Magic Wands

Rico using her Small Linkle Wand

The Magic Wands (魔法の杖 Mahō no Tsue) are the wands that the students of Magic School use to perform spells. Before saying any spell, every magic user must say the phrase Cure Up・RaPaPa!.


Whenever someone is born within the Magic World, one of the Wand Trees sprouts a Magic Wand that is sent to them. So far, the only person not born there who has received one is Asahina Mirai, who is from No Magic World. Hers was born out of her desire to help Riko.


Every wand has a silver handle with four diamond shaped emblems on it. Each wand has a different head, with two wands shown so far to have a crystal heart and a crystal star head.


The Magic Wands are used by the students of Magic School to perform magic spells. These wands can be inserted in the Linkle Stick to perform attacks used by the Pretty Cure.

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