Sauron and put an end of Gollum's madness albeit this resulting him lost a finger and his whole journey was scarred him due to had to endure One Ring's corruption.
  • Harry Potter rebounds Lord Voldemort's killing curse back to him, resulting the Dark Lord's death. In film adaptation, Dark Lord's body is reduced to ashes while in book, Voldemort is later given a proper funeral as his corrupted body is still intact.
  • Thorin Oakenshield struck down Azog, though not without suffering a mortal wound.
  • Jason Johnston beats Quincy Maroone up for his evil intentions.
  • Benjamin H. Ratwell, Andrew's big sister Lindy and the New York City police defeat Tabitha Harperstein by sending her to Chelsea Piers, where they chain Tabitha to an iron ball for the murders of Andrew's parents and Mr. Irving Leary, and Devlin tells Andrew to push her off the pier to drown, and he does, ending her life for good.


Transformers Film Series

  • Optimus Prime struck down Sentinel Prime for his betrayal, though the latter has succesfully ruined any hope for humanity and Cybertronian to make peace after Battle in Chicago.
  • Optimus kills Harold Attinger for save Cade Yeager, before struck down Lockdown

Star Wars

  • Anakin Skywalker dangerously threw Palpatine onto Death Star core to save his son whilst the Sith's lightning electrocute him onto dying state, after confused and not able to bear to see Luke electrocuted.

Marvel Cinmatic Universe


  • Godzilla (2014 Reboot) destroyed female M.U.T.O. by fires his atomic beam on her mouth, triggering chain reaction in her neck that resulting fiery decapitaton.
  • Jack Sparrow and Will Turner stabs Davy Jones' heart.
  • Axel Foley shoots and kills Ellis DeWald avenging his boss Inspector Douglas Todd who Ellis DeWald killed.
  • King Kong



  • Glenn Quagmire invests Jeffery Fecalman and kills him for save her sister Brenda
  • Joe Swanson arrests Sonja for kidnapping Quagmire
  • Maggie Simpson stuns Russ Cargill with a boulder
  • Timmy Turner uses the magic remotes to defeat Vicky in Maho Mushi.
  • Toothless defeats the Whispering Death.

Animated Films

  • Manny struck down Gutt by catapulting him in the air, then striking him with a log, sending the evil ape flying far away into the distance.
  • Milo defeats the mutated Rouke, where he gave enough time for avane propeller to crush the evil Captain.
  • Prince Phillip struck down Maleficent.
  • Osmosis Jones tricked Trax to killed himself by a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  • Iago struck down Jafar by kick his lamp into lava.

Anime & Manga

Live-Action TV


  • Raiden defeats Solidus Snake making a cut in the back.
  • Carl Johnson and his brother struck down Frank Tempenny by having his fire truck crashes.



(Dom, as well as fighting Shaw afoot a parking garage, is attacked by Mose Jakande from his attack helicopter.) (Jakande's goon: Shaw's in the way.) (Jakande: Then it seems our friendship is at an end. Do it.) (Shots fired from the plane break up the tarmac on the car park Dom and Shaw are fighting on, and they end up on two sides of a crack, with Shaw inside a danger zone.) The thing about street fights? The street always wins. (stamps on the danger zone, sending it tumbling down, taking Shaw with it. Dom turns around to face Jakande as he locks on to Dom with his missile launcher.) (Jakande: Goodbye, Toretto.) (Before he can fire the missile, the helicopter gets shot at. It's Agent Hobbs, who has salvaged a gattling gun from the remains of Jakande's drone. He continues shooting at Jakande, who shoots at Agent Hobbs, Letty and Ramsey with his own machine gun.) (Letty: I need some help here. We're getting nailed. I need some backup.) (Dom grabs a bag of grenades from Shaw's Aston Martin, gets into his Dodge Charger with the grenades, and drives off. (Jakande's goon: He's getting away!) (Jakande: NO! STOP HIM!) (Another missile from the chopper destroys much of the parking garage, forming a ramp on the floor below, as Dom drives down to that floor. Hobbs runs out of rounds from the gattling gun, but not before shooting the helicopter's back rotor, causing it to spin out of control for a moment. Dom drives towards the ramp, remembering Hobbs' words "Don't miss", switches on the car's Nitro power, and launches off the ramp at the helicopter. He appears to miss and crashes, but Jakande realizes that the grenade bag is on the skids of the chopper. Hobbs shoots the bag from ground level with his pistol, destroying the helicopter and killing Jakande and his goons.)
~ Dom Toretto and the crew defeating Deckard Shaw and Mose Jakande.

(Ellie: We need to get out of here!) (She and Peaches run off to the next ship) Go, go! I'm right behind you! (Gutt, grabbing Manny's tusks: No! I'm right behind you!) (Peaches: Dad!) (A landmass rises and splits the iceberg ship in half, lifting Manny and Gutt hundreds of feet high) (Gutt continues holding Manny by his tusks) (Gutt: There's no where to run, Manny!) (Gutt flings Manny by his tusks; Manny uses several weapons to impede Gutt) (Gutt: You know, this ocean isn't big enough for the both of us!) (swings his sword at Manny, barely missing his eye) Don't worry! You won't take up much space once I FLATTEN YOU! (Manny tries to stomp on Gutt, but Gutt pushes him off. Manny charges, but Gutt kicks him to the edge of the ice mass. Manny eyes the nearing sea) (Gutt, holding a log to finish him off: Told ya, tubby! You shouldn't have messed with the Master of the Seas!) You know, sometimes, it pays to weigh 11 TONS! (Manny jumps on the other side of the ice, catapulting Gutt into the air.) (Gutt: NOOOO!) (Manny catches the log) Bon voyage, Monkey-boy! (Bats Gutt towards the rock wall, sending the evil ape flying far, far away into the distance)
~ Manny defeating Captain Gutt by launching him into the air, then whacking him with a log, sending the evil ape flying into the distance

(Mr Fox, Kylie, Ash and Kristoffersen are now face-to-face with Boggis, Bunce, Bean and about 30 of their goons.) He's wearing it. (Sure enough, Mr Fox's tail is being worn by Bean as a necktie.) Your tractors uprooted my tree, your posse hunted my family, your gunmen kidnapped my nephew, your rat insulted my wife, and YOU shot off my tail! I'm not leaving here without that necktie! (Bean: KILL HIM!) (The four animals duck behind the crates, which are damaged by gunfire from the humans. After their guns are empty, with many rounds fired, they stop to reload them.) Actually, we should just go. Where did I park? (Ash: I weigh less than a slice of bread.) What? (Ash: I'll be right back.) Ash? (Ash runs away as the humans continue shooting. He narrowly avoids them, jumping over more obstacles in the process.) Dodge the grabbers, duck the taggers, jump the twig basket and...knock the cedar stick off the cross rock! (Ash destroys a brush to make a Whackbat. He jumps in front of the door to Bean Annex and uses the bat to knock the handle off. As soon as he lands, he digs into the ground. The humans continue shooting until Bean gives the signal to stop, at which point the other animals are shocked.) (Ash: Hot box!) (Spitz, Bean's rabid beagle, bursts out of the door and attacks the humans, shredding the fur Mr Fox's tail, and then forcing Boggis, Bunce and Bean to jump onto a roof. The humans continue shooting at the animals as they make their way back to the sidecar.) Ash, that was pure wild animal craziness. You're an athlete. (Ash: Mm-hm.) Here, put this bandit hat on. (gives Ash a black ski mask with gold stars. Ash takes off his old one and puts the new one on.) Goggles! (the animals put their goggles on, then take off. During this, Kristofferson grabs what's left of Mr Fox's tail, and ties it to the sidecar's flagpole.) (Ash: Are you going to tell on us?) (They drive towards a ramp, marked with "Stunt Expo 4".) Holy swearing c**s! (They drive off the ramp and over the wall, escaping the farmers.)
~ Mr Fox, Kylie, Ash and Kristofferson escaping Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

(Inspector Fix: Get out of my way! I used to be somebody important!) (Lord Kelvin: Should've thrown him through a higher window. Get rid of this buffoon.) (Fix: Buffoon, eh? Is that the thanks I get for going halfway round the world to stop Fogg for you?) (Everyone gasps.) (Monique: He also sent a Chinese warlord to kill Phileas Fogg!) (Fix: That's right! He did!) (Kelvin: Lies! All of it!) (Fix scoffs.) (Kelvin: Kitchener?) (Colonel Kitchener: Yes?) (Kelvin: TELL THEM!) (Kitchener: Uh, well...the thing of it is...) (Kelvin: Mumbling moron! Salisbury, please translate Kitchener's incoherent blather!) (Lord Salisbury: I...he...I...Yes...Yes!) (Kelvin: RHODES!) (Lord Rhodes: Uh, the thing of it is, I don't want to make a fuss about it...) (Kelvin: Oh, you spineless cretins!) (Kitchener: (steps forward) That man stuck me with quills! Bunches of them!) (Salisbury: YES! Lord Kelvin's a bully.) (Rhodes: It's true. I hate to admit it, but I'm a battered Lord.) (Kelvin: Oh, boo hoo! So what if I did try to kill Phileas Fogg? What are you gutless peons going to do about it? I hold all the power! I run everything! So which of you halfwits is going to stop me? You? You? You? (Young girl: The Queen.) (Kelvin: The Queen? That inbred, antiquated, old cow! (Queen Victoria shows up behind him, looking unamused.) The only way she could stop me is if she sat on me with her big, fat, Royal bottom! Ha ha ha ha ha- She's right behind me, isn't she? (turns around and bows.) Your Majesty, I have just apprehended the culprits who robbed the Bank of England.) (Everyone starts protesting.) (Queen Victoria: QUIET!) (Everyone stops.) (Queen: I love being able to do that. So, Lord Kelvin, unsportsmanlike conduct, attempted my arsenal for Buddhas.) (Lord Kelvin: How did you know about that?) (The Queen looks up and winks. One of Kelvin's aides, revealed to have snitched on him about his deal with General Fang, winks back and waves.) (Queen: Admit it, you've been a very naughty boy, haven't you?) (Kelvin: Your Majesty, there is an explanation for this. What it was...I was...I was simply...) (runs away.) (Queen: Why do they always run? Arrest him.) (Kelvin runs into several Scotland Yard officers, who place him in a police wagon.) (Kelvin: Unhand me! Don't you know who I am?! I AM NO PHILEAS FOGG!) (The wagon drives away.)
~ Phileas Fogg, Monique La Roche and Passportout defeating Lord Kelvin with help from Kelvin's former aides, as well as Queen Victoria and the police.

(Justin and Sir Heraclio are now fighting on a water wheel.) (Heraclio: You've had your chance, but now it's over, boy!) (They continue fighting.) (Heraclio: Poetic justice: Your father ruined my life, and now I will ruin his, by killing you!) (When the water wheel causes Justin to begin to fall, he stabs the wheel with his sword to save himself.) (Heraclio: (grabs the sword) How sweet! You clung to your grandfather's sword until the end. But now it has to return to me! And I will use it to kill your father.) (Justin grabs the sword with his other hand.) (Heraclio: What?) Never! (Sir Heraclio briefly keeps fighting, until the plank he's standing on breaks and he falls to his death, screaming.)
~ Justin defeating Sir Heraclio.

(Bugs, Lola, Giovanni, Sam, Fudd and Cecil run to the Martian Maggot. Bugs stops to pick up an object.) What's this? "Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator"? (Marvin and his Instant Martians near them) Hey, Marvin! Catch this! (Marvin catches the Modulator) (Marvin: Oh, goody! I've been looking for that!) (the Modulator explodes, blowing up Mars, as the Maggot escapes. All that's left is a tiny rock with Marvin hanging from a root.) (Marvin: I hate Earthlings.)
~ Lola and Bugs Bunny, Giovanni Jones, Yosemite Sam and Cecil Turtle defeating Marvin the Martian and his Instant Martians.

(Tabitha was about to hurt Andrew and Mrs. Leary, but Mr. Ratwell, Lindy and the New York City police, capture her and chain her to an iron ball near the edge of the Chelsea Piers.) Tabitha May Harperstein, you have been found guilty of murder and child abuse by the jury of your peers. We have decided that you hereby be sentenced to death in a manner provided by the law. Do you have anything to say before the sentence is carried out? (Tabitha: I will be above you all in the afterlife! ALL OF YOU!!!) (Andrew: It's too late, Harperstein. It's your end, not mine.) (Mrs. Leary, to Andrew: Now is your time to get her back. Push her in.) (Andrew walks up to Tabitha and in seconds, furiously punches her hard in the face, making her fall off the dock.) (Tabitha: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!) (Tabitha falls into the water, still chained to the weight of the iron ball and drowns.) (Andrew: Mr. Mayor, it's good as done. Tabitha's dead.)
~ Mayor Ratwell, Lindy Waltrip and the New York City police capture Tabitha Harperstein, send her to Chelsea Piers, where Andrew pushes her off to drown, ending her life for good.

(Boris: That's not possible.) Let's agree to disagree.) (punches Boris, causing him to fall off the platform, onto the ground far below.) (Boris: THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!) (J sees Boris' younger self climbing up to K and the ArcNet.) K! (Boris grabs the ArcNet.) (Boris: I win! I'm better than me!) (K shoots off Boris' arm, releasing the ArcNet.) That's my partner! That's my partner!
~ Agents J and K defeating both versions of Boris the Animal.

Gentlemen, this is Solomon Lane. Mr. Lane, meet the IMF.
~ Ethan Hunt, when he captures Solomon Lane alive and gasses him

Time's up.
~ Kate Abbot throwing the Watchmaker to his death on the stroke of midnight.

You know what you guys don't get? (punch) We're not a f***ing BUILDING, (punch) we're not a f***ing FLAG, (punch) WE'RE NOT JUST ONE MAN! (punch) A**holes like you have been trying to kill us for a long... (punch) ...f***ing... (punch) time, but you know what? (punch) A thousand years from now... (punches Kamran one more time, then starts strangling him) ...we'll still f***ing be here! (Sultan uses his remaining strength to drop a grenade.) (Asher: MIKE! GRENADE!) (Mike runs to safety with Asher narrowly before the grenade explodes, killing Sultan.) (Asher: What took you so long?) Sorry, I had a couple of errands to run. (sees Kamran escaping.) S**t. Does this f***er ever die? You all right? (Asher: Let's get out of here.) (they fight their way through the corridors of the building, killing as many terrorists as they can.) (Asher: Dang it, I'm out.) (hides behind a pillar, with more terrorists still shooting at them.) I'm out, too. (hides with Asher. Kamran hides behind another pillar. Mike gets onto his walkie-talkie) Come in! (Davies: Davies?) We're trapped! I repeat, we are trapped! Blow it! (Davies: Are you insane? I can't blow it yet; you're not out.) We're not gonna get out unless you do! JUST TRUST ME! NOW, G*****N IT! (Davies presses the button, setting off every explosive in the building.) Go, go, go! (Mike and Asher outrun the explosion to an elevator shaft, but Kamran is wiped out as the explosion decimates the building.)
~ Mike Banning subduing Kamran Barkawi to save President Asher, before Kamran gets killed in an explosion later on.

(Barkawi: (takes his phone) Kamran?) Mr Barkawi, I thought you would take my call. (Barkawi: You think this war, this war that you started, you think it's over? I'll dedicate my life to your death. This war will not end.) Maybe you should look out your window. (Barkawi looks out his window and smiles. Back at the White House, Trumbull, Mason, MacMillan and Monroe watch as Barkawi's hideout is destroyed in a drone strike.)
~ Vice President Allan Trumbull contacting Aamir Barkawi before his demise.

I've been waiting to do this since 1982.
~ Sam Brenner, before throwing his hammer into Donkey Kong, destroying him and stopping the alien invasion.

(Milo disarms Corvus and has an opportunity to kill him.) (Corvus: WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! WHO ARE YOU TO DO THIS TO ME? I AM SENATOR QUINTAS ATTIUS CORVUS!) And what is that worth, Senator Quintus Attius Corvus? (looks up to the sound of explosions. More fireballs shoot from Mount Vesuvius, and a pyroclastic surge also begins racing down the mountain.) You killed my family, you slaughtered my people, and make no mistake, my gods are coming for you. (leaves with Cassia.)
~ Milo disarming Senator Corvus to save Cassia, before they leave him to die at the hands of Mount Vesuvius.

(Korushunov: (while dumping the parachutes and holding Grace at gunpoint) You made one mistake, when you killed my pilot, Mr President! No-one left to fly the plane, and no parachute! Whatever happens, you lose and I win! (Grace snatches the gun, and Marshall then runs forward and attacks Korushunov, eventually choking him to death with a cord.) Get off my plane! (throws Korushunov off the plane as the cord snaps, with the parachute open, then runs to his wife. They briefly kiss, while a Russian official continues speaking.) (Grace: Go! Call Petrov!) (Marshall runs to his communications centre and picks up the phone. Back in the prison, Radek meets up with six of his soldiers, who salute him. Radek returns the salute, then slowly walks to them and his helicopter. Suddenly, a light shines on him.) (Prison guard: (in Russian) STOP! DON'T MOVE!) (Radek runs to his helicopter, forcing other guards to shoot him. They are able to do so narrowly before Radek makes it to his helicopter. In the Kremlin, Russian President Petrov and his staff cheer. In the White House, Bennet and the staff continue listening.) (Russian official: He almost got away! Did you hear me? Radek is dead!) (White House official: YES! It's the President. WE HAVE RETAKEN THE PLANE!) (the staff cheer.)
~ President James Marshall, before killing Ivan Korshunov and then throwing him off the plane, then rescinding his recent order, leading to the death of General Radek.

Remember me?
~ Imperator Furiosa, upon ripping Immortan Joe's face off

It's not my sword, Mondego, but your past that disarmed you.
~ Edmond Dantes, upon disarming and cornering Fernand Mondego.

(Stonebanks: Motherfucker... What about the Hague?) (Barney: I am the Hague.) (Barney shoots and kills Stonebanks.)
~ Barney Ross, before killing Conrad Stonebanks



Godzilla 2014 The Kiss of Death HD00:40

Godzilla 2014 The Kiss of Death HD

Godzilla kills M.U.T.O.

Thorin vs Azog - Epic Final Battle - The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies - Full HD04:44

Thorin vs Azog - Epic Final Battle - The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies - Full HD

Thorin kills Azog

LOTR The Return of the King - Sauron Defeated03:32

LOTR The Return of the King - Sauron Defeated

Frodo destroys the One Ring and kills Sauron and Gollum

Pixels - Donkey Kong scene HD04:27

Pixels - Donkey Kong scene HD

Sam Brenner defeating Donkey Kong

Furious 7 (8 10) Movie CLIP - The Street Always Wins (2015) HD02:17

Furious 7 (8 10) Movie CLIP - The Street Always Wins (2015) HD

Dom Toretto defeats Deckard Shaw

Furious 7 (9 10) Movie CLIP - Don't Miss (2015) HD03:40

Furious 7 (9 10) Movie CLIP - Don't Miss (2015) HD

Dom Toretto and Agent Hobbs defeat Mose Jakande

Mission Impossible (9 9) Movie CLIP - Tunnel Chase (1996) HD02:42

Mission Impossible (9 9) Movie CLIP - Tunnel Chase (1996) HD

Ethan Hunt kills Jim Phelps

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