Natts House
Natts House is an accessory shop owned by Natts. It is also the home base for the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Cures.The accessories are made by Natts and Rin.

First debut was in Episode 7 in Yes! Pretty Cure 5, when the Cures were trying to find a homebase. It was like a old shop and Natts cleaned it up like new. Karen said it was too small, but Rin said it was bigger than her house. Likely irony, Karen actually owns it and gave the rights to Natts. It has rooms upstairs of the store and became the home of the mascots.

The shop had no costumers and tried to advertise but it did not work. Because of Natts looks, Mika coincidently met him and put a article about him and his shop and girls came to see him and buy his accessories. Later in the end of the series, it closes down, but in the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! , a new one opened near a lake, similar to the Original but it had a warehouse, sun roof, bigger and much newer and became the new home for the mascots. It is still opened even after the series.

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