Ma Belle Evangeline

"Ma Belle Evangeline" is a romance song featured in Disney's The Princess and the Frog. It is sung by Ray (Jim Cummings), and it is the love song for characters Tiana and Naveen as we see them become closer to one another during this song by dancing together and almost share a romantic kiss.

Lyrics Edit

Look how she lights up the sky

Ma Belle Evangeline

So far above me

Yet I...know her heart belongs to only me

Je t'adore

Je t'aime


You're my queen of the night,

So still, so bright.

That someone as beautiful as she

Could love someone like me

Love always finds a way it's true

And I love you, Evangeline

Ooh, yeah

(Trumpet Solo)


Love is beautiful

Love is wonderful

Love is you agree?

Mais oui

Look how she lights up the sky

I love you, Evangeline

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