Lovely Commune

The Lovely Commune looks like a touch screen phone, which the girls use to transform into Pretty Cure, using Cure Lovie pieces.


Lovely Commune looks like a pink and white colored touch screen phone with a black screen. It has two pink buttons and one white button on it, and four hearts colored with theme colors of the Pretty Cures. The top of the Lovely Commune is different depending on the Mascot who has transformed into it. There is a spot where the Cure Lovie is placed, and the screen changes depending which Cure Lovie is placed on the Lovely Commune.


Lovely Commune is the transformation Device in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. Using Transformation Cure Lovie, by putting it on the top of the Lovely Commune, it transforms the girls. It can also hold the power of other Cure Lovie, creating different effects when using them on it.


  • The Lovely Commune is the third series that leads the fairy mascots to transform into Communes.
  • It is similar to Smile Pact, because different Cure Lovies can be placed on it and they create different effects, just like the Cure Decors can be placed on the Smile Pact and they make different effects.

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