Defying orders, eh? Well, I see you Scotsmen are thrifty with courage, too.
~ Skinner when Groundskeeper Willie refuses to destroy Bart's freedom tunnel.

Heroic Defiance is when heroes disobey or defy the orders they're given. It may also actually refer to standing up to someone or something unfair.


  • Gosalyn Mallard disobeys her father Darkwing Duck for sneaking out of the Ratcatcher and trying to stop Megavolt and Quackerjack herself.
  • Tom Paris disobeys Kathryn Janeway's orders for stealing a spacecraft and helping Riga out.
  • Ron Weasley receives a Howler from his mother for stealing his father's Angline car to take himself and Harry to Hogwarts due to the barrier which lead to Hogwarts was sealed by Dobby the House Elf.
  • Forrest Gump is ordered by Lt Dan Taylor to stay put due to an incoming napalm airstrike, but Forrest heads into the jungle to find Bubba
  • Lightning McQueen wears a parking clamp for wrecking Radiator Springs.
  • Simba disobeys his father Mufasa by going to the Elephant Graveyard and putting Nala at risk. He also defys his father's pawprints that he himself must follow by exiling Kovu and forbidding Kiara to near him and causing her to angrily tells him that he will never be Mufasa thus breaking the Circle of Life.
  • Johnny Rico disobeys the orders not to take off a squadmate's helmet during live fire training exercise which killed the squadmate by another accidentally.
  • Zack and Cody disobey their mother, Carey for sneaking out to participate in London's internet show.
  • Tarzan disobeys Kerchak's orders to protect their gorilla family and not go to the human camp, by betraying their family.
  • Thomas falls down the mine Sir Topham Hatt arrives.
  • Leo, Adam, Bree and Chase disobey Donald Davenport for using his memory-erasing device and get grounded forever.
  • Yogi and Boo Boo tries to catched Little Yogi on the bike now Yogi rolling on the net now everyone is very disappointed to him when Yogi was having a nightmare.
  • Poe Dameron disobeys General Leia Organa's orders not to engage the First Order Dreadnought, resulting the Resistance Bombers to be decimated despite the Dreadnought destroyed and getting demoted from the rank of commander to captain.
  • The Baker kids disobey Tom by sneaking out to attend Dylan's birthday party.


Great. Gone five minutes and my own daughter forgets my name, just like she forgot she was supposed to stay in the Ratcatcher. (Gosalyn: Launchpad!) Don't change the subject, I have had it with you, young lady. You are grounded for a month!
~ Darkwing Duck when Gosalyn has disobeyed his order to stay in the Ratcatcher

(Lt. Dan: I didn't ask you to pull me out of there God damn you! (restraining Forrest) Where the Hell do you think you're going?) Forrest: To get Bubba. (Lt. Dan: I got an airstrike inbound right now. They're gonna nape the whole area. Gump you stay here God damn it, that's an order!) Forrest: I gotta find Bubba!
~ Forrest Gump as he heads into a jungle targeted for an airstrike to find Private Benjamin "Bubba" Blue

Something's missing. A crucial document, either misplaced or conceivably destroyed. I don't know what it contains, I don't know what it represents, I don't know what it is, but there are traces and shadows of it everywhere! Now, I don't want to alarm you, and I don't expect to see any significant change in the magistrate's ultimate decision vis-à-vis your own inheritance but, especially given the circumstances of the death, as well as the disappearance of the key witness in the murder case, Serge X, I suggest that we immediately bring this matter to the attention of the municipal inspector, so there can be absolutely no question of impropriety at any future date. Agreed? (Dmitri: Not agreed.) Not agreed? (Dmitri: Not agreed. Can I ask you a question, Vilmos?) Yes, Dmitri. (Dmitri: Who are you working for?) I beg your pardon? (Dmitri: Who are you working for? I thought you were supposed to be our lawyer.) Well, in the point of fact, I'm the executor of the estate. In this particular situation, I represent the deceased. (Dmitri: Oh, yeah?) Yeah, a provision of my fees was included in the- (Dmitri: Just wrap it up and don't make waves. Agreed?) I'm an attorney, Dmitri; I'm obligated to proceed according to rule of law. Not agreed. (Dmitri pauses, then gets up and walks away. Jopling responds by throwing Kovacs' cat out of the window.)
~ Deputy Vilmos Kovacs refusing to work with Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis.

(White House official: We just got an intercept. The President called Petrov and asked him to release Radek.) (Dean: He can't do that!) He must have no choice. (Dean: We have a choice. (shows Kathryn a sheet.) I have the signatures of the majority of the Cabinet, attesting to the President's incapacity. Sign it, overrule him.) No, I won't do that. (Dean: The United States does not negotiate with terrorists. That has been our bedrock principle for 25 years; you can't give in to them now! It'll be open season on the United States. Many more will die! (Bennet pauses.) Jim isn't making this decision as a President; he's making it as a husband and a father. History will judge you by what you do right now, Kathryn. For goodness' sake, sign it!) (Kathryn takes the sheet and a pen, then looks at it for a moment.) No. (pushes them away) No.
~ Vice President Kathryn Bennet defying Defence Secretary Walter Dean's urges to override General Radek's release.

(Kathryn Janeway: Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris. You are guilty of insubordination, unauthorised use of a spacecraft, reckless endangerment, and conduct unbecoming an officer. Do you have anything to say?) Riga needed my help. (Kathryn Janeway, sternly: In doing so, you disobeyed my direct orders.) Yes, ma'am. (Kathryn Janeway: You violated the protocols that govern this crew.) Yes, ma'am. (Kathryn Janeway: You nearly caused an armed conflict with the Moneans. And frankly, you're lucky to be standing here right now. I would have destroyed your shuttle if necessary.) Yes, ma'am. Permission to speak freely. (Janeway pauses.) Riga's people weren't going to listen. They were going to ignore our warnings. (Kathryn Janeway: You don't know that.) Riga knew, and I was the only one who could help them. (Kathryn Janeway: I understand your passion, but passion alone doesn't give you the right to take matters into your own hands. Four years ago, I released you from prison and gave you a fresh start. Until now, you've been a fine officer. Your service on this ship has been exemplary. I really believed you were past this kind of conduct.) I've never been very good at playing by the rules. That doesn't mean that serving under your command hasn't changed me, for the better. At least this time, I broke the rules for a reason. For something I believed in. (Kathryn Janeway, still stern: I admire your principles, Tom, but I can't ignore what you've done. (Janeway removes the black pip off of Tom's collar, demoting him to Ensign.) I hereby reduce you to the rank of Ensign, and I sentence you to thirty days solitary confinement. Take Ensign Paris to the brig.) (The security officers take Tom to the brig, but Tom shugs and knows the way to the brig.) I know the way. (Tom goes to the brig and the security officers follow him.)
~ Tom Paris getting punished by Kathryn Janeway for stealing a spacecraft and disobeying orders.

(Carey and Mr. Moseby come in and Carey discovers that her sons had disobeyed her.) (Carey Martin: Oh.) (London Tipton: Hi, Carey. Sorry, we don't have room for anymore guests. Thanks!) Show's over. (Carey Martin: Boys, we need to talk.) Not now mom, I'm producing the show. (Carey becomes stern at Zack.) I mean I love you. (Carey Martin: Turn the music off.) (London turns the music off and Carey confronts her sons for what they just did.) (Carey Martin, sternly: Boys, I am so disappointed in you too. you deliberately disobeyed me.) (Mr. Moseby: And broke my vent.) Oh, heads up mom. Your yelling at us on international broadcast. (Carey Martin: Oh, really? I didn't realize... (Carey becomes furious.) I DON'T CARE!!! I am so sick of this constant cycle of breaking the rules, getting grounded, sneaking out, getting grounded, breaking the rules...) Well, maybe you can breaking the cycle by not grounding us? Oh dude! (Carey thinks this is the last straw and begins to yell at the boys for their disobedience.) (Carey Martin, angrily: Oh, that is it! You are beyond grounded! The next time you see sunlight, oh actually, Your never gonna see sunlight again. Because, by the time your punishment is over, the sun will burnt out, collapsed into the black hole, and the last remnants of mankind will be living on a rusty little spaceship as the cold silence will slowly drive them MAAAAAAD!!!!) (Chris Brown: I think she's halfway there.) (Carey Martin: I HEARD THAT!) (Adrienne Bailon: We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you.) (Kiely Williams: Please don't ground us.) (Sabrina Bryan: We have a concert tonight. We're playing at the-) (London cuts them off.) (London Tipton: Well, it looks like we're out of time.) (Carey Martin: Oh, you said it, MARCH!) (Zack and Cody leave.) (Mr. Moseby: I'm just gonna get Chris Brown's autograph and-) (Carey cuts Moseby off.) (Carey Martin: MARCH!) (Mr. Moseby: Okay.) (Mr. Moseby leaves and Carey storms off.)
~ Zack and Cody getting punished by their mother, Carey for sneaking out to participate in London's Internet show and getting grounded again.

(Boog wakes up to discover he's in the woods.) AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Boog's scream echoes through the forest) Where's home?! It's gone! Someone stole it! (Elliot comes out of the bag) (Elliot: Hey. Could you keep it down? I'm tryin' to sleep here. [yawns in Boog's face; Boog shakes angrily]) YOU! (Elliot: No, I didn't do it!) (Boog holds Elliot over a steep cliff.) Take a good look, Elliot. What do you see, Elliot? Something's missing. What is it, Elliot? What is it?! (Elliot: Wait. Don't tell me...) TIMBERLINE IS MISSING! (Elliot: Aww! I was just gonna say that!) My garage is missin'! My breakfast, lunch and dinner are missing! My life is missing. And it's all...your...FAULT! (Elliot: What're you gonna do?) (Boog drops him...into his other paw) (Elliot: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!.... (realizes he wasn't falling, chuckles) You're funny. I thought "maybe, then I was like uh-uh and then—") (Boog tosses Elliot over his shoulder)
~ Elliot being blamed by Boogfor getting him sent to the forest

(Tarzan holds off the enraged Kerchak, while Jane, her father and Mr. Clayton run for their lives. Then Tarzan releases the gorilla leader from his power and grip. Kerchak is now out of breath. Tarzan looks up to see his mother Kala, his best friend Terk and the other gorillas silently stunned, saddened and horrified by his actions, which makes him start to regret what he had done.) (Tarzan tries to reason with the gorilla leader.) Kerchak...I didn't...I'm sorry... (Kerchak, sternly: I asked you to protect our family....[sighs in disgust]...And you....betrayed us all!) (Tarzan now truly regrets his actions, and runs away horrified and ashamed.)
~ Tarzan getting told off by Kerchak for disobeying his orders to protect their gorilla family and not go to the human camp, by betraying their family.

(Thomas falls off the ground into the mine and then Sir Topham Hatt arrives he wonder Gordon can pull him out) Fire and smoke! I'm sunk! Oh, dear! I am a silly engine! (And a very naughty one, too. I saw you.) Please get me out. I won't do it again. (I'm not sure. We can't lift you out with a crane. The ground's not firm enough. Hmm... Let me see... I wonder if Gordon could pull you out?) (nervously) Yes, sir...
~ Thomas falls the mine when the Sir Topham Hatt arrived he been a silly engine he wonder if Gordon can pull him out.

Let's get one thing straight, actor. I don't trust you. And if you betray us, I'll rip your fucking balls off and stuff them up your ass so that the next time you shit, you'll shit all over your balls, got it?
~ Chris cursing at Gary Johnston.


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