The Mask of Drake DuCaine is a an artifact from Puckworld's ancient past.


Drake DuCaine created the Mask, a bio-mechanical cybernetic interface device, with the power to penetrate the Saurians dark magic and cloaking technology. DuCaine was eventually able to locate the Overlords and, with the help of his fellow ducks, imprison the evil creatures in dimensional limbo.


The legendary Mask, gives the wearer computer-enhanced vision and an intimidating appearance. Also, only a duck can wear the mask and use it's powers. Anyone else who tries is stunned by a surge of electricity.

Known WearersEdit

  • Drake DuCaine (creator)
  • Canard Thunderbeak
  • Wildwing Flashblade
  • Duke L'Orange (temporary)
  • Mallory McMallard (temporary)
  • Tanya Vanderflock (temporary)
  • Check "Grin" Hardwing (temporary)
  • Nosedive Flashblade (temporary)


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