Occult Research Club
The Occult Research Club of Kuoh Academy is the main base for Rias Gremory and her peerage.


The name of the club itself is a misnomer, as it is used as a front for Rias' "family" (her servants), and other supernatural individuals who appear later in the series, in order to get out of school activities in case of an emergency, such as having to hunt down a Stray Devil or to destroy a Fallen Angel.

All members of the "club" use it as an excuse to exit the lesson; however, Issei is usually taken out of activities by Yuuto, as he is the only club member in his class besides Asia

The "club" also serves as a cover for the Devils. The abandoned dormitory was secured through the school's resources and is used as a base that prevents scrutiny from other students.

In Volume 8, it is shown that there is some truth to the name, as in order to remain in a human school, Rias must still fulfill her Devil school requirements, which includes the study and research of Youkai and other supernatural creatures in the area.



The club room interior is a wood-paneled room with Victorian-style coaches and chairs along the walls. One side is set up to be able to be used as a bath, and a large Gremory Family magic circle is also there to allow teleportation to and from clients.


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