King Triton's Trident

The Trident is a weapon that is featured in Disney's The Little Mermaid.


Triton inherited the Trident from his father, Poseidon. It is shown to have vast magical abilities, and serves as the personal weapon of King Triton. It's activated by the will of the user when its power is activated, it illuminates with a bright, shining golden glow and is heard to make a deep humming sound punctuated with high-pitched melodious tunes.


  • Energy Manipulation: It can fire destructive energy bolts. They must be fired however immediately upon the ready, or they will cause an energy built up and backfire on the user. The Trident is not capable of destroying or undoing Ursula's deal with Ariel.
  • Weather Control: Can summon rain storms.
  • Transformation: Can transform mermaids into humans.
  • Disintegration: It can disintegrate things the sea wall in the second film.
  • Aquakinesis: It can create a giant whirlpool with such force that it can raise sunken ships.