Mask of Creation
The Mask of Creation is a legendary Great Mask of Okoto. It was also once worn by Ekimu, a famous Mask Maker in Okoto. Following the brief struggle between him and his brother Makuta, the Mask of Creation was now relocated in the wilds in Okoto.


The Mask of Creation was created long ago, and is said to be made of raw magic and solid gold. The mask was worn by Ekimu, one of the Mask Makers, who forged the highest quality masks for the denizens of Okoto.

Jealous of Ekimu's popularity, Makuta donned his newest creation, the Mask of Ultimate Power, and the planet began to crumble. Ekimu realized what Makuta had done, and knocked the mask away from his face. This caused a shockwave that sent both of them into a deep sleep, and the Mask of Creation was lost within the wilderness in Okoto.

Known WearersEdit

  • Ekimu (currently)
  • Kulta the Skull Grinder (temporarily)
  • Teridax (temporarily)


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