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Even though it's similar to Heroic Mourn, it's very different like after the Obstacles and Arguments...sometimes heroines or heroes get heartbroken after hearing what they say about them which it make more sad and saying like "You're not my friend anymore", "I hate you" and/or "I wish I never met you, you stupid jerk!", etc.

Ouch! It's really painful after that terrible argument and it's really sad. Sometime, it hurt when heroines broke up with the heroes for lying or whatever the reason.


Live Action moviesEdit

  • Samwise Gamgee is crying after Frodo Baggins, poisoned in his mind by Gollum, furiously disowned him as a friend and told him to go home, not wanting his help.
  • The policemen, when John Coffey was about and getting executed, were heartbroken, but Paul Edgecomb had it the worst because they didn't want to kill an innocent person, or a friend.
  • Maggie Greene was heartbroken that Negan bludgeon Glenn Rhee to death by Lucille. Which makes Maggie going through even more darker, angrier, and vengeance.
  • Rick Grimes was heartbroken when Negan bulge both Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee by Lucille. Even he says to Negan he will vow vengeance over the death of his friends and family.
  • Darth Vader is heartbroken when he learns that he killed his wife, Padme in anger.
  • Roger Rabbit felt heartbroken he believed his wife Jessica cheated on him with Marvin Acme.
  • Tricia Poe was heartbroken, when her husband Cameron Poe is been sentence to ten years in prison by the judge for manslaughter a drunken man who was trying to assault her.
  • Peter Parker is crying after Gwen Stacy falls to her death.

Animated moviesEdit

  • Anne Marie was heartbroken when she heard Charlie that she was using her and don't care about her which she said "You're not my friend. You're nothing but a bad dog!" Then she ran away, crying.
  • After an argument with Blu, Jewel shouts "Fine! See you around, Pet!" Then she fly away, crying.
  • Hercules was heartbroken that Meg was using him who was working with Hades all along and trying to kill him since they first met even though Meg was in love with him. Meg in turn was heartbroken when Hades stripped Hercules of his strength cruelly mock him.
  • Kiara was heartbroken that Simba exiles Kovu believing he was involved in the ambush set by Zira and directly defying his father's pawprints that he himself must "follow", breaking the CIrcle of Life and she angrily tells Simba that he will never be his late father Mufasa before running away to find him.
  • Sherman thought Mr. Peabody got killed inside the Trojan Horse that falls off a cliff and cries.
  • Ash was heartbroken after she caught her boyfriend Lance cheating on her with another porcupine girl and kicks him out of her apartment.
  • Lightning McQueen reads Mater's goodbye message with Guido, Luigi, Fillmore, and Sarge at the hotel in Japan he feels terrible now Mater is gone to the airport to flying home on the airplane he at Radiator Springs he be save.
  • Blinky Bill Finds Dad at Croc Canyon but this his hat and the swag and he saw down the piar of bones he sobs Nutsy told him those bones could be anyones.
  • Homer sees his wife Marge on the television so she leaves Alaska with Bart, Lisa and Maggie to help Springfield but they never coming back so she taped this for the wedding video.
  • Perdita was heartbroken, when her 15 puppies are being dognapped by Jasper and Horace due to Roger and Anita's negligence by going out for a walk taking her and Pongo with them leaving the puppies unprotected in the process.
  • Quasimodo is heartbroken when Esmeralda and Phoebus kiss, ashe had started developing his own feelings for the gypsy. In the sequel, Quasi feels betrayed and furiously chews out Madellaine when he thinks she had a hand in stealing La Fidele and was only pretending to love him (despite her pleas that she did not intend to), breaks off their relationship, retreats in the Notre Dame cathedral and angrily walks up the stairs. Then his anger turns into heartbreak, he starts crying and he sits down.
  • Dot was heartbroken when Flik was banished along with the circus bugs by her sister Princess Atta whom she unknowinlgy lead to the downfall of their mother The Queen.


  • Noah was heartbroken after Emma breaking up with him in "Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race" episode "Maori or Less".
  • Chuckie Finster was heartbroken when he caught Megan "cheat" on him with another baby in the end of Rugrats episode "Cradle Attraction".
  • Rigby was heartbroken that he and Mordecai are no longer friends because he forged his rejection letter in "Regular Show: The Movie".
  • Cow was heartbroken that her crush Craig is dating one of her friends, Pam, at the end of Cow and Chicken "Horn Envy".
  • Stan Marsh was heartbroken after Wendy Testaburger breaks up with him in the South Park episode "Raisins". This happens again in "Skank Hunt".
  • Pearl was heartbroken after Steven turns himself in to Aquamarine and Topaz and believes that Steven is dead in the Steven Universe episode, "I Am My Mom".
  • Lori Loud was heartbroken after Bobby Santiago breaks up with her due to Lincoln Loud insulting his sister Ronnie Anne Santiago in the Loud House episode "Save The Date". Ronnie Anne was also heartbroken after Lincoln Loud insulted her.
  • Rick Sanchez gets heartbroken after Unity leaves him, he almost killed himself in "Auto Erotic Assimilation".
  • Starlight Glimmer as a child was heartbroken when her friend Sunburst got a cutie mark when the books almost fell on Starlight and walked away from Starlight and celebrated with his new cutie mark.
  • Samurai Jack gets heartbroken when Ashi is erased permanently, due to the death of Aku in the past.
  • Connie Maheswaran gets heartbroken when she believes that Steven is dead in the episode, "I Am My Mom".
  • Penny Fitzgerald gets heartbroken when she believes that Gumball Watterson hates her in the episode "The Meddler".
  • Jeri Katou gets heartbroken when Beelzemon kills Leomon in the episode "Lionheart".
  • Kyle Broflovski gets heartbroken when Heidi breaks up with him and called him a dirty jew not only that but got back togther with Cartman and turn her into a female Cartman.
  • Carol Pewterschmidt gets heartbroken she can’t married Mayor Adam West
  • Lloyd gets heartbroken when a the princess of ninjago turns out to be a villain


50 years have passed, but I do not age. Time has lost its effect on me. Yet, the suffering continues. Aku's grasp chokes the past, present, and future. Hope is lost.
~ Samurai Jack sadly narrating about being stuck in Aku's evil future.

My kingdom...
~ King Julien gets heartbroken when his kingdom was taken over by Koto in the All Hail King Julien episode, "Un-King Me".

Headquarters... gone!
~ Betty Barrett is heartbroken when Galactic Headquarters has been destroyed.

(Kiara runs to confront Simba after he exiles Kovu and ignoring Rafiki who was watching in sadness) Father, please reconsider. (Simba, sternly: You will not go anywhere without an escort from now on.) No, that's not-- (Simba: He used you to get to me!) He love's me...for me! (Simba very stubbornly: Because you are my daughter! You will not leave Pride Rock. You will stay where I can keep an eye on you...AWAY from him.) You don't know him! (Simba: I know he's following in Scar's pawprints...and I must follow in my father's) (angrily) You will NEVER be Mufasa! (Simba looks at her in shock, stunned and silent at what she said) (Kiara cries and runs to the den and Simba looks away sadly and disappointingly at the clouds for defying his father's paw prints and breaking the Circle of Life) (Kiara notices a hole in the wall and runs away from Pride Rock)
~ Kiara was heartbroken and runs away from Pride Rock after Simba exiles Kovu and directly defying his father's pawprints that he himself must follow and breaking the Circle of Life

(As Jewel was happily flying, she notices Blu walking away sadly) Hey, where you going? (Blu ignores her and keeps on walking) Blu? Blu, what's wrong? (Blu: Nothing. Everything's perfect. You'll be off to the rain forest. I'll be back with Linda. Just like we planned.) I... (Nico and Pedro fly down towards them) (Nico: Hey, birds! Stop yappin' and start flappin'! Let's go!) I... I... I guess I thought maybe... (Blu: What? That you... you'd come to Minnesota?) (Jewel just looks at him) (Blu: Great! I guess I... I'll knit you a scarf.) No, that's not what I meant. (Blu: Look, Jewel, I can't spend my life walking around following you wherever you're going.) Hey, it's not my fault you can't fly. (Pedro: (to Nico as they watch Blu and Jewel) Awkward!) Rafael: (as he notices Blu and Jewel starting to argue) Okay! Okay! You know what? This is good. Just clear the air. Just be completely honest with each other.) (Blu: You want honesty? Fine. Fine, I can be honest. I don't belong here. In fact, I never wanted to come here in the first place. And... and... and you know what? I hate Samba!) (Pedro: (Rafael, Nico and Pedro gasp with shock and Nico bursts into tears) Hey! That's a little too far.) (Nico: (to Pedro) Make the mean bird take it back!) (Blu: Yeah! I said it! Every song sounds exactly the same.) (he mimics the samba music and dance) (Blu: Tico-taco, ya-ya-ya! Tico-taco, ya-ya-ya! Urrgh! I'm tico-taco outta here.) Fine! See you around, pet! (Jewel flies away and Blu walks away) (Rafael: No, no, ,no! Wait, wait, wait! Come back! You belong together! You are Juliet to his Romeo! Sure they both die in the end, but you get my point!) (Nico and Pedro towards Rafael) (Rafael: Ah, young love! Always so melodramatic. All right, boys. Go after her. Hey, Blu! Wait up! Come on!) (Luis: Yeah! I'm ready for Carnival! Who wants to ride in my... fruit? They left without me! This is messed up. (slurps))
~ Jewel was heartbroken after she and Blu have an terrible argument about Blu's flying and he say that he wish that he never come to Rio in the first place and he hates it here.

~ Pearl gets heartbroken after Steven turns himself in to Aquamarine and Topaz and believing that Steven is dead in the Steven Universe episode, "I Am My Mom".

(After Mater is onboard Sid with Holley and Finn Lightning McQueen reads the Mater's note at the Hotel Lobby while Guido and Luigi began crying.) (Mater: [Voice-over reading the letter] By the time you read this, I'll be safely on an airplane flying home. I'm so sorry for what I did.) [reading Mater's letter] "I don't want to be the cause of you losing any more races. I want you to go prove to the world what I already know, that you are the greatest racecar in the whole wide world." Your best friend, Mater. [looks up] I didn't really want him to leave. (Luigi: Wait, there's more here. [moves to next page] "P.S. Please tell the hotel I didn't mean to order that movie. I thought it was just a preview and I didn't realize I was paying for it." [shifts the page] "P.P.S. That's funny right there. P.P"? [shifts the pages around] There's a few more pages of P.S's here.) Well, at least I know if he's at home, he'll be safe.
~ Lightning McQueen reads the Mater's letter at the Hotel Lobby in Japan with Fillmore, Sarge, Luigi, and Guido he gets terribly what Mater has gone on flying home to Radiator Springs.

(Peaches helplessly watches her father bing separated from her by the landmass) Daddy! (Manny: STAY ALIVE! No matter how long it takes, I WILL FIND YOU!) (sobbing) Mom, this is all my fault! If I had just-- (Ellie: Peaches! This is NOT your fault, alright?) What if I never see him again? And the last thing we did was fight! (Ellie: Hey, your father is the toughest, most stubborn mammoth I've ever met! He'll come back for us. (wraps her trunk around Peaches) That's a promise.)
~ Peaches blaming herself when her father gets separated from her by an earthquake, after a harsh argument with him that resulted in her disowning him

(Lincoln Loud returns from school, Lori Loud throws a tissue box at him) YOU MONSTER! (Lincoln Loud: Ow! What was that for?) You made Ronnie Anne CRY! (Lincoln Loud: Cry? I didn't mean to! Wait, how do you know?) (Lori throws a teddy bear at him, but he jumps out of the way before it hits him) Bobby told me... (starts to cry) RIGHT BEFORE HE BROKE UP WITH ME!! (Lincoln Loud: What? Why does Bobby care?) (Lori throws a cushion at him, but he ducks out of the way and she opens a photo album showing Bobby and Ronnie Anne sitting on his shoulder with an ice cream oh her hand) Because Bobby is literally Ronnie Anne's brother! He said he could never date someone related to someone who hurt someone he's related to! Or something like that! (Lincoln Loud: Ronnie Anne has a brother? I thought she was raised by trolls. (Lori throws a bunch of CDs in rapid fire fashion; Lincoln shields himself with the cushion) D'AAAAHH!! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT BOBBY WAS TALKING ABOUT! (Lori chases after Lincoln, who hides behind the chair; he trips, and Lori catches him and holds him up by his shirt) You have to make things right with Ronnie Anne! (Lincoln Loud:Okay! Okay! (picks up the phone) I'll call her right now and apologize!) NO!(hangs up the phone) Nuh-uh! Actions speak louder than words! Bobby has to see you being nice to her. That's the only way he'll get back together with me! Which is why we're going on a double date!(Lincoln Loud: WHAT?!)It's all been arranged! We have a reservation at Jean Juan's French-Mex Buffet at six! AND YOU! WILL MAKE HER! FEEL! LIKE THE MOST SPECIAL GIRL! IN THE WORLD!(Lincoln Loud:(gags) I'd rather lick the bathroom...(Lori picks up the end table and threatens to crush him with it) I'll go iron my khakis!) (runs out of the scene)
~ Lori Loud was heartbroken after Bobby Santiago broke up with her due to Lincoln Loud insulting his sister Ronnie Anne Santiago in the Loud House episode "Save The Date".

(Blinky ups top of Croc Canyon finding his dad but he saw his father's hat on the brunch) Dad!, [he climbed the top on the rocks] Dad!, Dad!, It's me It's... (he saw his dad's hat on the brunch) Blinky. (he walked up and grabbed the hat off the brunch he looked at this hat and he sniffs) This... this is his hat. (Nutsy: Blinky.) (He ran towards the rocks with paw print with claws) Huh... No, Dad. (he saw the swag) That's his swag. (he ran to towards the dark sky) Dad!, Dad!, Dad!, Where are you Dad!, (he looked down there was a pair of bones when Nutsy and Jacko saw it there.) (Jacko: Yahoo! Mr. Bill!, Oh?) (crying) No, Dad... It can't be. (Nutsy: Hey, those bones could be anyones) This his hat. (Nutsy: You can't give up.) Yeah, Dad you'se to say that too. (Nutsy: Come on Jacko.) (Jacko went sadly away and Blinky puts his father's hat away with the wind blows and he looked the moon at the sky) I'm sorry Mum. (The moon shines and stars twinkle in the night sky now Blinky really terribly and he looked Nutsy was asleep with Jacko) You're are right, everything I do ends a disaster (he walked towards her) I'm sorry Nutsy (he grubs the sticks) I'm gotta do one thing right (he puts the sticks and blows the smoke and the fire goes on to get them warm) I'm gotta get you home yeah it's what dad what have done.
~ Blinky Bill finds his dad at Croc Canyon but this his hat and swag and he down there with a piar bones he cries that his dad is dead Nutsy told him those bones could be anyones and he can't give up he has to take her to the zoo

(Ashi: Jack.) What's wrong? (Ashi: Without Aku. I would have never existed.) (Ashi's body disappears completely, leaving only her wedding garb and Jack becomes devastated about losing Ashi.) No. (Jack mourns Ashi.) Ashi.
~ Samurai Jack gets heartbroken when Ashi is erased permanently, due to Jack killed Aku in the past.

(Palpatine: Lord Vader, can you hear me?) Yes master. Where is Padme? Is she safe? Is she alright? (Palpatine: It seems, in your anger, you killed her.) I? I couldn't have. She was alive. I felt it. (Vader gets out of his mat and becomes devastated that he killed his own wife.) NOOOO!!!
~ Darth Vader becomes heartbroken when he learned that he killed his wife, Padme in anger.

But Gohan, he can't be. He just can't.
~ Videl becomes heartbroken after hearing that Gohan is dead.

No! Don't you dare! (Steven Universe: I Love You.) No! Stop! (It's too late, the ship disappears.) STEVEN!
~ Connie Maheswaran gets heartbroken when Steven turns himself in to Aquamarine and Topaz and Connie believes that Steven is dead in the Steven Universe episode, "I Am My Mom".

(Penny Fitzgerald is heard laughing) (Nicole Watterson: Hey, isn't that the girl you like?) (Gumball Watterson: Mom, no!) (Nicole Watterson, walks over to Penny: Excuse me Penny, have you got a second?) Sure, but you guys will need to be quick. The Cheerleader tryouts are about to start. (Gumball Watterson: Mom... if you love me, please don't do this. (Nicole Watterson: Oh, come on Gummypuss, don't be shy. My baby has something to say to you. (Gumball Watterson, laughs nervously: No, I don't.) (Nicole Watterson: He'd like to take you out on a date.) (Gumball Watterson: That's not true.) (Nicole Watterson, whispering: He loves you.) (Penny is surprise) Really? (Gumball Watterson: NO I DON'T. I DON'T LOVE PENNY AND I NEVER WILL!) (Penny drops her food tray in shock and hurt) (Nicole Watterson: Gumball!) (Penny starts crying) Well, thanks for being honest with me. (walks away)
~ Penny Fitzgerald gets heartbroken, when she believes that Gumball Watterson hates her in the Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Meddler".

~ Dot becomes sad and heartbroken, when her sister Princess Atta banishes Flik and the Circus troupe, after they are exposed by P.T. Flea.

(Homer visits Eski Moe's and play Grand Theft Walrus.) Homer: Well, I guess live let her worry about me long enough. (Homer lifts home and discovers that the house is empty.) Homer: Marge? Kids? (Homer finds a video cassette with the text "Play me the VCR," and he do that. In the movie are Marge talking.) (Marge: Okay. here goes. Homer live always stood up for you. When people point out your flaws I always say: Well. sometimes you have to stand back to appreciate a work of art.) Homer: (laughs) Way back. (Marge: Lately. what's keeping us together is my ability to overlook everything you do. And I overlook these things because....) Homer: Because? (Marge: Well. that's the thing. I just don't know how to finish that sentence anymore. So I’m leaving with the kids to help Springfield and we're never coming back. And to prove to myself that this is the end I taped this over our wedding video. Goodbye. Homie.) (Homer looks at what is left of the wedding video.) (Marge: I love you.) (Homer leave the house.) Homer: Marge? Kids?
~ Homer sees his wife Marge on the television so she leaves Alaska with Bart, Lisa and Maggie to help Springfield but they never coming back so she taped this for the wedding video.

Carol Pewterschmidt: Thanks for coming to dinner, Lois. I know you have mixed feelings about this. I was worried you'd say no. (Mayor Adam West: Actually, I was worried you'd say "Beetlejuice" three times. 'Cause if you say "Beetlejuice" three times, then That was a close call.) (Lois Griffin: Oh, Carol. I would never miss any of your meet-the-fiancé dinners. This is the 10th one.) Carol Pewterschmidt: Oh, Lois. (Lois Griffin: Well, Carol, I'm just saying it's a big decision.) (Peter Griffin: Life is full of big decisions. Like deciding whether or not you're going to have time to masturbate.) (Lois Griffin: Peter, I'm gonna run and pick up Stewie. I'II be back in five or ten minutes.) (Peter Griffin: Well, which is it?) Carol Pewterschmidt: It's Iike I told you, Lois. This time it's different. Adam is the most kind and attentive man I've ever known. (Lois Griffin: Oh, that's interesting. 'Cause I remember you saying the same exact thing about Evan. Isn't that right, Evan?) (Evan: Yeah, yeah, I do remember her saying that about me.) Carol Pewterschmidt: Evan. What are you doing here? (Lois Griffin: I brought him.) (Peter Griffin: Lois, you didn't tell me you were bringing Evan here. We bonded over the Red Sox one time, and now he's got to bring it up every time I see him.) (Evan: How about those Red Sox, Peter?) (Peter Griffin: Yeah, how about 'em, Evan? They exist.) (Evan: How about Iast season, huh?) (Peter Griffin: Yep.) (Evan: How about next season?) (Peter Griffin: We'II see.) (Evan: I'm gonna hold you to that.) Carol Pewterschmidt: Look, I see what you're trying to do, Lois. (Lois Griffin: And then there was your second husband, Randall, who you called your soul mate.) (Peter Griffin: Oh, God, not that guy. He always comes bearing really inconvenient gifts.) (Randall: Hey, you guys. Peter, I brought you some saltwater tropical fish. Now, you got to feed them every two hours, and I fed them an hour ago.) (Peter Griffin: AII right. You got the food?) (Randall: No, I don't have the food. You get that at a tropical fish store.) (Peter Griffin: It's 9:30 at night.) (Randall: Well, you better get going.) (Peter Griffin: Son of a fuck!) (Lois Griffin: And then there was your third husband, Doggie Daddy, but you couldn't make it work 'cause he had that son from a previous marriage.) (Doggie Daddy: Hey, Carol.) Carol Pewterschmidt: Oh. Hey. (Doggie Daddy: Just want to Iet you know, Augie's all grown up now, out of the house. So You know Anyway, I'm around.) Carol Pewterschmidt: This is really insensitive of you, Lois. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to see my ex-husbands? (Lois Griffin: That's my point, Carol. This is the kind of pain I'm trying to spare you from experiencing all over again.) Carol Pewterschmidt: Why can't you just Iet me be happy with the man I Iove? (Lois Griffin: Carol, if you marry him, you're just gonna get hurt again. Is that what you want?) Carol Pewterschmidt: Well, no. (Lois Griffin: Look at these men. Are you psychologically able to deal with this pain a 10th time?) Carol Pewterschmidt: Oh, my God. Lois, you're right. Adam, I'm sorry. I can't marry you. (Mayor Adam West: What? But, Carol) Carol Pewterschmidt: I'm so sorry, Adam. (she sobbing and runs off now Mayor West sobbing too) (Mayor Adam West: I think you should go now, Lois.) (Lois Griffin: I can't. My husband took the car.)
~ Carol Pewterschmidt gets heartbroken she can’t married Mayor Adam West.