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Touma faces the fallen angel

The Invasion of Academy City or the 0930 Incident, is a major event in the A Certain Magical Index series. It was an event in which Vento of the Front of God's Right Seat and the Roman Orthodox Church sought to invade Academy City and destroy it. During this time. Aleister Crowley sends out his followers to do his dirty work and many of the major characters are forced into the conflict.


Following the Adriatic Sea Conflict when Touma Kamijou with the support of both Orsola Aquinas and Index Librorum Prohibitorum of Necessarius along with the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, had all taken on the Queen of the Adriatic Sea fleet and managed to destroy it before it could destroy Venice. In response to this however, the Roman Orthodox Church has Touma declared an enemy of god and sends in God's Right Seat to deal with him. During this time however, Accelerator is faced by Amata Kihara, his former mentor, and the Hound Dog organization as Last Order is kidnapped and he must find and save her.


Academy CityEdit



Hound DogEdit

  • Amata Kihara - Head Commander
  • Nancy - Squad Leader
  • Orson
  • Mike
  • Dennis
  • Vera
  • Hound Dog Operatives

Other CombatantsEdit

Roman Orthodox ChurchEdit

God's Right SeatEdit

  • Vento of the Front
  • Acqua of the Back
  • Terra of the Left

Invasion ForceEdit

  • Unknown Main Invasion Force
  • Roman Orthodox Magicians

Casualties & LossesEdit

Academy CityEdit

  • 3 Board Directors killed and 1 seriously injured but survived.
  • Countless civilians incapacitated by Vento's Divine Punishment.
  • Kuroko, Uiharu, and Aiho all incapacitated by Vento's Divine Punishment (eventuallly all of them wake up)
  • Numerous Anti-Skill Members incapacitated by Vento's Divine Punishment.
  • Numerous Judgment Members incapacitated by Vento's Divine Punishment.
  • Amata Kihara, Nancy, Dennis, Mike, Vera are all killed by Accelerator.
  • Numerous Hound Dog operatives killed by Accelerator.
  • Orson scewered by Accelerator.
  • Most of Academy City is left in ruins with 8 trillion Yen worth of damage.

Roman Orthodox ChurchEdit

  • Vento of the Front is defeated by Touma.
  • Main invasion force is wipped out.
  • Remaining Forces retreat.


  • Acqua of the Back rescues Vento and pulls out by orders of Fiamma of the Right.
  • Kazakiri and Index reunite.
  • Formation of GROUP.
  • Accelerator is contacted by and eventually joins GROUP.
  • Academy City and the Roman Orthodox Church prepare for war.
  • Russian Orthodox Church and the English Puritan Church agree to unite for the war.
  • Academy City's forces are depleated.
  • Beginning of the Skill-Out Uprising.
  • The Founders of Academy City's relationship strains.
  • BLOCK begins their plot to kill Aliester Crowley.


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