Right Choice of Love

Boy, it's really tough for the main protagonist or heroines when they're falling in love which its good thing. But the bad thing is they don't want their love interest in danger no matter what.

That's why they are protecting them from the villains, so they can be safe no matter how much he/she love him/her.

So is the right choice or wrong choice to protect their love interest?

Reason Why Heroes do thatEdit

  • protecting them for their safety by their arch enemies
  • worried that their love interest will ask him or her some question why he/she always late or busy with something else than spending time with them
  • scared that their love interest won't accept him or her about who they truly are
  • lies that they don't love them because he or she is afraid to tell them the real truth about their secret identity

Examples HeroesEdit

  • Spider-Man always love his love interest Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy, but he's worried that if they'll get hurt that he won't forgive himself
  • Superman love Lois Lane, but is really worried about her safety.
  • Sonic admit that he does care about Amy Rose or Sally Acorn, but is worried that Dr. Eggman will find his weakness if he know that Sonic is in love with Amy or Sally. That's why he's avoid Amy so much by protecting her

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