Milky mirror
The Milky Mirror is an item granted to Milky Rose by Natts when he uses the power of the Palmier crown. It is produced from the Milky Note's monitor when the blue and pink sliding buttons collide. When using the Milky Mirror, Milky Rose becomes able to perform the upgraded version of Blizzard, Metal Blizzard.


The Milky Mirror has a silver pinwheel with different colored roses (violet, red, purple, magenta, yellow, green, white, and light blue) on it. On the top, there's a blue rose, and it also has a white frame. The handle is lavender and has magenta stripes criss-crossing at the top with a blue rose at the center. Both sides of the handle has three white feather-like designs. If the pinwheel hits violet in the frame, it will be able to perform Metal Blizzard.

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