Smile Example

Example of a Heroic Grin.

A Heroic Grin is the opposite of an Evil Grin, but except heroic and very scheming, but normally a very nice grin just like Endearing Grin. There can be many examples of a heroic grin and means also being kind to other people. There are different kinds of grins.

The grins are detected to be a succesessful grin since evil grin and endearing grin but mostly the grins are supposed to be more of a happy or technically grinning.

Here are examples of grins:

Types of grins

Heroic Grin: The hero smiles with heroic glee when standing up to an enemy and challenging him, or smiling towards the people he or she is protecting.

Warm Smile: The hero smiles warmly when he shows another person he loves them and displays caring actions toward them.

Funny Grin: The hero's funny grin shows us that he is preparing to kid around with his friends, family, or true love, or when he is about to tell a joke.

Welcoming Grin: This usually shows that the hero is welcoming someone into their kingdom or home.

Endearing Grin: This shows kindness towards another, usually a sincere and caring grin. It is subtle and shows another that the protagonist is willing to protect or care for them. It can also be shown by the hero or heroine when he or she is humored, goofy, happy, or in love. Most often, a very strong, serious, or funny lead character can smile kindly.


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