It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated.
~ Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter, about the fight against evil

Most known example battle between good (God) and evil (Satan)

The concept of Good vs. Evil is one of the most important parts of traditional hero-related media, indeed without this concept many would argue the idea of a hero could not exist - by its current definition a hero is a character who is "good" or "moral" while a villain is often the opposite: Even in media where heroes and villains are often blurred, it is rare for a character who is completely without morals to be considered a hero and even rarer that such a character becomes successful (though exceptions do exist).

The concept of Good vs. Evil is ancient and complex - much like the concept of heroes themselves (though in ancient times a "hero" was not so much moral as someone with superior gifts from the rest of humanity - what Nietzche would later class an Ubermensche - in time people attributed heroism with more positive ideals such as chivalry, compassion and strong ethics).


  • When Simba banishes Scar from the Pride Lands, Scar throws ashes at his nephew's face, they begin fighting and Simba flipped his evil uncle over the edge of Pride Rock.
  • Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blow Janja and his clan away, plus Janja swore revenge on Kion and his new Lion Guard.
  • Otis grabs Dag by his throat, tells him to stay out of the barnyard forever, before swinging the wicked coyote leader out of the junkyard.
  • Spike the Dog battles with Scar Snout to protect the Rugrats gang in The Rugrats Movie.
  • Miss Honey stands up to her Aunt Trunchbull, later every student in Crunchem Hall Elementary School begin to throw food at Miss Trunchbull for treating them badly.
  • Osmosis Jones tricks Thrax into getting his hand stuck in Shane's fake eyelashes, and then Thrax falls into a cup of Alcohol.
  • Hubie beats Drake up to save Marina.
  • Alex throws Captain Chantel DuBois inside his cage, but treats her like a dog while DuBois gets tranquilized by Mort.
  • Mater exposes Miles Axlerod as the unseen mastermind of the Lemon thugs by opening his hood, revealing the same engine (Rover V8).
  • Holley Shiftwell tasers Professor Zundapp.
  • Prince Phillip throws the Sword of Truth at Maleficent's heart, and the evil fairy falls from a cliff to her death.
  • Eugene Fitzherbert cuts Rapunzel's hair, causing it to turn brown and lose its magic as Mother Gothel ages rapidly, trips over Rapunzel's dead hair, falls out of the tower, and crumbles into dust before hitting the ground.
  • Jason Johnston beats Quincy Maroone up, but throws him into the spinning chair. He pushes the remote control button for the chair to spin around, and it throws Maroone to his burning house. He got electrocuted and fell to the ground. When Jason turns Las Vegas back to normal, Maroone and his henchmen got arrested by the Las Vegas police.
  • Benjamin H. Ratwell, Andrew's big sister Lindy and the New York City police capture Tabitha Harperstein in front of the church, send her to Chelsea Piers, chain her to an iron ball, and Mrs. Leary tells Andrew to push her off the pier to drown, and he does, ending her life for good.
  • Lindsey Naegle tries to denounce Charles Montgomery Burns for having mistreated his hounds.
  • Molly Weasley faces and kills Bellatrix Lestrange for trying to murder her daughter Ginny Weasley and avenges Sirius Black, Dobby and Tonks.
  • Harry Potter faces Voldemort on last time and kills him once and for all, finally ending Lord Voldemort's attempted genocide on the Muggle world and avenges Harry's parents deaths and all others that were murdered by the Dark Lord.
  • The Undertaker faces Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31 to seek his redemption once and for all, later in Survivor Series 2015, he and Kane face The Wyatt Family to save their legacy by working together.
  • Gizmo becoming his favorite hero and kill Mohawk.


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