A serious alternative to Heroic Comical Yells, there comes a time when the hero or heroine lets out muffled cries. This is common when screaming into a pillow out of anger, or trying to cry out through an antagonist's hand or a gag, usually to cry for help or yell at the antagonist. When a hero or heroine releases muffled cries, this could be an implication of the hero's distress. While some muffled cries can be silly, mostly they're serious, frightening and heart-wrenching, especially when the heroine is in some kind of peril.

Examples Edit

  • Cacofonix bounded and gagged by Gauls because by his bad song.
  • Eggs whimpers behind his gag as Archibald Snatcher and his goons lower him towards a furnace.
  • Principal Prickly lets out muffled shouts after TJ is tossed into the storage room with him.
  • Angie yells at Oscar behind her gag.
  • Aladdin lets out muffled cries after Jafar and the palace guards capture him and throw him into the sea.
  • Jane lets out muffled cries through her mouth gag after Captain Hook and his crew kidnap her, thinking she's her mother.
  • Rapunzel tries to yell a warning to Flynn behind her mouth gag after the evil Mother Gothel captures her.
  • Nani and Lilo screams into a pillow after fighting.
  • Eva Nine screams into a pillow after arguing with Muthr.
  • Vorb lets out muffled yells when Rex swallows him with a box of Brain Grain cereal.
  • Marion Ravenwood shouts behind her mouth gag when Indiana Jones steps in to rescue her.
  • Zoe, Seth and Lulu Plummer let out muffled screams behind their gags when Captain Bill Fawcett and the Chuns tie them up and hold their mother Julie captive.
  • Bob and Stuart let out muffled screams behind their gags when Scarlett Overkill ties them to boxes and bunches of TNT.
  • Penfold lets out his muffled groans behind his gag when he is bound inside Baron Greenback's travel machine.
  • Rabbit and Tigger let out muffled yells when they get stuck in both sides of a hollow log, trying to escape a "heffalump."
  • Allelujah Haptism try to call Marie Parfacy(as. Soma Peries) when he being imprisoned with being muzzled and put on Straitjacket
  • Mater tries to warn Lightning McQueen, but then he was captured by Professor Zundapp and the Lemon cars.

Quotes Edit

(Mater has to go warn his friend McQueen) Coming through! Lemme through! Lemme through! You gotta let me in! I gotta get through to warn McQueen! (Italian Security #1: You cannot come through here. Back up, signore.) (Italian Security #2: (into a walkie-talkie) We have a lunatic at Gate Nove.) No, listen! I was disguised as a tow truck to infiltrate this Lemonhead meeting and my weapons system misinterperated what I was (Italian Security #2: I repeat. Lunatic at Gate Nove.) McQueen! McQueen! (Press Liaison: Right this way, signore.) McQueen! (Lightning McQueen: (hears Mater's voice) Mater?) McQueen! (Italian Security #1: Back up, sir. Stop moving! Stop! Oy! Stop! Ferma li!) McQueen! (Lightning McQueen: That really sounded like Mater. Mater?) (Press Liaison: Signore...) McQueen, they're gonna kill you!! (Lightning McQueen: Excuse me.) (Press Liaison: No, no, where are you going? Please, Mr. McQueen!) (Lightning McQueen: Scusi. Mater! Scusi... Mater, I'm so glad to see you. I'm so sorr ---) (Ivan: Lightning McQueen! I am a huge fan.) (Lightning McQueen: (confused) Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I heard---) (Ivan: Yes, but that was me. I said, "You killed out there today." You're the best.) (Lightning McQueen: What? Oh. I mean, thanks.) (Press Liaison: Right this way, signore ---) (Lightning McQueen: I really thought I heard my friend.) (Ivan: In England you'll be finished. At the finish line.) (Lightning McQueen: Wait, what?) (Press Liaison: Please, the world press is waiting. You come with me, please.) (Now Mater has being captured by Lemon cars and they put him in the truck) Let me go! (Professor Zundapp: (to Mater) You actually care about that race car. A pity you didn't warn him in time.) (they shut the door put him some gas)
~ Mater gotta to warn Lightning McQueen but then he's being captured by Professor Z's minions.

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