Jewel Stick
The Jewel Stick is a magic wand and a rumored legendary weapon of Jewel Land that comes out only once every 1000 years when the Jewel Pocketbook and the Dark Jewel Pocketbook were combined together. It was once used by a legendary magician who restored Jewel Land torn by war using its magic. Because of its supreme power, misusing it would cause disasters if it falls into the hands of the wrong person. The stick chooses Rinko as its new user after it was unveiled in Episode 26 to save everyone from a volcanic eruption by summoning Opal, the legendary unicorn Jewelpet. Ruby, Garnet and Sappie also possessed the Jewel Stick only a smaller version with different colored ribbons to distinguish which Jewel Stick belongs to either the 3 main pets. When Rinko is using the Jewel Stick, she recites the words "Kirapi Karin" to cast magic and "Puri Puri Puririn Prism! Open, Jewel Heart Evolution!" to awaken a Jewelpet from their Jewel Charm state. Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie can also use the Jewel Stick to do magic or summon a Jewelpet in Jewel Land by saying "Puri Puru Puro Puru Puri Foni, -Name of the Jewelpet-, Jewel Return!". But this can only be done when Ruby, Garnet and Sapphy were together. Three forms of the Jewel Stick exist: One by Rinko, the ones wielded by Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie (With color coded ribbons on each) and another by Dian.

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