I can't. (Mary Jane: You can't what?) Tell you everything, I mean. There's so much to tell. (Mary Jane: Yeah, there's so much to tell.) But I'm letting you know that I'll be always there for you and take care of you. I promise you that and I'll always be your friend. (Mary Jane: Only friends, Peter Parker?) That's all I have to give.
~ Peter hides his true feelings and tells Mary Jane that they can only be friends

Sometimes, we feel the strong need to keep our love secret from the object of our affection, for various reasons.

They could still be attached, they may consider us a "best friend" and we don't want to endanger it or maybe we just haven't come to terms with our feelings.

The attempts that we have already made were all suddenly interrupted. The fear of rejection is also a powerful deterrent to spilling your heart out.


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Coming Soon!

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