Moonlight Castle
Moonlight Castle is the castle of the Alucard family. It serves as the location of the stages Halloween, Moonlight Castle -Halloween-, and Requiem.

The Halloween and Moonlight Castle versions are almost identical; the moon is white in Halloween, while it is blood-red in Moonlight Castle. Also, the silhouettes on the gravestones to the right are different. These stages are located in the castle's rose garden. If a character runs through the garden, rose petals will be blown around.

Requiem is very different, and appears to depict Moonlight Castle in ruin. The roses become white, and the gravestones are cracked and lack silhouettes. It is unknown what causes this change.


  • Requiem is the only stage to be devoted to a character rivalry. If Ragna and Rachel are selected by the players and the stage is set to "Auto", the result will always be Requiem.

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