Kids Just Being Kids is a song sung in the episode School's Out: The Musical from The  Fairly OddParents.


Timmy: The bell rings, school’s gone
Time for 8 straight weeks of summer fun!

Chester: No shirts! No shoes!

Girls: Ew!

Francis: Beatin’ kids up any time I choose.

Veronica: The beach
The mall!

Sanjay: Family visit to the Taj Mahal!

Timmy: You can do the things that your parents forbid

Chester: Like streak!

Timmy: Summer’s not a bummer cause we’re

Kids: Kid’s just being kids!


Cosmo: It’s time!
It’s here!

Cosmo and Wand]: Our very fairy favorite time of year!

Wanda: No school!
Just play!

Cosmo: Granting wishes the entire day!

Wanda: Are you really sure that this is allowed?

Sanderson: We should help them be destructive and loud.

Kids: Cause we’re kids just being kids!
Running wild and running free!
Kids just being kids!

Chester: What can I TP?!

Kids: Kids just being kids!
Close your eyes and count to three.

Mom and Dad:There’s nowhere safe for you and me,
With those kids just being kids!


Mom:My house!
My yard!

Sanjay's Stepdad: Who bought these rockets with my credit card?!

Mr. Dinkleberg: My Porsche!

Mrs. Dinkleberg: My word!

Mr. Crocker: It’s not my problem ‘till September third!

The Mayor: My town!

Chompy: Baa!

Mayor: Quite something horrible is going down!

Adults: They can do the things that their parents forbid

Chester: Like streak!

Adults: They’ll kill themselves this summer
Cause they’re kids just being kids!


Kids just being kids!
Wrecking things and ruining stuff!
Kids just being kids!

Are you sure that this is enough?


Adults: Kids just being kids!
Taking risks, we must act tough!
And save our kids from all the stuff!
Taking risks, we must act tough!

And save our kids from all the stuff!

Gary: My ears!

Betty: My heart!

Gary: Something’s tearing
Our whole world apart

Cosmo: Have wish!

Wanda: We'll grant!

Cosmo & Wanda: There's nothing boring
That we can't enchant!

Head Pixie: My legs

Sanderson: We should have known

H.P.: They made us pedal all the way home

Timmy: Doing all the things we thought they'd forbid

Chester: Like speed!

Timmy: The summer's really funner
If we're kids just being kids

Kids: Kids just being kids
Running wild and running free
Kids just being kids
I think we all agree
Kids just being kids
Close your eyes and count to 3

Mom & Dad: With some control parentally

Timmy & Flappy Bob: Anywhere's the place to be

All: My friends and family next to me
With those/us kids just being...

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