It's too late! We're BANISHED, genius! WE'RE IN THE HUMAN WORLD!!!
~ Mike, after he and Sully got banished by Waternoose.

A is an event in which a hero is exiled for a false wrongdoing, until he or she returns to fight the enemy.

In some cases, though, the hero can sentence herself/himself to banishment.

Examples Edit

  • Surly Squirrel got banished from the park by Raccoon after the oak tree was destroyed.
  • Kovu got banished by Simba, believing he was involved in the ambush set by Zira, which results defying his father's pawprints that he himself must follow, breaking the Circle of Life and Kiara angrily telling Simba that he will never be his late father Mufasa.
  • Jason Johnston and Evelyn Ross were banished on a small island by the evil Quincy Maroone, before he moves on to enslave Nevada.
  • Baby Huey and his mother exiled after Huey creates well-meaning chaos.
  • Moses exiles himself from Egypt after accidentally killing a slaver while trying to stop him from sadistically whipping a Hebrew slave.
  • Yoda exiled himself to Dagobah after the Jedi Order was eliminated by the Emperor's initiated Order 66. 
  • Luke Skywalker exiled himself to Ahch-To after his new Jedi Order was eradicated by Kylo Ren and his soldiers of evil.
  • Homer Simpson and his family gets banished from Springfield because the entire citizens grew very tired of the Simpsons' shenanigans (such as Homer's drunkeness, Bart's pranks in school, in church and in town, Maggie shooting Mr. Burns, and Lisa's environmental pleas and her genius stuff which started to annoy the townspeople).
  • Pterano got banished from the Great Valley to the Mysterious Beyond for putting Littlefoot and his friends in danger and his actions.
  • Flik got banished along with the Circus Bugs for lying to the colony about the circus bugs being warriors by Princess Atta, which she unknowingly leads to the downfall of her mother The Queen.
  • Cloud Strife exiles himself in Aerith's church in search of forgiveness, while suffering guilt and depression over the death of his friends Aerith Gainsborough at the hands of Sephiroth and Zack Fair at the hands of the Shinra Soldiers.
  • Zed and the other Zombies were banished by the Seabrook High students (which it was all Addison's cousin, Bucky's fault for ruining everything).
  • Jar Jar Binks was banished by his people from his hometown of Otoh Gunga city for his clumsiness.
  • Thor Odinson getting banished from Asgard by Odin Borson for putting his friends at risk by his arrogance and stupidity.
  • Carl Johnson exiles himself in Liberty City after his brother Brian Johnson was killed in an accident which he was being blamed by his elder brother Sweet Johnson.

Quotes Edit

(Moses flees to the outskirts of Egypt. Rameses follows him on his carriage.) (Rameses: Moses! Moses! [drives his chariot in front of Moses to stop him. Moses just walks around it.]) Let me go! (Rameses: No, wait!) You saw what happened-- I just killed a man! (Rameses: We can take care of that! I-I will make it so it never happened!) Nothing you can say can change what I've done! (Rameses: I am Egypt! The morning and evening star! If I say, "day is night", it will be written! And you will be who I say you are. [places his hands on Moses' shoulders to stop him] I say you are innocent.) (Moses shoves Rameses away) What you say does not matter! (sighs) You don't understand. I can't stay here any longer! (Rameses: Moses...) NO! All I've ever known to be true is a lie! I'm not who you think I am. (Rameses: What are you talking about?) Go ask the man I once called "Father." (turns, walks away) (Rameses, on the verge of tears: Moses? Please!) (Moses sadly gives Rameses one final look in the eye) Good-bye, Brother. (turns and runs into the desert) (Rameses: Moses! MOSES!)
~ Moses exiling himself from Egypt after accidentally killing a slaver while trying to stop him from sadistically whipping a Hebrew slave.

(P.T. finds the Circus Bugs) (P.T. Flea: Ah, guys, I've been looking all over for you. Flaming death. It's a huge hit!) (Circus bugs: P.T. shhh shh) (P.T. Flea: We'll be the best circus act in the business!) (Princess Atta: You mean, you're not warriors?) (P.T. Flea: Are you kidding? These guys are the lousiest circus bugs you've ever seen! And they're gonna make me rich!) (Thorny: You mean to tell me that our entire defensive strategy was concocted by clowns?!) (Francis: Hey, hey, hey, hey. We really thought Flik's idea was gonna work.) (The fireflies put the spotlight on Flik) (Francis realizing his mistake: Oops.) (Princess Atta: Tell me this isn't true.) No, no no ,you don't... (Mr. Soil: This couldn't have happened at a most inopportune time. The last leaf is about to fall!) (Dr. Flora: We haven't collected any food for the grasshoppers!) (Thorny: If Hopper finds out what we almost did...) (The Ant Queen: Hopper is NOT going to find out. We're going to hide all this and pretend it never happened. You bugs were never here, so I suggest you all leave.) But the bird! The the the bird will work! (The Ant Queen: I never thought I'd see the day when an ant would throw himself before the rest of his colony.) What? (The Ant Queen: Point is, Flik, you lied to us.) No, no, no, no! I just... (Princess Atta: You lied, Flik. You lied to her. You lied to the colony. You lied to ME! And like an idiot, I believed you.) I..I..I. I was just afraid, if you'd known I'd gotten circus bugs...I..(sighs)... I just wanted to make a...difference. (Princess Atta [sternly]: I want you to leave, Flik. And this time...don't come back. (Dot gasps at her sister's actions; The Queen's pet aphid lets out a very sad whimper. Flik hangs his head and turns to leave with the circus bugs) (P.T. Flea: Tough crowd..) (P.T forces his wagon forward) (Dot tries to follow Flik, but her mother stops her) (Dot [sadly]: Flik...)
~ Flik getting banished from Ant Island by Princess Atta for deceiving her about the circus bugs being warriors.