Jewel Pod
The Jewel Pod is a touch-screen like device used by the Jewelpets in Jewelpet Twinkle. Its actually be used as a magical device which transports a Jewelpet into the Human World through a magical portal. It can even send a human and the Jewelpet into Jewel Land using the same transportation, but only through a computer. It can also freeze time, making the Jewelpet and its human partner have a good time in Jewel Land until they return to Earth. Several features of the Jewel Pot can be activated by touching it like a touch screen phone, which came handy on browsing spells, using a radar to find it's human partner or another Jewelpet and stores magical items like the Rare Rare Drops and the Ble Ble Drops. In Jewelpet Sunshine, the Jewel Pod retains its usefulness as a magical item for the students of Sunshine Academy, even for Jewelpets. The Jewel Pod is used as a normal smartphone as well as casting magic. Also, the Jewel Pod can also become it's upgraded form, called the Jewel Pod Crystal, which allows the Jewelpets to do much powerful magic.


  • The Jewel Pod is based on Apple Inc's iphone.

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