Sometimes, Heroes and heroines can steal the the limelight with seduction. Like for examples, Meg was flirting with Hercules to find out his weakness but Hercules was shy and and was stunned.

They try Flirting to gain affection from the other person or use it as a greeting.

Sometimes, the main protagonist gets very Jealous when someone flirting with their love interest or the heroines get jealous when some woman was trying to impress the main protagonist.


(Out of nowhere, Elastigirl punch the thief and appears) Mr. Incredible: Elastigirl?) Mr. Incredible. [Elastigirl grabs the thief] (Mr. Incredible: It's alright. I got him.) (Elastigirl: (drop the thief) Sure you got him. I just took him out for you. (Mr. Incredible: I'm sure you took him out. His attention was on me.) A fact I exploited to do my job (Mr. Incredible: My job, you mean.) A simple thank you, would suffice. (Mr. Incredible: Thanks, but I don't need any help.) Well, what happened to ladies first? (Mr. Incredible: Well, whatever happened to equal treatment.) [then the thief got up] (Thief: Look, the lady got me first.) (Elastigirl punches the crook out again and walk to Mr. Incredible) We could share, you know. (Mr. Incredible: I work alone.) Well, I think you need to be more...flexible. (Mr. Incredible: Are you doing anything later?) I have a previous engagement. [Then Elastigirl leaves to the sunset and Mr. Incredible whistles as she leaves]
~ Elastigirl flirting with Mr. Incredible

~ Mater flirting with Holley Shiftwell.

~ Kitty Softpaws flirting with Puss in Boots.

~ Jake flirting with Bianca.


  • Most of the heroines may have the looks, but trying to impress the main protagonist by flirting
  • Most of the heroes want to impress their love interest by being themselves or get some love advice from their friends or family member


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