Ariel sang

"I Remember" is a song feature in Disney The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning. It is sung by Ariel after she frightens an entire music sea club who were afraid that she would tell her father about them, Ariel shortly then remembers her mother.

Lyrics Edit

Under the bright blue endless sky

Wait, I remember that

How I know that song

I remember sitting in the moonlight and that feeling

What's that feeling?

I remember, yes,

How I know that song

Though it's been so long

I remember happiness with out a floor or ceiling

What's that feeling

I remember

La, la, la

Oh! I remember her, and how we were

I remember wanting with the evening, would be bringing

I remember singing under the bright blue endless sky

Waves try to measure the days that we treasure

And I, I remember... I remember music

And I'm never going back to the silent law they wrote

I will sing in every tempo, every last chromatic note

For I, I remember her

I remember music

And I remember LOVE


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