Heroic Dramatic Yells are the opposite of the Heroic Comical Yells, Heroic War Cry and another form of the Heroic Breakdown. They are even similar to the Releasing Stress and Hero's Rage.


~ Groot standing up to prison guards.

YAAAAAAAHHHHH!! (runs inside a small hole of the thorn forest)
~ Piglet screaming in Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin

~ Leni Loud screams when she sees the fake spider is real.

Daphne! You okay? Maybe I should give you a once over to make sure. [Fred eventually turns on the lights, and Dean is shown to be leaning next to the Phantom Shadow!] AAAAAHHHH!!!!! (The Phantom Shadow: [transforms into its more horrific form] RAAAAGHH!!) Aw, hell no! [The ghost pursues Dean, Fred, and Daphne.]
~ Dean Winchester screaming in "ScoobyNatural".

[Plankton wakes up and finds himself hooked to the IV at the Bikini Bottom Hospital.] Wha—what happened? (Doctor: Mr. Plankton, you were in a horrible boat accident. It's a miracle that you're alive. However, there were some complications.) Complications? What complications? (Doctor: Well, there was some confusion on what body parts went where.) [Plankton looks around and sees himself stitched into Mr. Krabs' eye socket.] AAAAAHHHH!!!!! (Kr. Krabs: [awakens to the sound of plankton's screaming] AAAAAHHHH!!!!!) (SpongeBob: Hey, what's all the screaming up there?) [Mr. Krabs pulls down the bedsheet to reveal SpongeBob stitched underneath Mr. Krabs' head.] (SpongeBob: Forget class, now we can be together forever! [laughs]) (Plankton and Mr. Krabs: AAAAAHHHH!!!!!)
~ Plankton and Mr. Krabs' combined dramatic scream as they find themselves and SpongeBob stitched together following a boating accident.

It's merely a matter of becoming one with the machiAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
~ Prowl's dramatic yell as he begins popping a wheelie.

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