We scare, because we care.
~ Monsters Inc.'s slogan

These are monsters who fight on the side of good, being the opposite of villainous monsters such as Mechagodzilla.



Usually, Heroic Monsters are often misunderstood by humans, because they think that they are vicious man-eating creatures, so they avoid them because of this. But in actuality, they are very friendly and gentle and would never hurt anyone except out of rage and fear. Usually, there is always a human hero/heroine who realizes that the monster isn't really bad and tries to make the other people accept them for who they are. Sometimes they will even fight against evil monsters in order to protect the humans.

Examples of "friendly" monsters:

  • Gentle Giants: Monsters of exceptional size and strength, but without the intention of causing harm and/or destruction to anyone. Examples: Mothra, Insectosaurus, The Beast, James P. Sullivan, Sweetums, Ginormica, and King Kong.
  • Eye-Monsters: Some monsters either have more than two eyes or just one. Example: Mike Wazowski, Jumba Jookiba, B.O.B., Aragog and Eye Guy.
  • Dragons: Supernatural flying lizards of all shapes, sizes, colors and even elemental breath, which are misunderstood creatures that can be tamed and in some cases, they are even capable of human speech. Examples: Toothless, Spyro, Cynder, Dragon (Shrek) and Mushu.
  • Certain characters from Sesame Street: These "monsters" are naked furry creatures with wide eyes and an occasional nose. As seen in the case of Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover and Telly Monster.


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