Jaw Drops

A Jaw Drop

So don't just sit there, slack-jawed, buggy-eyed...
~ Genie

Jaw Drops are the opposite of Heroic Comical Yells.

Types of Jaw Drops

Where a hero just drops his jaw in pure shock. While this often seen for comical purpose, this not always the case, as sometimes led to breakdown or other form of stress/dissappointment, especially in horror fictions. This can be triggered by following situations that extremely shocked them such as:

  • A character whom suddenly making an unexpected decisions, which often not something that they desire.
  • Sudden misfortunes which came to them almost without warning, which can be in form of enemy's ambushes, unexpected death, etc. (Eugene H. Krabs had his millionth dollar suddenly chomped away by giant clam where it supposedly safe or Armin was horrified by Eren's sacrifice for example).
  • Having oneself facing something that not they expected like an extremely beautiful/handsome figure, something that very big, etc.


  • Candace Flynn drops her jaw when her mother's car has been washed even her mother tells her to close her mouth in The Fast and the Phineas, and Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?



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