Everybody like to make friends, no matter what they look or they redeemed themselves, friendship is more important.

Here's the reason:


  • Tails and Sonic have been best friends ever since
  • Amy Rose like her friends include her love interest Sonic.
  • Itchy and Charlie have been friends since the TV series and the movies
  • Lois Griffin and Bonnie Swanson are best friends from since they met and they always agree.
  • Martin Fisherman and Josh Sanderson have been friends since back in kindergarden. Martin and Riley Flemming became new best friends after Derek Krumholtz's death.
  • Jason Johnston has been friends with Seth Wilson in elementary school, later with Thomas McCallister in middle school. Evelyn Ross likes her friends, including their love interest, Jason.
  • Andrew Waltrip befriended his foster mother, Mrs. Georgina Leary and her three children named Greg, Sophie and Vincent. When Andrew was rescued by Elliot Shandling from Archibald at a bridge above the creek, the two became friends. After he received advice from Remy in Central Park, they became friends.
  • Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran have become from friends ever since they first met in "Bubble Buddies".
  • Tod and Cooper have been friends since they were little until they grow up into adult


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