Heroes can be very jealous sometimes when it comes with his love interest or someone is trying to take over their place like stealing the show, etc.

Anywho, love can be hard if you don't get along at first until you realize that you in love or once you become famous or you were about to, then there's a new, better hero who's better than the old one which it hurt them and jealously.

Based on Heroic Flirts, Hero's Rage or Being Bullied

Reason why Heroes Are JealousEdit

  • flirting with their love interest
  • got replace with another hero
  • knowing that he/she is trying to make them jealous by saying rude thing, etc.
  • realize that their friends started to like the new hero than the old hero


(Stimpy: And the last one's for: me! Oh boy! I sure love reading fan mail, Ren. Don't you?) (Ren look at him sadly) Oh yeah, that's great. Great for you! Yeah sure! Everybody loves you! People always love the stupid one! But nobody ever loves the jerk! Everybody hates me! (Ren crying) (Stimpy, concerned: Now Ren, Nobody hates you.) Oh, COME ON! LET'S FACE THE TRUTH! YOU'VE BEEN CARRYING ME, I KNOW! I know that. It's you they love, but I need love too! I just wanna be loved and important like you! Is that so wrong? (Ren crying)
~ Ren jealousy, that Stimpy is more likeable than him.

(Buzz Lightyear: Say there, Lizard and Stretchy dog. Let me show you something. It looks as though I've been accepted into your culture. Your chief, Andy has inscribed his name on me.) (Buzz shows his right foot on the bottom reading "ANDY".) (Rex: Wow, with permanent ink too.) (Woody becomes mad and clinches his fists.) (Buzz Lightyear: Well, I must get back to repairing my ship.) (Woody looks at his boot reading the word "ANDY" and Bo Peep shows up.) (Bo Peep: Don't let it get to you, Woody.) Uh, let what? I don't. What do you mean? Who? (Bo Peep: I know Andy's excited about Buzz, but you know, he'll always have a special place for you.) (Mr. Potato Head is walking past them.) (Mr. Potato Head: Yeah, like the attic. Heh, Heh.) (Woody becomes fed up.) Alright, that's it! (Woody angrily marches up to confront Buzz.)
~ Woody gains jealously to Buzz Lightyear, that he is more popular than him to the other toys.

(As Jon is heard brushing his teeth, Odie leaps onto Jon's bed.) Hey, moondust, if I were you, I'd grab a nice piece of carpet. Jon doesn't let me sleep up top. Ever. (Jon enters) (Jon Arbuckle: Odie. You wanna sleep in the bed? Okay.) What?! (Garfield scowls as Jon tucks himself in beside Odie and rubs the dog's back.) (Jon Arbuckle: Hey, buddy. Good boy. Who's a good boy, huh? You wanna sleep in the bed tonight? [high voice] "Yes, I do! Yes, I do!") I think... I'm going to blow cat-chow chunks. (Jon Arbuckle: Good night, Odie. Good night, Garfield.) (Jon turns off the light.) Great. Wish me luck with the nightmares. (Garfield sulks as he goes to sleep.)
~ Garfield becoming increasingly jealous of Odie when Jon allows the dog to sleep in his bed with him (not helped by the fact that Jon never allows Garfield to do the same).