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Health Care

Health Care

In any story, health care is provided for the hero by a doctor, nurse, fellow soldier, or a loved one. Simply put, that person makes sure he or she is healthy when the protagonist is sick, wounded, or that person can give him or her a routine checkup. This can even happen when someone fakes sick, but it's not always the case. Sometimes, the hero can ensure someone he cares about is healthy for the same purposes.


  • Rosy and the children of Nome fall ill with diptheria and are taken to the doctor, who diagnoses her with that disease. This raises the stakes in the story.
  • When Peter Parker finds out he lost his powers, he goes to see Dr. Davis to find out what is wrong with him.
  • Melman fixes a baby giraffe's broken leg.
  • Belle binds up the Beast's wounds after he gets attacked by the wolves.
  • Dr. Sweet gives Milo Thatch a checkup when he introduces himself to him.
  • Celestine examines Ernest to make sure he isn't sick when she finds out he has been eating out of the garbage.
  • Merlin binds King Arthur's wounds after the Griffin wounds him.
  • Chewbacca is tended to by a doctor after being wounded by thugs.
  • In The Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson heals Annabeth Chase with the Golden Fleece after she gets wounded (in the book, by Polyphemus; in the film, by a manticore).
  • Daffy Duck gives Michael Jordan a checkup to see if he is healthy enough to play basketball.
  • Tadashi Hamada tests out Baymax on Hiro. Later, the robot scans Hiro to make sure he is fine.
  • Mr. Fox and his group care for children in their refugee camp to ensure they're healthy.
  • When Amanda Ellerby feigns illness, her neighbor takes her to see the doctor.
  • Homer P. Figg's brother, Harold, gets injured in the Civil War and is tended to by medics.
  • When Kiki falls ill, Osono cares for her.
  • After Chewbacca is wounded by the Kanjiklub gang, he is tended to by a doctor.
  • Gramma Tala examines Moana's foot after it's bruised from getting stuck in coral.
  • Vada Sultenfuss sees the doctor, believing she has an ear infection.
  • Olie gets his legs fixed by Dr. Callinghouse who had an accident of becoming 10 foot Olie.
  • Daffy Duck starts giving Michael Jordan a checkup.
  • The Cheshire Cat bandaging Alice's arm after noticing she got clawed by the Bandersnatch.
  • Gramma Tala examining Moana's foot, which she bruised from getting it stuck in coral.
  • Vada Sultenfuss getting her ears examined.
  • Bones injecting Captain James T. Kirk with hypospray.
  • Anna feeds Elsa chicken soup when she catches a cold in Frozen Fever.
  • Cosmo examining Timmy's throat.
  • Lois finds out that her son Stewie’s new best friend Scotty Jennings is suffering from Hodgkin’s disease.
  • Castiel healing Shaggy's broken arm.


(After rehearsing for the school concert, Gerald and Arnold walk to Gerald's house.) I'd tell you, Arnold, EVERYONE'S gonna be there! The families, the neighbors, everyone comes to the Spring Concert. (Gerald's Mailman: The Spring Concert? I never miss it. What's your class gonna sing this year, boy?) (Arnold: Gerald's got a big solo on the end of "Moonlight Bay.") (Gerald's Mailman: Really?) That's for one reason NOT to miss it, Arnold.) (Gerald's Mailman: Better take care of that voice, Gerald.) Ah, don't worry. NOTHING'S gonna happen to my voice. (But unfortunately, he's wrong. Scene cuts to a doctor's office, where old Dr. Steiglitz is in the process of examining Gerald's throat.) Aahh... (Dr. Steiglitz: Oh, those tonsils are really enlarged, Gerald. (He removes the tongue depressor from Gerald's mouth.) I think we should take them out. This week.) Take 'em out?! This week?! Why?! (Dr. Steiglitz: Well, Gerald, you've complained of sore throats several times this year, and I think your tonsils are the problem.) But I have a big solo in the school concert, and it's in two weeks! (Dr. Steiglitz: Then let's do it tomorrow.) Aw, man! I've never had an operation before! (Dr. Steiglitz, washing his hands: Oh, it's very minor surgery, Gerald. You'll be in and out in one day.) (Gerald's Dad: Don't worry, Gerald. I had my tonsils out when I was eight, and it wasn't bad. I remember they gave me all the ice cream I could eat. You still do that?) (Dr. Steiglitz: All the ice cream you can eat.) (Scene changes to a hospital, where Gerald is in bed.) (weakly) All the ice cream I can eat... I wanna eat all this ice cream. My throat is killing me.
~ Gerald having his tonsils checked out when he has a sore throat.

Saw. Suture. Swab. (As he speaks, Melman snaps his fingers and his staff hands him medical tools as he works on a baby giraffe's broken leg.) You're in my light, Stephen. (Stephen: You have a brown spot on your shoulder.) That's very observant, Stephen. As you can see, I'm covered in brown spots. (Melman finishes fixing a splint on the giraffe's leg.) Okay, that bone will be as good as new in a few weeks. (Baby Giraffe: So I don't have to pick out a dying hole?) No, Timo, you got your whole life ahead of you. (Baby Giraffe: Really?) Go out there and grab it by the horns! (Baby Giraffe: Thank you, Dr. Menkowitz!) Break a leg! Sweet kid. (Steve: This spot looks like Witch Doctor's Disease.) (laughs) Witch Doctor's Disease? That's the most ridiculous disease I've ever heard of. (Melman notices an elephant with a knotted trunk.) Whoa. (Jimmy, muffled: Don't ask.) Someone's been "knotty." (chuckles) Okay, this won't hurt a bit. (He begins to work on Jimmy's trunk.) (Steve: Joe, our last witch doctor, had a spot just like that.) And? (Steve: Monday, Joe. Wednesday, no Joe.) Wednesday, no Joe? (Melman finally untangles the elephant's trunk.) (Jimmy: Oh, I can breathe! Thanks, doc!)
~ Melman fixing a baby giraffe's broken leg and untangling an elephant's knotted trunk.

(After her scary encounter, Alice slips into the dark Tulgey Wood, clutching her wounded arm, which has been clawed by the Bandersnatch. This is when the Cheshire Cat materializes behind her and notices this.) It looks like you ran afoul of something with wicked claws. (Alice: I haven't stopped dreaming.) What did that you? (Alice: Banner or Bander...) The Bandersnatch? (The Cheshire Cat hovers over to her.) Well, I'd better have a look. (Alice: What are you doing?) It needs to be purified by someone with evaporating skills, or it will fester and putrefy. (Alice: I'd rather you didn't. I'll be fine as soon as I wake up.) (The Cheshire Cat pulls out a handkerchief and ties up Alice's wound.) At least let me bind it for you. What do you call yourself? (Alice, simply: Alice.) THE Alice? (Alice: There's been some debate about that. (Cheshire Cat: I never get involved in politics.)
~ The Cheshire Cat tending to Alice Kingsleigh's wounds.

(The Looney Tunes, happy to see Michael Jordan, gather around him.) (Porky Pig, pulling out a pencil and autograph book: Pardon me, Mr. Jordan. Can I have your John Hancock, please?) (Daffy Duck marches through the crowd, wearing a doctor's uniform and snapping on rubber gloves.) Back off! Let the "duck-tor" take a look! (He pulls a lever, causing a swivel chair to lift Michael ten feet into the air.) Whoops. A little high? (Michael: No.) (Daffy pushes the lever to the right.) Going down! (Michael: NOOOOOO!) (Suddenly, Michael plummets to the ground with a crash! The toons clap and hold up number signs.) So, whaddya say we go for a little spin? (Daffy spins Michael around like a top, then stops the chair and looks in his ears with an otoscope.) Hmm... Now let's see what we got inside here. (Bugs Bunny, waving, calls out in Michael's ear.) (Bugs Bunny: Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Say "ahhh!") (He sticks a thermometer in Michael's mouth. The thermometer swells and explodes; afterwards, Daffy stamps an A-OK sign on Michael's forehead.) All right, he's okay!
~ Daffy Duck giving Michael Jordan a checkup to see if he's able to play basketball.

(Dr. Sweet enters the room and Mole hides behind Milo's jacket.) Uh-oh. Sat in the dirt, didn't you, oh, yeah? (sternly) Moliere, now what have I told you about playing nice with the other kids? (He pulls out a bar of soap.) Get back. I got soap, and I'm not afraid to use it. (Mole bares his teeth, hissing, before Sweet shoos him away with a towel.) Back off, foul creature! Back to the pit from which you came! (Mole hides under a blanket, poking his telescopic eyes out. Towering over Milo like a gentle giant, Sweet shakes his scrawny hand.) The name's Sweet. Joshua Sweet. Medical officer. (Milo: Yeah, Milo Thatch.) Milo Thatch. You're my 3:00. Well, no time like the present. (Rummaging through his doctor's bag, Sweet pulls out a shiny doctor's saw.) (Milo: Oh, boy.) Nice, isn't it? The catalog says this beauty can saw through a femur in twenty-eight seconds. I'm bettin' I can cut that time in half.) (Sweet puts away the saw and takes out a tongue depressor.) Now, stick out your tongue and say "ahh." (Milo, like a kid in the dentist's chair: Oh, no, really, I have a... Aah.) (Sweet lays the flat stick on Milo's tongue and looks down his throat.) So, where are you from? (He tosses the tongue depressor aside, sticks a thermometer in Milo's mouth, and listens to his heart with a stethoscope.) Really, I have a family up that way. Beautiful country up there. Do you do any fishing? (Milo: (muffled speech)) Me? I hate fishing. I hate fish. Hate the taste, hate the smell...and hate all them little bones. (Sweet checks his pocket watch, then pulls out two glass beakers.) Here. I'm gonna need you to fill these up. (Milo, spitting out the thermometer: With WHAT?!) (Just then, Mrs. Packard's voice rings out over the loudspeaker.) (Mrs. Packard: Will Milo Thatch please report to the bridge?) (Milo, breathing a sigh of relief: Thank you.) (He waves to Dr. Sweet.) (Milo: I mean, uh, uh, nice meeting you.) (Sweet smiles.) Uh-huh. Nice meeting you, too.
~ Dr. Sweet giving Milo Thatch a checkup when he meets him for the first time.

(As the knights rebuild a tower, King Arthur is sitting on his bed as Merlin bandages his arm, which is wounded by the Griffin.) (King Arthur: Merlin, is there any news? Have the knights found Excalibur?) I'm afraid not. (King Arthur, standing up: Then I'll go after it myself.) (Arthur stumbles and Merlin catches him.) (gravely) No! You have to regain your strength. (King Arthur: Is there anything your magic can do?) You must rely on the courage of your people.
~ Merlin tending to King Arthur's wounds in Quest for Camelot.

(After the battle with the wolves, Belle takes the Beast back to his castle. Using Mrs. Potts, she pours hot water on a wet rag. Belle notices the Beast licking the wounds on his arm.) (firmly) Here, now. Don't do that. (The Beast pulls back his arm and growls. The enchanted objects back away. Belle prepares to apply the rag on the wound while he stubbornly pulls away.) Just hold still. (Belle puts the rag on the wound and as she does, the Beast gives out a roar of pain. The objects run off.) (Beast: THAT HURTS!) If you hold still, it wouldn't hurt as much! (Beast: If YOU hadn't run away, this wouldn't have happened.) If you hadn't frightened me, I wouldn't have run away. (Beast: Well, YOU shouldn't have been in the West Wing!) Well, YOU should learn to control your temper! Now hold still. This may sting a little. (Belle lays the rag on the Beast's arm and this time, he winces in pain.) By the way, thank you for saving my life. (As Belle tends to her patient, the Beast calms down.) (Beast: You're welcome.)
~ Belle tending to the Beast's wounds after the fight with the wolves.

(Dr. Davis looks down Peter's throat with a light and tongue depressor.) Aahhhhh..... (As soon as he is finished, the doctor explains Peter's diagnosis.) (Dr. Davis: You seem very okay to me. My diagnosis? (points to his head) It's up here. You say you can't sleep. Heartbreak? Bad dreams?) There is one dream my dream...I'm Spider-Man. But I'm losing my powers. I climb up a wall, but I keep falling. (Dr. Davis: So you're Spider-Man.) In my dream. Actually, it's not even my dream. It's a friend of mine's dream. Somebody else's dream. (Dr. Davis: What about this friend? Why does he climb walls? What does he think of himself? That's the problem. He doesn't know what to think. Gotta make you mad not to know who you are. Your soul disappears. Nothing as bad as uncertainty. (firmly) Listen. Maybe you're not supposed to be Spider-Man climbing those walls. That's why you keep falling.)
~ Peter Parker seeing Dr. Davis to find out what is wrong with him when he realizes he is losing his powers.