Joseph "Robbie" Robertson:(seeing Spider-Man in black suit's photos) Black-suit Spider-Man! Peter, these are incredible! We gotta have these. I'll pay you the usual rate.
Peter Parker: If you want the shots, I'll take the staff job. Double the money.
~ Peter (still wearing the black costume) talk back to Jameson by giving him some respect

In various settings and as the story progresses, perhaps due to often fought in many battles, exposure to evil influence, freak accidents (magical, technological, or both), traumatic past, or even dark secrets surrounding his/her origin, a hero revealed to had an Evil Side, inner darkness composed of the said hero's worst aspect in his/her psyche within his/her subconscious.


All good guys, even the one with pure heart, had darkness within their psyche. Many of them yet to realizing it until circumstances that related to it occured where for the first time in his/her life, monstrous beings composed of worst aspect of his/her psyche, comes to the surface in form of a violent, if not truly evil secondary personality of the said hero/heroine when he/she was in the grave danger or having certain freak accident that brough the worst aspect of his/her psyche to life. Medical term of a person who had two personality, one is typical good personality and the other is the hero's own malevolent side brought to life in form of vicious personality aka. Evil Side is Split Personality Disorder.

While having an Evil Side is bad, it would be a serious problem had whenever a hero/heroine had his/her evil side took over, the hero/heroine proved to be more powerful, competent, and deadly than he/she usually capable of. Depend on the plot, had the hero/heroine had his/her evil side take over, they had certain symptoms from having glowing eyes to suffer additional deformation that gave him/her intimidating appearance. Not only that, the hero/heroine's Evil Side may constantly argued with the hero/heroine's own psyche about things when his/her friends/family/loved ones not around, which usually happened when the hero/heroine aware with his/her Evil Side's presence within him/her. Since his/her Evil Side still part of his/her psyche, the hero/heroine had to cope and accept his/her inner darkness that might not only made his/her Evil Side become cooperative with him/her, but also merges with her real personality that made him/her sane. Even so, the hero/heroine must realizing that they need to deal his/her evil side with one way or another due to possible danger that his/her evil side pose to everyone around her.


NOTE: To clarify, heroes whom put on these list NOT completely become evil nor hideous due to turned to the dark side nor succumbed to brainwash or other malevolent influence nor having villainous alter-ego, but rather outright having multiple personality disorder where they had at least two personality simultaneously: One is good personality and other is their evil personality.

  • Dr. Jekyll: Dr. Jekyll had an experiment that involving this, and tried to brought his inner demons to life with a serum. Unfortunately, his inner demon, Mr. Hyde, proved to be more dangerous that he must deal it with one way or another.
  • Midnight Sparkle: Midnight Sparkle, villainous alter-ego of Twilight Sparkle, implies to be a manifestation of her Evil Side due to share similar obsession with magic albeit Midnight's was more twisted than Twilight's.
  • Spider-Man: Tobey Maguire's incarnation of Peter Parker/Spider-Man had his evil side brought to life by his black suit that actually disguised form of Klynthar symbiote called Venom.
  • Mal: Mike is known to suffer Multiple Personality Disorder, and thus his Evil Side is conformed to be his Evil personality.
  • Ashi: Aku reveals to Ashi that she is his biological daughter and corrupts her into becoming his servant by awakening dormant malevolent part of her psyche.
  • Arcueid Brunestud: When Arcueid lose control of her Vampiric Impulses, she became Red Arcueid.
  • Oracle: When Oracle was corrupted by Angra Mainyu, she became Chaos.
  • Gumball Watterson: When Gumball learns his true name, Zach took over his body and tried to erase Gumball.
  • K.O.: When feeling underappreciated or hopeless, his rage turns him into an evil version of himself named Turbo K.O., or "T.K.O." for short, who also acts like a separate entity.
  • Vegeta: When becoming frustrated and telling Goku that he should be at the World Martial Arts Tournament defeating him, Dabura cancels the match and tells Babidi about the new recruit as an idea to release Majin Buu out of his shell and Babidi uses his magic to transform Vegeta into Majin Vegeta.


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