Heroic Overview

In any story, there comes a time when a hero or heroine can capture an enemy or arrest a villain for his/her crimes. Sometimes, the good guys, usually cops, soldiers, or rebels, can band together to catch lawbreakers to help out a community. This usually happens for these reasons:

  • When it comes to a guard, to steal his suit and keys or keep him or her from sounding the alarm.
  • Catching a lawbreaker.
  • Saving the day.
  • Exposing evil plans and evidence.
  • Defeating the villain.
  • Forcing the villain to do an important thing, like bringing down a defense mechanism.


  • Scooby-Doo and the Mystery, Inc. gang capture phony monsters and unmask them throughout the series.
  • Little John captures Nutsy so he and Robin Hood can swipe his cloak and keys.
  • Woody and Slinky Dog trap and tie up the Monkey to keep him from sounding the alarm.
  • Doc and the Seven Dwarfs nab Grumpy to put him in the tub and scrub him.
  • The Iron Giant and Hogarth Hughes block Kent Mansley's path, allowing General Rogard and his troops to capture and arrest him for his crimes and treachery.
  • Ginger and the hens capture Mr. Tweedy to keep him from alerting Mrs. Tweedy about their escape.
  • Darkwing Duck has captured, defeated, thwarted and/or exposed the evil plans of many villains, including Negaduck, Ammonia Pine, Colonel Trenchrot, Isis Vanderchill, Bushroot, Jock Newbody, Steelbeak and other F.O.W.L. agents in order to turn them over to the St. Canard police or the S.H.U.S.H. agents throughout the entire series
  • Red Puckett and Granny leap to safety via parachute, causing Boingo and his thugs to tumble into the hands of Chief Grizzly and his squad.
  • Finn, with Chewbacca and Han Solo, captures Captain Phasma to force her to lower the shields of Starkiller base.
  • Remy's family capture the health inspector so they can save Gusteau's restaurant.
  • James and the giant bugs capture Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker so the police can arrest them.
  • Sophie and the BFG, with the backing of the British Army and RAF, capture the other nine giants and take them back to London to be imprisoned.
  • Sheriff Sam Brown arrests Alameda Slim after Maggie, Mrs. Calloway, Grace and the farm animals trap him and blow his disguise off with steam.
  • Mater exposes Sir Miles Axlerod as the unseen mastermind to the Royal Court.
  • Finn McMissle captures Professor Zundapp, ordering him to deactivate the bomb, but it is revealed to be deactivated by someone to armed it, then Zundapp gets tasered by Holley Shiftwell.
  • Jason Johnston beats up Quincy Maroone and spins him in a spinning chair before flying him off into the wall of his burning house, before he is arrested by Officer Daniel and the Las Vegas Police Department.
  • Elliot Shandling captures his archenemy Devlin and tasers the evil genius upon finding him and his gang at Mrs. Leary's evacuated house.
  • After Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde reveal Bellwether's plan to make predators go savage and take over Zootopia, Chief Bogo and his squad arrest the criminal mastermind and her accomplices.
  • The Goblin King imprisons Krudsky for his treachery and helps the Mystery, Inc. gang save the day.
  • After Eliza Thornberry saves the elephants from being killed by an electric fence set up by Sloan and Bree Blackburn, the police (presumably Jomo Umbelli and his squad) arrest the poachers.
  • The Undertaker captures Triple H to expose to the police and Vince McMahon about Triple H's schemes of taking control of the Monster Truck Race, making Team Taker and Mystery Inc won by default.
  • Megan Parker allows Buddy & Guy to be exposed by the police and have them get arrested for their crimes.
  • After Governor Ratcliffe shoots John Smith, the other settlers, led by Thomas, capture him for his treachery.
  • King James arrests Governor Ratcliffe for his lies and treachery.
  • Number Johnny 5 captures Oscar Baldwin and his men before succumbing to his damaged he sustained earlier by them and being revived by Ben Jahrvi with a defibrillator.
  • Inspector Jamal arrests Klaus and Claudia Furchstien for tricking the Chipmunks into unknowingly aiding the illegal delivery of diamonds to various locations around the world and kidnapping them.
  • After King Richard returns from his crusades, he furiously arrests his greedy brother Prince John along with Sir Hiss and the Sheriff of Nottingham who has striped off his position for their crimes against poor people and reclaiming his throne and set everything where it truly was.


(Maggie, Grace, and Mrs. Calloway crash the train into Patch of Heaven) (Alameda Slim: What's the idea crashing your train on my property? (gasps) What? It can't be!) (Maggie, Mrs. Calloway and Grace emerge from the wrecked train) (Pearl Gesner looks at them, worried. Alameda Slim snarls at the cows as they charge him) (Alameda Slim: Hold it right there!) (He draws his gun and aims it at them.) (Jeb the Goat (to the piggies): Piggies, it's time to open up a can of whoop-hide!) (Alameda Slim is about to fire when a can suddenly hits his hand dropping his gun) (Alameda Slim: Unh! Who the... Oof! Ow! Aah!) (The piggies pelt more cans at Slim) Oh! Get away from there! Aah! (The chicks climb through his leg and tickle him. One of chick them climbs near his ear and crows loudly.) Alameda Slim: OW!) (Jeb then rolls his barrel at him and knocks him into the mud; Audrey and the other chickens surround him.) (Audrey: You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!) (They peck him and Ollie lands on the wheel cart, sending him flying) (Maggie and Grace kick the fiend and he lands in the train's smokestack. Mrs. Calloway pulls the train whistle's cord, blowing off Slim's disguise.) (Sheriff Sam Brown points at Alameda Slim in shock) Sheriff Sam Brown: It's Alameda Slim! (Pearl and the other auctioneer gasp too) (Alameda Slim, with a sneer: You think you've won?! It ain't over till the fat man sings!) (He begins yodelling as Maggie ready to lasso her cow bell but is hypnotizes by the yodel, sending it into the air) (Grace looks at it in shock and leaps into the air kicking the cow bell into Alameda Slim's mouth, gagging him and freeing Maggie and Mrs. Calloway.) (Sheriff Sam Brown (swinging a lasso): Alameda Slim, you're under arrest! (He throws his lasso at Alameda Slim, tying him up.) Grace: Nobody messes with Pearl's girls! (Buck and Lucky Jack appears beside them) (Buck: Say girls, got milk?) (Maggie, Mrs. Calloway and Grace: Buck!) (Buck: Just Kidding.) (Slim, still bound and gagged, is loaded into a paddy wagon.) (Sheriff Sam: Take him away, boys. Hope you like stripes.)
~ Maggie, Grace, and Mrs. Calloway capturing Alameda Slim to save their farm.

(Riding the line of a cable car, Red and Granny are safe, but a voice booms out.) (Boingo: End of the line, ladies!) (It's Boingo, and he and his thugs are in hot pursuit. Boingo lets out a wicked laugh.) Granny! (Granny: You know what to do.) (Red and her grandmother open up their parachutes, whooping with excitement.) (Boingo: Oh, wonderful.) (Red and Granny continue to whoop. Boingo looks down and notices where he and the Evil Ski Team are heading.) (Boingo: Oh, no!) (They tumble into a paddy wagon one by one, landing in the hands of Chief Grizzly and his squad.) (Dolph: That hurts.) (Chief Grizzly: Get 'em out of here, boys.) (Boingo pokes his head out of the wagon's window, knowing his evil plan is foiled.) (Boingo: No, no, no. Not prison!) (Twitchy pops up and takes a picture of the wicked rabbit.) (Twitchy: Say parcheesi!) (Boingo shrieks.) (Boingo, throwing a hissy-fit: Not prison! NOT FOR A CUTE LITTLE BUNNY RABBIT!)
~ Red Puckett and Granny pulling off an escape, allowing Boingo and his thugs to tumble into Chief Grizzly's paddy wagon.

Miss Spider, throw me a string! (Miss Spider tosses a string to James. He ties it in a lasso and throws it around Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker!) Okay, pull them up. (Aunt Sponge: HELP!) (The bugs hoist the evil women up.) (Aunt Sponge: Where are we going?!) (The two of them shriek in surprise and terror.) Spin them around! (Aunt Sponge: You little - !) (Grasshopper gives them a swift kick with both legs, spinning them around. The aunts continue to shriek.) Wrap them tightly! (Miss Spider throws webs around Spiker and Sponge's legs; their wigs fall off as they are being wrapped up.) Tighter! Tighter! (As Miss Spider ties up Spiker and Sponge, the police chief looks up in surprise.) (Police Chief: Well, I'll be a... The kid was telling the truth.) (Spiker and Sponge are now wrapped up in a huge web; they struggle, letting out muffled screams.) (Police Chief: Get those two creeps OUTTA here!) (The policeman uses a crane, taking the captured villains with them.)
~ James and the bugs capturing Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker to turn them over to the police.

(Captain Phasma is patrolling the Starkiller base when suddenly, Chewbacca leaps out from a corner and tackles her!) You remember me? (Captain Phasma, as Chewie and Han Solo hold guns to her head: FN-2187.) Not anymore. The name's Finn, and I'm in charge. I'm in charge now, Phasma. I'm in charge! (Han Solo: Bring it down, bring it down.) (firmly) Follow me. (A moment later, Finn, Han, and Chewie bring Captain Phasma to the controls of the Starkiller base.) You want me to blast that bucket off your head? Lower the shields. (Captain Phasma: You're making a big mistake.) (sternly) Do it. (Chewie roars. Captain Phasma pushes a button on the controls. Finn walks over to Han Solo.) Solo, if this works, we're not gonna have a lot of time to find Rey. (Han Solo: Don't worry, kid. We won't leave here without her.) (Phasma raises the shields.) (Captain Phasma: You can't be so stupid thinking THIS will be easy. My troops will storm this block and kill you all.) (Finn holds his gun to Phasma's head.) I disagree. What do we do with her? (Han Solo: Is there a garbage chute? Trash compactor?) Yes, there is.
~ Finn capturing Captain Phasma to force her to lower the shields of the Starkiller base.

(Slinky dangles Woody above the Monkey as he prepares to toss a sack over him. Suddenly, the Monkey spins around and lets out an ear-splitting screech! Woody yells and falls onto the Monkey, causing the microphone to tumble to the floor. The Monkey bares his teeth and hisses, then lunges for the microphone. Woody traps the monkey's leg with a cord and pounces on him. The monkey screeches and bashes Woody's head between the cymbals.) (between crashes) Go! Get! The! Tape! (Slinky grabs a roll of tape and ties up the monkey with it.)
~ Woody capturing the Monkey to keep him from sounding the alarm.

(Marshall opens the door and walks into the room where the hostages are, taking a captured terrorist with him.) (Shepard: Jim, what are you doing here?) I never left. (Gibbs and another hostage race forward and pin the terrorist against the wall.) Gibbs, watch the door. (gives a machine gun to Gibbs, who abandons his post and points the gun at the door.)
~ President James Marshall and Agent Gibbs capturing one of Ivan Korushunov's henchmen.

(As Dekkom examines the remains of the destroyed cab, Sarah promptly grabs him and points a gun to his cheek) You thought the President was the only one that could be tracked? (Dekkom sees his mercenary lifeless on the road, revealing that Sarah tracked him and just killed him. Max and Palma show themselves.) (Dekkom: How the heck did you- ) (Palma: How? Because I'm the g*****n President of the United States of America. You're done, Leonard.) (they are immediately surrounded by Florida State Trooper cars and helicopters.)
~ Agent Sarah Wilson capturing and arresting Secretary of State Leonard Dekkom, alongside Max Lawson and President Palma, for his conspiracy to eliminate Palma, his successors and America's fellow governments, and his subsequent sabotage of Dutch Boy.

(Agent Roefls: I can't believe they stole a 70-ton tank for a 3-ounce computer chip.) That 3-ounce computer chip is more deadly than a thousand of them tanks.
~ Agent Hobbs, having captured Owen Shaw.

(John Smith is released and he and Pocahontas embraces as Thomas, Ben, Lon, the other settlers and the powhatan warriors lower their weapons) (Governor Ratcliffe: Now's our chance! (draws his sword) Fire!) (Thomas: No!) (Governor Ratcliffe: What?) (Thomas: They let him go!) (Ben: They don't want to fight!) (Governor Ratcliffe: It's a trick don't you see? Fire) (Thomas, Ben and Lon glares at him and he drops his sword and grabs of the settler's gun) (Governor Ratcliffe: Fine! I'll settle this myself) (John Smith sees him aiming the gun at Chief Powhatan and pushes him out of the way) (John Smith: No!) (Governor Ratcliffe fires and hits John in the stomach) (Thomas: John!) (John Smith drops unto the ground unconscious as Pocahontas runs to his side) (Governor Ratcliffe shocked that he hit John Smith and looks at an enraged Thomas) (Thomas: You shot him!) (Governor Ratcliffe: He stepped right- right into it! It's his own fault!) (The other settlers then start to surround him) (Ben: Smith was right, all along!) (Lon: We never should've listen to you!) (Ben to the other settler: Get the gun!) (Ben, Lon and the other settlers grab him) (Governor Ratcliffe: Traitors! (gets pinned down) Unhand me, I say! How dare you) (Thomas (grabs the gun from Governor Ratcliffe): Put him in chains!) (Governor Ratcliffe: I'll see you all hanged for this!) (Thomas: And gag him as well! (looks at John Smith and runs to him))
~ Thomas and the other settlers arrest Governor Ratcliffe after he rejected Chief Powhatan's offer and tries to shoot him and hits instead John Smith

(Governor Ratcliffe swims to shore and sees King James' feet and he looks at him) (King James gives the defeated Governor Ratcliffe a furious look) (Governor Ratcliffe: Your majesty, the fugitives are getting away! They've sabotage the armanda! Stop them!) (one of the King James' guards handcuffs him) (King James (coldly): No more lies. (to his guards as he turns away to his carriage) Arrest him.
~ King James arresting Governor Ratcliffe for high treason and his lies

(Mater stops the rocket boots to saving McQueen when Holley arrives) (Holley Shiftwell: Mater, we've got to get that bomb off you.) (Lightning McQueen: "Bomb"?) (Mater: Yeah, they strapped it to me to kill you as a backup plan!) (Lightning McQueen: "Backup plan"?! Mater, who put a bomb on you?) (Professor Zündapp: (tied up) You! Why didn't my death ray kill you?) (Lightning McQueen: Death ray?!) Turn off the bomb, Zündapp! (Professor Zündapp: Are you all so dense? It's voice-activated. Everything is voice-activated these days.) (Mater: Deactivate, deactivate!) (Bomb Computer: Voice denied.) (starts a countdown mechanism from 4:59 to 4:58 to 4:57; Mater gasps in shock) (Professor Zündapp: Oops. Did I forget to mention that it can only be disarmed by the one who activated it?) (Holley Shiftwell: (shoves her stun gun) Say it!) (Professor Zündapp: Deactivate.) (Bomb Computer: Voice denied.) (the bombs lowers down from 4:48 to 3:48 to 3:47; Mater gasps) (Professor Zündapp: Oh. I am not the one who activated it. Would anyone else like to try?) (Shiftwell zaps him.) You read my mind. (Holley Shiftwell: He was getting on my nerves.)
~ Finn McMissle captures Professor Zundapp, ordering him to deactivate the bomb, but it is revealed to be deactivated by someone to armed it, then Zundapp gets tasered by Holley Shiftwell.

(After Dave reunites with the Chipmunks and Chipettes, Jamal finds Klaus, Claudia and a tied up Mario in the back seat of the crashed car.) Well, if it isn't my old friends, Klaus, and Claudia. (Sophie the dog growls at Jamal as Klaus gives Claudia a bad look, raising his glass.) (Klaus, disgruntled: Here's to you, Claudia.) (A policeman handcuffs one of Klaus' wrists, who grunts as he is off screen put in the police car, ditto for Claudia set in by Jamal, but she sticks her head out the car window.) (Claudia: If so much as one hair is out of face on my Sophie, you'll live to regret it!) (A police officer struggles to stop Sophie from growling and tugging on his uniform as the police car with the Furchsteins inside drives away, but in Miss Miller's car, she is crying because of the deception call to Dave.) (Miss Miller: Oh, I can understand this deception from Alvin, but not you, Theodore!) (She continues crying and blows her nose into Theodore's cloak, startling him, and Theodore bursts into tears, too.) (Theodore, tearing up: I'm sorry, Miss Miller!) (Dave Seville: Thanks for all your help, Inspector.) Thank you. (He leaves.)
~ Inspector Jamal arrests Klaus and Claudia Furchstien for tricking the Chipmunks into unknowingly aiding the illegal delivery of diamonds to various locations around the world and kidnapping them.