This page mentions heroes who have moments of loneliness. It's closest to both Releasing Stress, Tragic Mistake and Heroic Breakdown. This is sometimes follows Parting Ways and Fake Death.


  • The Beast became depressed since Belle left his castle to save her father.
  • Manny is depressed because he's the last mammoth on Earth.
  • Cartman is depressed that Wendy's love for him was short lived.
  • Darkwing Duck is depressed because due to his blindness, he almost got Gosalyn, Honker and Launchpad killed during the battle against Megavolt.
  • Yugi Muto is depressed that over losing a duel against Kaiba and the chance to rescue his Grandfather
  • Andrew Waltrip is depressed because his parents were tricked by Tabitha, resulting in their deaths.
  • Simba met Timon and Pumbaa, but is still depressed about leaving the Pride Lands.
  • Littlefoot is depressed after losing his mother.
  • Kion is depressed after Simba scolded him.
  • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer suffers depression after witnessing the explosion on Canard Tower which believed to have killed her beloved hero, Darkwing Duck during the battle against Taurus Bulba
  • Jonah laments over his shade and Nineveh.
  • Hiro Hamada suffers depression after the death of his brother Tadashi.
  • Nicholas Lorenz falls into depression after his brother Fritz left home because their parents are ignorant of their sensitiveness.
  • Drake Parker suffers depression because Josh Nichols has had enough of him for getting him late for their chemistry exam.
  • Buzz Lightyear suffers depression after finally discovering that he is a toy.
  • Samurai Jack suffers depression after losing Ashi permanently, due to the death of Aku in the past.
  • Pearl suffers depression after Steven turned himself in to Aquamarine and Topaz and believing that Steven is dead in the Steven Universe episode, "I Am My Mom".


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