Just as Comical Yells occur when the hero lands in a comical situation, there comes a time when the hero or heroine lets out a Charging Yell. This happens when he or she charges the enemy and/or attacks someone in anger.

Noteworthy Examples Edit

  • After Rex Pester tricks him into believing Stu lost his only daughter on purpose, Drew Pickles lets out a loud yell as he jumps on his brother and tackles him.
  • Hercules gives out a charging yell as he rushes Nessus to save Meg.
  • Gidget lets out a yell when she charges Ozone.
  • Wybie Lovatt does this when he charges the Other Mother's hand to save Coraline.
  • Pumbaa lets out a charging yell as he rushes the hyenas.
  • Jake Sully gives out a yell as he rushes at a Hammerhead Titanothere, hoping to drive it away.

Gallery Edit

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