Hero's Dilemma

"Spider-Man! This is why only fools are heroes — because you never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice. Let die the woman you love... or suffer the little children! Make your choice, Spider-Man, and see how a hero is rewarded! (Spider-Man: Don't do it, Goblin!) We are who we choose to, CHOOSE!
~ The Green Goblin holding Mary Jane and a tram full of innocent children hostage, forcing Spider-Man to decide whom to save first.

Dilemma or The Hard Choice. In any great story, whether fictional or real life, the hero or heroine is faced with a hard choice. In some cases, the dilemma lies in the fact that when the hero wants to achieve something that is faced with a hard choice.

It's based on Hero's Weakness if villains want to get rid of the heroes and want to know what's their weakness or who they care about more than everything in the world.


  • Yugi Muto's dilemma; Should he continue the duel and have Slifer the Sky Dragon attack, and risk endangering his friend Ryou Bakura's health or forfeit the match and put the world in danger?
  • Anakin Skywalker's dilemma; Should he remain loyal to Emperor Darth Sidious or save his son?
  • Li Shang's dilemma; Should he follow Chi-Fu's order to execute Mulan or spare her?
  • Kratos' dilemma; save Pandora from Flame of Olypmus or kill Zeus for revenge?
  • Twilight Sparkle's dilemma; Give her Alicorn magic to Tirek or let her friends and Discord perish?
  • Death's dilemma; Either resurrect Mankind or the Nephilim?
  • Ana Lewis's dilemma; Should she let her fiancee Duke get turned into a mindless Neo-Viper or save him?
  • Raven Darkholme's dilemma; Spare Bolivar Trask's life or kill him?
  • Verushka's dilemma; Help the HEA stop Hansel & Gretel from destroying the city or run away as a coward for all of her wrongdoings.


It appears we are at an impasse. How about a trade, Princess Twilight? Their release for all the Alicorn magic in Equestria. (Twilight Sparkle: Gasps) Rest of main cast: [shouts of protest] What's it going to be, Princess?