Kick'n it Baaaby01:23

Kick'n it Baaaby

"I'm Darkwing Duck" is a rock n'roll song that was performed in the Darkwing Duck episode "Paraducks". It has the rhythm and music style of Elvis Presley and was sung by Darkwing Duck as he battle's the King and his goons.


There's nothing to fear 'cause Darkwing is here
The prince of the night, the duck of the year!

I am the terror that flaps in the night
The baddest of good, the champion of right!
I'm everywhere at once and nowhere at all.
You get in my way and you'll take a fall.
Before you fail, before you split,
I'd like to play my biggest hit

Oh yeah!

I never will rest till all the punks are in jail.
They're all scared of me,
There's not one I can't nail.
They never know where I'll strike,
They never know where I'll be.
I am the greatest from sea to sea.
I put an end to all their schemes and scams
'Cause I'm Darkwing Duck, that's who I am!

Don't mess with me, you worthless punk!
You stink like a skunk, your ship is sunk!
You run into me, you're plumb out of luck
'Cause now you're up against Darkwing Duck!
So don't you worry your pretty little head
'Cause I'm Darkwing Duck, that's what I said!

Take that!

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