There are certain moments in popular culture that feel so right where something happens in stories that feels so good and so appropriate in the story, that you can't help but be moved by it.

They could include a character helping another when it was especially needed, or when a villain finally has a real change of heart in response to the earnest efforts of the hero.

That is where the Heartwarming Moments come in, when the writers actually pull off a glowing scene that makes the whole audience say, against their better judgment, "Aw."

Tears, if any, are primarily tears of joy and/or emotional relief, not sadness.

Some examples include tears shed at weddings, when babies are born, when parents come home from wars, when your kids graduate, when lost kids at the mall find their parents, when the world has gone to hell and someone holds you and tells you it will be okay, etc.

It has got to fit the story's narrative and tone. It can't come out of the blue as something tacked on.


  • Marlin and Nemo finally reunite.
  • Charlotte gives her final heartwarming and heart wrenching moment to Wilbur before she dies.
  • Kevin and Kate McCallister hug after she came back.
  • Mrs. Leary giving Andrew Waltrip hugs and kisses.
  • Jason Johnston and Gunther Gibson reunite with their parents and forgive each other after the evil Maroone is thrown in jail.
  • Steven and Lars embrace each other after Lars redeems himself and allowing Steven to return to Earth on his own.


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