Sometimes love is cut off by something outside the character's control. Usually the audience will only hear the "I" while the "love you" is left unsaid. It might even be left unclear as to whether or not the statement is love at all.

The interruption might come from someone who's ruining the moment. In more serious instances, it might come from the character losing consciousness or dying. If two characters have had a lot of UST then this can be a good way for writers to taunt the fans.

Sometimes, it can lead to Jealousy, Confess their Feelings for Love, Love Denial or Just Friends or More than Just friends? like Childhood Friends Romance.



  • Rudolph and Zoey's love were interupted by Arrow unexpectdly.
  • Jason and Evelyn's love was interupted by Quincy Maroone who tricks them and their friends into rescuing their parents.
  • Tyler and Shelby's love were interrupted by Koda who asks them what are they doing.
  • Pocahontas and John Smith's love were interrupted by Kocoum unexpectedly, who was been sent by Nakoma. and proceed to Kill John Smith before being killed by Thomas who was sent to follow John Smith.
  • Bright Mac and Pear Butter a.k.a Buttercup was interrupted by their love when Mrs. Cake came with a gift for Pear Butter a cake.
  • Z and Bala lean in for a kiss, before they are rudely interrupted by the other insects around the fire, requesting Z to get more firewood.
  • Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker's love were interrupted by Emmett Brown who unexpectedly returns from the future.
  • Lighthing McQueen and Sally love were interrupted when Mater in a Dinoco helicopter was singing the kissing song.
  • Aladdin and Jasmine's love were interrupted by Razoul and his guards.
  • Robin Hood and Lady Marian's love were interrupted by Prince John.