Ohana means family, family means nobody get left behind or forgotten
~ Lilo and Stitch's motto

After getting married, heroes and heroines always want a family of their own someday or not. Some of their children have powers after their parents.

No matter how many children they're having, they still love them with all their heart and protect them no matter what.

Sometimes the heroes don't get married because no matter who you are with, they're your true family even though you don't see it at first. Sometimes friends are your family


  • Andrew Waltrip being adopted by Mrs. Georgina Leary after the villainous Tabitha Harperstein murdered his parents for telling on her.
  • Jason Johnston and Evelyn Ross got married three years in the future and live happily ever after after Maroone's defeat.
  • Brian O'Connor begins to get used to being a husband and father.


All right. We made it, Jack. (Jack: Yeah, we made it!) Yeah, we made it. Now I just gotta...find that door button. Buddy, where's the door button? Do you know? (Mia (arriving just outside the minivan): Hey. (presses a button right above Brian's head, and the door next to Jack slides open.) Yeah, of course. (Mia laughs) I'm new to this. (Mia (picking Jack up from the seat): Yeah, you just don't seem like the minivan type.) No, not exactly. Hey, buddy, you gonna give me a high-five? Wait, wait, wait. (Jack high-fives Brian.) Yeah, buddy. Appreciate it, thank you. (Mia: Don't worry, you'll get used to this in no time.) (leaves with Jack) Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. (drives away)
~ Brian O'Connor beginning to get used to being a husband and father.


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