Happy Working Song

"Happy Working Song" is a song featured in Enchanted with music composed by Alan Menken and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Performed by the film's lead actress, Amy Adams, the song pays homage to such Disney songs as "Whistle While You Work" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and songs from Cinderella, in particular, "The Work Song". The sound recording was released on the soundtrack of Enchanted on November 20, 2007 in the United States.

The song is performed by Amy Adams as Giselle. After seeing the untidiness and the dirtiness of Robert's apartment, Giselle decides to clean it with the help of animals from the neighborhood. Since she is now in New York City, instead of the traditional adorable woodland creatures answering her call, urban vermin such as pigeons, rats, cockroaches and flies respond to do the work. As she cleans the apartment, she sings "Happy Working Song" whilst interacting with the animals she has called upon for help.

The song was nominated for an award at the 80th Academy Awards in the Best Original Song category, in which two other songs from the film were also nominated.

Lyrics Edit

Come my little friends

As we all sing a happy little

Working song

Merry little voices clear and strong

Come and roll your sleeves up (so to speak)

So that we can pitch in

Cleaning crud up in the kitchen

As we sing along

And you’ll trill a cheery tune in the tub

As we scrub a stubborn mildew stain

Pluck a hairball from the shower drain

To the gay refrain

Of a happy working song

We’ll keep singing without fail

Otherwise we’d spoil it

Hosing down the garbage pail

And scrubbing up the toilet

How we all enjoy letting loose

With a little "la da dum dum dum"

While we’re emptying the vacuum

It’s such fun to hum

A happy working song

Mmm, mmm, a happy working song...

Oh, how strange a place to be

Till Edward comes for me

My heart is sighing

Still, as long as I am here

I guess a new experience

Could be worth trying...

Hey! Keep drying!

You could do a lot when you got

Such a happy little tune to hum

While you’re sponging up

The soapy scum

We adore each filthy chore

That we determine

So friends, even though you’re vermin

We’re a happy working song

Singing as we fetch the detergent box

Or the smelly shirts and the stinky socks

Sing along...

If you cannot sing, then hum along...

As we’re finishing

Our happy working song!

Wasn’t this fun!?

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