As compared to the Villainous Breakdown and Evil Laugh, heroes can start being like Jack Nicholson in The Shining even whenever they go crazy or insane (similar to the Heroic Breakdown).

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  • Alex, goes crazy from two days of lack of eating and starts to hallucinate his friends as steaks.

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(Spongy Spongy hides behind some garbage cans behind the Krusty Krab and sees Frankie Billy pulling up to the restaurant with his boat. Spongy lets out a war cry before jumping on the boat before stabbing it with his spear, ripping open the hood, pulling out the motor, and drinking the oil. He lets out a victory yell and runs back in the restaurant with the motor. Frankie, who is stunned at what he saw, locks the passenger door. Spongy places the motor on the grill, puts buns on it, and smashes it into pieces with his club. He makes a sandwich and just as he goes to take a bite, Squidward takes it. (Squidward: Well, it's about time! [takes the motor parts and goes to serve the "food" to the customers]) ([Fred goes to bite his sandwich, but his teeth shatter. Abigail takes a bite of her sandwich, but burns her tongue. Gus takes a bite of his sandwich, but chokes on a tire. He spits out the tire and it hits Tom in the face, leaving him marks.) (Customers, angry and beginning a riot against Squidward: This is ridiculous! Is this a restaurant or a garage? [grab Squidward and throw him into the kitchen]) (Spongy Spongy: Huh?) (Squidward: SpongeBob, what did you do? The patties taste horrible! Everybody hates them!) (Spongy Spongy: Unh... [growls and pulls out his club]) (Squidward: What the— [screams in panic and runs out of the kitchen] SpongeBob's gone crazy! Run for your lives!) (Spongy Spongy: [grunts] Spongy! Spongy! [growls as he smashes the tables]) (The customers run out and scream in panic. Spongy Spongy whacks Nat Peterson's buttocks with his club and goes on a violent rampage across town, causing all sorts of damage in the process.) (Perch Perkins: This is Perch Perkins live at the Krusty Krab, where we understand that a local fry cook has just gone nuts.) (Spongy Spongy smashes the Krusty Krab sign with his club, which falls on top of the restaurant, causing damage to it. He then whacks Perch Perkins in the head with his club.) (Perch Perkins: Ooh! This just in... Ow!
~ The cave sponge, dubbed "Spongy Spongy, goes on a rampage when enraged. To make matters worse, Squidward, Perch Perkins, and other Bikini Bottomites assume the cave sponge is an ugly SpongeBob.

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