The Orbble Juice is the juice that Wander and Sylvia use to travel through the WOY Universe. It is kept in a small jar with a looped wand inside that looks remarkably like a soap bubble. When the wand is taken out of the jar and moved rapidly, forms a bubble. This can be done on a planet or in space. The orbble bubble expands to hold one or more people and is typically large enough so that passengers can stand upright but can be easily destroyed by any sharp objects. To move and steer an orbble, the passengers only need to walk or run inside it. The faster the passenger runs, the faster the orbble moves.

The orbble juice is obtained from the Orbble Pump, a machine designed so that when used, it refills Orbble Juice. However, the process takes an absurdly long time. It looks like a complex pump machine. But, when Wander & Sylvia arrive at an abandon orbble station there are two pumps looking more simple and less of a wait; one on the left is regular, the second is Time orbble to take the user through their own timeline.


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