These are scenes which some heroes have hallucinations, psychedelic visuals whether they're daydreaming, dreaming for real, in a trance or in love.

Examples Edit

  • After two days with no meat, Alex the Lion starts seeing hallucinations of his friends as steaks his feral instincts start to take over..
  • Batman hallucinating and seeing his arch-enemies do strange stuff.
  • After touching the Skywalkers' lightsaber, Rey saw the circumstances that lead to the disappearance of Luke Skywalker: he was training a new generation of Jedi until one of his students, his own nephew, betrayed him and formed an evil warrior group called the Knights of Ren. She then sees herself as a little girl being taken by Unkarr Plutt after her parents abandoned her on Jakku.
  • The Flash hallucinating into a variety of strange reactions.
  • Sora fantasizes about Kairi every time he sees a couple in love.
  • Rick Grimes hallucinations of Shane Welsh, who think he going to kill him again.
  • Robin hallucinating and seeing his enemy, Slade, after breathing the chemicals from the latter's mask.

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