All my Decepticon life, I never did a thing worth doing until now. Optimus, take my parts and you will have a power you've never known. Fulfil your destiny. (JETFIRE REMOVES HIS SPARK BEFORE DYING)
~ Jetfire's last speech before dying

A major character doesn't just get killed straight away. Oh, no. They've got to deliver a speech before dying. It can run to some of the most touching and memorable scenes in media.

This speech usually goes along the lines of the following:

Examples Edit

  • Zog made his final speech to the turtles, also showed his honor and commitment to the cause he believed in when he took hold of the Shredder and jumped into a blazing fire with him.
  • After The Fallen stole The Matrix of Leadership, Optimus Prime doesn't have enough power to kill The Fallen. So a dying Jetfire makes his final speech before he rips out his spark and accepts his death in order for Optimus to defeat The Fallen.
  • Kerchak makes his dying wish for Tarzan to take care of the apes.
  • While Mike Banning and President Benjamin Asher survive when Marine One is destroyed, Lynne Jacobs is wounded and makes Banning promise to get back at the terrorists before succumbing to her wounds and dying.

Quotes Edit

(Jacobs: I never thought you would outlive me.) Me neither. (Banning takes Jacobs' hand.) (Jacobs: Do me a favour... Stay alive. You gotta see your kid... Make those f***ers pay!) I will.
~ Mike Banning comforting Lynne Jacobs as she makes her last speech before dying.


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