Hall of Justice 001

The Hall of Justice is the headquarters of the Super Friends, in the eponymous animated series. It has subsequently been incorporated into the DC Comics main shared universe, the DC Universe as the new headquarters of the Justice League.

History Edit

The Hall of Justice was constructed by the Justice League of America following a year after the destruction of the previous Justice League Watchtower, and located in Washington, D.C. and in the same location as the JSA and All-Star Squadron original headquarters. The Hall was designed by John Stewart and Wonder Woman, and financed by Batman and built from scratch by Superman.

The Hall was later appropriated by the United Nations as the headquarters for the new Justice League International. This causes public outrage, with many citizens taking offense to the idea of superheroes from foreign countries using an American landmark as their base of operations, and cause a few civilians to blow up the Hall while the JLI was away on a mission.[1]

The basement of the Hall was used as the new burial place for the fallen heroes that were formerly buried at Valhalla Cemetery. The exact location of the burial place was four hundred yards below the main building and it served the purpose of protecting the bodies of the fallen heroes from being desecrated by evil forces.

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