Oh my god, they killed Kenny!
~ Stan's catchphrase, every time Kenny gets killed.

Hero Getting Killed by an Enemy is unfortunate event in Good vs. Evil where a villain managed to kill the hero. Forced of good is not always succesful in fending off forces of evil as villains can turn the tide of battle for their advantage agains the hero. Even if they were defeated, there are still loses on heroes side, whether the hero him/herself that got killed or their allies.

Following scenarios of this event includes:

  • Heroic Sacrifice where the hero and the villain killed each other, normally in mortal combat situation where the villain has small chance to survive.
  • Ill-fated reasoning/attempted negotiation with a villain.
  • Becoming victim of raids/siege on their home by a villain.
  • Violent betrayals where a traitor brutally killed either the hero or his/her allies as means to side with evil.
  • The villain putting the hero out of his/her misery (this was normally done by a honorable villain whom unable to stand to see a hero suffer painful death).

In either way, hope is not lost forever when a hero died. Another would stand up and replaced his position in conflict against evil. The new Hero then avenges the dead hero by defeating/killing the killer.


Animated films


  • Star Wars:
    • Qui-Gon Jinn getting killed by Darth Maul.
    • Agen Kolar getting killed by Palpatine.
    • Saesee Tiin getting killed by Palpatine.
    • Kit Fisto getting killed by Palpatine.
    • Mace Windu getting killed by Palpatine after Anakin severed his right hand in order to save Palpatine.
    • All the other Jedi Knights getting killed by Clone Troopers after Order 66 is activated.
    • Owen and Beru Lars getting killed by Imperial Stormtroopers.
    • Han Solo getting killed by his son patricide-ly, Kylo Ren in the ill-attempt to reason with him.
    • Gial Ackbar getting killed by Poldin LeHuse.
  • Harry Potter
    • James and Lily Potter getting killed by Lord Voldemort while protecting their son Harry Potter.
    • Sirius Black getting killed by Bellatrix Lestrange.
    • Dobby getting killed by Bellatrix Lestrange.
    • Cedric Diggory getting killed by Peter Pettigrew under Voldemort's orders.
    • Hedwig getting killed by a Death Eater
    • Moaning Myrtle getting killed by a Basilisk
    • Fred Weasley getting killed by a Death Eater
    • Alastor Mad Eye Moody getting killed by Lord Voldemort
    • Nymphadora Tonks getting killed by Bellatrix Lestrange
    • Remus Lupin getting killed by Antonin Dolohov
    • Lavender Brown getting killed by Fehir Greyback
    • Severus Snape getting killed by Nagini under Voldermort's orders believing he's the owner of the Elder Wand.
  • Transformers
    • Jazz getting torn in half by Megatron.
    • Ironhide getting killed by Sentinel Prime using Cosmic Rust.
    • Que/Wheeljack getting killed by Barricade and a Protoform soldier.
    • Leadfoot getting hunted and killed by Cemetery Wind.
    • Ratchet getting killed by Lockdown.
    • Sir Edmund Burton getting slain by Megatron.
  • Quicksilver getting killed by Ultron's men.
  • Franklin Storm was killed by Doom
  • Akela got killed and thrown off the cliff by Shere Khan in the 2016 adaptation of The Jungle Book.
  • Inspector Douglas Todd killed by Ellis DeWald.
  • Superman got impaled by Doomsday.
  • Anne Lewis getting killed by Paul McDaggett while trying protect the resistances from the rehabs.
  • Jesse getting killed by Johnny Tran and Lance Nguyen.
  • Daito being zeroed out by Sorrento's Mechagodzilla and Sho being zeroed out by the Cataclyst along with the rest of the OASIS army.


  • Bruce Wayne's parents Thomas & Martha getting killed by Joe Chill.
  • Dick Grayson's parents John & Mary getting killed by Tony Zucco.
  • Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Jack Fenton, Maddie Fenton, Jazz Fenton, and Mr. Lancer getting killed by Dark Danny Phantom in an alternate timeline.
  • Blurr getting compacted and seemingly killed by Longarm Prime before he can expose him as the Decepticon Shockwave.
  • Yoketron is murdered by his former student Lockdown.
  • Future Timmy Turner getting killed by Vicky the Babysitter in "Channel Chasers".
  • Master Splinter/Hamato Yoshi getting killed by Super Shredder.
  • Skids and Mudflap are killed by Sentinel Prime in the comic adaptation of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


  • Dragon Ball:
    • Future Vegeta, Future Piccolo, Future Krillin, Future Tien, Future Yamcha and Future Chiaotzu getting killed by Future Androids 17 and 18 in an alternate timeline.
    • Future Gohan getting killed by Future Androids 17 and 18.
    • Future Bulma getting killed by Goku Black.
    • Goku, King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory getting killed by Cell after Cell used his Self-Explosion. Goku is later resurrected by Old Kai, who gives him his life.
    • Krillin getting killed by Tambourine, later resurrected.
    • Krillin getting killed by Frieza, later resurrected.
    • Chi-Chi getting killed by Super Buu after being turned into a egg and crushed, later resurrected.
    • Krillin, Android 18, Marron, Bulma, Videl, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Ox-King, Oolong, Puar and Mr. Popo getting killed by Super Buu after being turned into chocolate and eaten up, later resurrected.
    • Krillin getting killed by Super 17, later resurrected.
  • Portgas D. Ace getting killed by Akainu .
  • "Whitebeard" Edward Newgate getting killed by Blackbeard Pirates.
  • Asuma Sarutobi getting killed by Hidan.
  • Jiraiya getting killed by Pain.
  • Leomon got killed and his data got absorbed by Beelzemon.
  • Merukimon getting killed by one of Akihiro Kurata's Gizumon XT.


  • Resident Evil:
    • Joseph Frost getting killed by a pack of cerberus.
    • Kenneth Sullivan getting killed by a zombie.
    • Forest Speyer getting killed by pack of crows.
    • Richard Aiken getting killed by Yawn.
    • Enrico Marini getting killed by Albert Wesker.
    • Brad Vickers getting killed by Nemesis.
    • Ben Bertolucci getting killed by a mutated William Birkin.
    • Luis Sera getting killed by Osmond Saddler.
    • Mike getting shot down and killed by Osmond's minion.
  • Maria Robotnik was killed by delusional soldiers of GUN.
  • James McCloud getting killed by Andross, after Pigma Dengar's betrayal.
  • Malcolm Corley getting killed by Adrian Ripburger.
  • Mia Fey was killed by Redd White.
  • Aerith Gainsborough getting killed by Sephiroth.
  • Zack Fair getting killed by Shinra Soldiers.
  • Carl Johnson's mother Beverly Johnson getting killed by the ballas under orders of Frank Tenpenney


  • V getting killed by Party Leader Creedy and his Fingermen, despite managing to kill them.
  • Glenn Rhee getting killed by Negan
  • Abraham Ford getting killed by Negan
  • Elena Neves getting killed by Rhodes.
  • According to the Topps Europe collector cards for Transformers: Age of Extinction, Sideswipe was hunted down and killed by Cemetery Wind.
  • Ozpin and Pyrrha Nikos are killed by Cinder Fall.
  • Jake's mother and stepfather getting killed by Walter Padrick.


(Severus attempts to stab Corvus, who wakes up and intercepts the knife before it can touch him. Severus struggles to push the knife down, but Corvus gains the upper hand, grabs the knife and points it at Severus. During this, Proculus arrives.) (Corvus: On further consideration, I have decided not to invest in your little city. (stabs Severus, puts the blade away, then turns to Proculus.) Get me to the harbour.) (While Corvus and Proculus escape, Severus crawls back to his also-wounded wife, Aurelia.) I'm sorry. (dies)
~ Severus getting killed by Senator Corvus.

Peters? Peters, it's me, Andy Stone. (Peters: That's far enough, Stone. I know who hired you to kill me. I hope my partners at VSI paid you well. Did you feel even a second of remorse when you found out you'd murdered an innocent boy?) Canter? I don't believe it. Okay, how about you tell me something, doctor, huh? What did you expect VSI to do? Just stand by while you tore down everything they built? You left us with no choice but to take you out! You created the technology, you changed the world and now you want to destroy it? So what? So you can take us backwards? So we can all live like Dreads? (Peters: So we can live like human beings.) Really, doctor, you should learn to live with your regrets. Now give me the gun. (Peters puts down her pistol, then grabs the anti-Surrogate weapon and discharges it at Stone. The resulting static discharges destroy Stone's surrogate.) (Peters: That's for my son.) (We then see the real Stone with his head having exploded from the weapon.)
~ Agent Andrew Stone getting killed by Dr Lionel Canter through Agent Peters' surrogate.

I'm going to end this once and for all. (Anakin Skywalker: You can't, he must stand trial.) He has control of the senate and the courts. He's too dangerous to be kept alive. (Palpatine: I'm too week, don't kill me, please.) (Anakin Skywalker: It's not the Jedi way! He must live!) (Mace refuses to listen to Anakin.) (Palpatine: Please, don't.) (Anakin Skywalker: I need him!) (Mace ignores Anakin's warnings and raises his lightsaber to kill Palpatine.) (Palpatine: Please don't!) (Anakin Skywalker: NO!!!) (Anakin powers up his lightsaber and severs Mace's right hand to save Palpatine as Mace screams in pain and Palpatine then uses his force lightning to dispose Mace Windu and Anakin powers his lightsaber down.) (Palpatine: POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!) (Mace is thrown out of the window and falls to his death.)
~ Mace Windu getting killed by Palpatine.

BEN! (Kylo turns around and sees his father, Han.) (Kylo Ren: Han Solo, I've been waiting for this moment, for a very long time.) (Finn and Rey arrive to the railing and see what Han is doing.) Take off the mask. You don't need it. (Kylo Ren: What do you think you'll see if I do?) The face of my son. (Kylo removes the mask and puts it on the ground and looks at Han.) (Kylo Ren: Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish, like your father. So I destroyed him.) That's what Snoke wants you to believe, but it's not true, my son is alive. (Chewbacca arrives to see what Han and Kylo are doing.) (Kylo Ren: No, the Supreme Leader is wise.) (Finn, Rey, Chewie and the Stormtroopers watch.) Snoke is using you for your power. When he gets what he wants, he'll crush you, you know it's true. (Kylo Ren: It's too late.) No it's not. Leave here with me. Come home, we miss you. (Kylo sheds tears in his eyes.) (Kylo Ren: I'm being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain. I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?) Yes, anything. (Kylo slowly gives his lightsaber to Han and Han becomes glad, but Kylo powers his lightsaber and stabs him through the chest, shocking Finn and Rey.) (Finn: SOLO!!!!) (Rey: NO!!!!) (Kylo Ren: Thank you.) (Kylo powers his lightsaber down and Han is dying as he looks at his son and falls into the reactor to his death and Leia also hears the news as she becomes devastated about her husband's death.)
~ Han Solo getting killed by Kylo Ren.

(Goten sees what Chi-Chi is doing.) (Goten: Mom, where are you going?) (Piccolo: What?!) (Piccolo turns around and sees what Chi-Chi is doing.) (Piccolo: Whatever it is your doing, Chi-Chi, stop it!) (Chi-Chi marches up to confront Buu, still thinking that Buu has killed Gohan and slaps Buu.) You savage! Do you even care that you killed my oldest son! You look at me when I'm talking to you! (Everybody in the lookout become shocked of what Chi-Chi is doing and Buu ignores her.) (Super Buu: Do you like eggs?) (Chi-Chi becomes shocked and Buu uses his chocolate beam to turn Chi-Chi into an egg and crushes her as Goten becomes shocked and horrified about his mother's death.) (Goten: My mother.) (Goten gets angry and tries to stop Buu.) (Goten: I'll get you, you stupid beast.) (Piccolo stops Goten.) (Piccolo: No Goten, you go down there and we're all dead.) (Goten: But, mom was all I have left.) (Trunks: Goten.) (Piccolo: Listen, we can bring your mother back with the Dragon Balls providing one thing. That you and Trunks can stay alive long enough to to fight Majin Buu. There is no way to beat him in your current power levels and we got less than an hour left, so the two of you must train quickly.) (Goten listens to Piccolo.) (Piccolo: Can you do it?) (Goten nods his head.) (Trunks: Yeah, sure you can, Goten, we've all lost someone by now, but that just means that we must beat Buu harder. Right?) (Goten agrees with Trunks.) (Goten: That's right.)
~ Chi-Chi getting killed by Super Buu after Super Buu turns her into an egg and crushes her.

A vote for my plan is a vote for a live beautiful. (Napoleon: It's a lie.) I promise you a four day week. (Napoleon: Gush!) Perhaps a three day week. (Napoleon: Nonsense!) A ONE DAY WEEK! (As the other animals erupt into hubbub, Napoleon turns around and squeals. His trained dogs suddenly appear, chasing Snowball out of Animal Farm and into the snowy wild, where he is mauled offscreen as a crow watches with nonchalance.)
~ Snowball getting chased out of Animal Farm by Napoleon's guard dogs and killed in the process.

(Cinder has overpowered Pyrrha in their battle.) It's unfortunate you were promised a power that was never truly yours. (She lifts Pyrrha upward by her chin.) (Cinder: But take comfort in knowing that I will use it in ways you could never have imagined.) Do you believe in destiny? (Cinder, frowning: Yes.) (Standing erect, Cinder forms an obsidian bow and arrow, ready to finish her younger opponent. Ruby gets to the top of the tower, but is too late to save Pyrrha getting an arrow to the chest. As the hero struggles to breathe, Cinder causally disintegrates her.)
~ Pyrrha Nikos getting killed by Cinder Fall after being defeated in their battle.

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