Come and get me, you old codfish!
~ Peter Pan

Sometimes, the hero doesn't have to stand up against the enemy. The main protagonist can outsmart or trick the antagonist during an escape or to save someone, usually leading the enemy into a booby trap.

Other known methods that heroes use to outsmart the enemy also includes pretending to betray their own allies to the Big Bad, in which turned out simply as ruse to enable their allies to swiftly defeat the said Big Bad in the end. However, this method not always effective as not only there's a chance that said enemies could see through this scheme, but also their allies still irritated due to also being tricked or worse, this plan ended up backfires if things went wrong.


  • Robin Hood outwits Prince John many times in the film.
  • Darkwing Duck, Launchpad and Gosalyn manage to lure three evil energy beings to the magnet with negative polarities (with Megavolt's assistance).
  • Wolverine can smell Mystique's body scent and stabbed her in the stomach with his claws, which causes her to revert back to her true form.
  • Bart Simpson outwits his arch-nemesis Sideshow Bob, by asking him sing the whole entire score of the H.M.S. Pinafore to buy some time before arriving to Springfield via boathouse which will stall him long enough until the police arrive.
  • Jerry the Mouse outwits his cat nemesis Tom the Cat many times.
  • Roy Eberhardt tricks Dana Matherson into chasing him and falling into Curly Brannit's trap.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog and his pal Tails outwit Scratch and Grounder in every episode via disguises and tricks. They even outwit the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik himself
  • Marty McFly escapes from Biff Tannen and his gang, leading them to crash their car into a manure truck.
  • Kevin McCallister constantly outwits Harry and Marv.
  • Aladdin tricks Jafar by persuading him to become a genie, then bottles him up in a lamp.
  • Flik lures Hopper to the sparrow's nest allowing the wicked grasshopper to be devoured by her chicks.
  • Darkwing Duck outwits his enemies, Negaduck, Steelbeak, Megavolt, Phineas Sharp, Major Synapse, Liquidator, etc.
  • Martin Fisherman and Riley Flemming outwit Derek Krumholtz's two nasty henchmen, Albert and Tyrone by going on a wild cart ride down the sidewalk like a roller coaster, losing them.
  • Gunther Gibson, Seth Wilson, Thomas McCallister, Drake Wilson, Josh McCallister and Harper Weiss outwit Maroone and his henchmen while on their way to free Jason Johnston and Evelyn Ross from the small island.
  • Alex tricks Makunga by handing him Nana's purse, then unleashing the old lady to attack him.
  • Eddie Plant tells Sam Brenner and Ludlow Lamonsoff to split up while Eddie stays with Pac-Man in order to trap him so he doesn't escape.
  • Max Lawson and Sarah Wilson outsmarting Leonard Dekkom's mercenaries in a dangerous car chase across Orlando to protect President Palma.
  • Coraline outsmarts The Beldam by opening the door for her, throws the cat at her, which causes her to lose her eyes and escape.
  • Beethoven knocks Regina and Floyd over the cliff into a pool of mud then into the river in retaliation after Floyd threatens to drop one of the puppies into the river and pokes George Newton in the chest with a stick.
  • Supergirl used her own vulnerability against Reign by unexpectedly injecting kryptonite as she didn't see it coming.
  • The animals outsmart and foil Cruella De Vil & her men and rescue dalmatian puppies in 1996 film.


(Mystique disguised as Storm walks in) (Mystique as Storm: - Logan, is that you?) - Sssh! (Wolverine Sniffing) The other one ain't far away. (Mystique as Storm: - Come on. We have to regroup.) - I know, but there's a problem. (Wolverine stabbing Mystique in the stomach with his claws) You're not part of the group. (Wolverine removing his claws before Mystique reverts back to her real form and falls to the ground)
~ Wolverine outsmarting Mystique's disguise

Come and get us, fathead!
~ Colleen Barker to Bugsy Them when she and Ace Yu trick him into wasting his bullets.

Oh, Mr. Cat, there's a present for you. (Cat soldier #1 opens a present to reveal a doll made out of explosives, and he begins embracing it) (Cat soldier #1: Just what I always wanted.) (Later on) (Cat Soldier #2: Isn't that a bomb?) (Other cat soldiers: A BOMB?!!!) (Suddenly, the bomb doll explodes in the cat soldier's face)
~ La Petite Ballerina outsmarting one of the alley cats (which doesn't have enough of an effect)

(Snake Jafar binds Aladdin with his coils preparing to strike) (Jafar [laughs evilly]: You little fool! You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on Earth!) (Iago: Squeeze him, Jafar! Squeeze him like a--(Genie elbows him away) AWK!) (Jafar: Without the Genie,'re nothing!) (Aladdin has an idea) The Genie? The Genie? The Genie has more power than you'll EVER have. (Jafar: What?!) He GAVE you your power, he can TAKE it away! (Genie: Al, why are you bringing me into this?) Face it, Jafar! You're still just...second best! (Jafar: You're right! His power does exceed my own! But not for long!) (Jafar circles around Genie) (Genie: The boy's crazy. He's a little punch drunk. One too many hits with the snake (Jafar: Slave, I make my third wish! I wish to be... AN ALL POWERFUL GENIE!!) (Genie, reluctantly: All right, your wish is my command. Way to go, Al.) (Genie hesitantly zaps Jafar; Jafar's snake form dissipates and transform into a gigantic red genie; Aladdin finally breaks the giant hour glass to save Jasmine) (Jafar: Yes...the power! The absolute...'POWER!!!') (Jasmine: What have you done?!) Trust me! (Jafar: The universe is MINE to command! To CONTROL!) Not so fast, Jafar! Aren't you forgetting something? (Jafar: Huh?) You wanted to be a genie, you got it! (Shackles appear on Jafar's wrists) (Jafar: WHAT?!) (Aladdin pulls out a black lamp that sucks Jafar back in) And everything that goes with it! (Jafar: No! NOOO!!!) (Iago: I'm gettin' outta here! Come on, you're the genie, I don't wanna be a gen--) (Iago gets sucked into the lamp with Jafar) Phenomenal cosmic powers! Itty bitty living space.
~ Aladdin tricking Jafar into wishing himself as a genie, therefore trapping the evil sorcerer/genie into a lamp.

You want the book? (Mulgarath: Yeah.) Go get it!
~ Jared Grace tricking Mulgarath

From now on, you must take good care of your toys, because if you don't, we'll find out, Sid. We toys can see everything... So play nice!
~ Woody outsmarting Sid to save Buzz Lightyear.

(Ratigan knocks Basil seemingly falling to his death) (Ratigan: I've won!! [evil laugh]) On the contrary....(Basil is hanging by Ratigan's damaged blimp)...the games' not over yet! (Rings Ratigan's bell. Big Ben strikes 10 o'clock and chimes loudly causing Ratigan to lose his balance and plummet to his death)
~ Basil outsmarting Ratigan by summoning Big Ben to ring, sending Ratigan plummeting to his death.

(Carrigan Crittenden: Any other takers?) Casper: No. But aren't you forgetting something? (Carrigan Crittenden: What?) Casper: Your unfinished business. (Carrigan Crittenden: My what?) Kat Harvey: You know. Unfinished business. All ghosts have unfinished business. That's why they don't cross over. (Carrigan Crittenden: Unfinished business? I have no unfinished business! I have my treasure, my mansion, I have everything! I'm just perfect! [laughs wickedly until suddenly lights begin to shine around her] Wait! I lied! I have unfinished business! Lots of unfinished business! I..I'm not ready to cross over yet! Wait, you tricked me you rotten little rats! AAAAHHH!!! [crosses over in an explosion and disappears into nothingness])
~ Casper and Kat outsmarting Carrigan as they trick her into crossing over to the afterlife after saying ghosts have unfinished business.

(Sideshow Bob: Well Bart, any last requests?) (Sideshow Bob draws closer to to Bart) Well, there is one, but...(Bart looks at the sign that reads, Springfield, 15 miles,) nah. (Sideshow Bob: No, go on.) You have such a beautiful voice. (Sideshow Bob: Guilty as charged.) Anyway, I was wondering if you could sing the entire score of the H.M.S. pinafore. (Sideshow Bob: Very well, Bart, I shall send you to Heaven, before I send you to Hell.) (Bob yanks Bart over to the side for him to watch him perform) (Bob: ...and a two, and three and...) (Bob: (singing)...We sail the ocean blue, and a saucy ship's a beauty...we're sober men and true, And attentive to our duty...) (We see Bart in a chair with a program in his hands) (Bob: (singing) I'm called Little Buttercup — poor Little Buttercup, though I could never tell why...) (Bart is seen munching a handful of popcorn) (Bob: (singing) What, never? No, never! What, never?) (Bart and Bob: (singing) Hardly ever! He's hardly ever sick at sea!) (Sideshow Bob: For he himself has said it, And it's clearly to his credit, That he is an Englishman! He remains an Englishman!) Bart claps his hands, but recoils in fear) (Sideshow Bob: And now the final curtain.) (Sideshow Bob draws out his machete and prepares to strike, but he is stopped when the boat shakes, sending the villain over to the bow of the boat where he sees three policemen in robes, pointing guns at him.) (Chief Wiggum: Hold it right there, Sideshow Bob! You're under arrest!) (Sideshow Bob: BY LUCIFER'S BEARD!)
~ Bart Simpson outwits Sideshow Bob by getting him to perform the entire score of the H.M.S. Pinafore to stall him long enough until the boat arrives back in Springfield for the police to arrest Sideshow Bob

(Van Pelt, cornering Alan: End of the line, Sonny Jim. Game's up. Start running.) (Alan pauses)...No. (Van Pelt: Aren't you afraid?) I'm terrified. But my father says you should always face what you're afraid of. (Van Pelt, chuckling: ...Good lad. You're finally acting like a man. Any last words?) [Alan looks down and notices his game piece moving to the end of the board, after which the word "Jumanji" appears.]...Jumanji. (Van Pelt: Huh?) JUMANJI! (Van Pelt gets sucked back into the game while everything returns to normal)
~ Alan Parrish outsmarting Van Pelt by finishing the game and causing Van Pelt and all the jungles of Jumanji to be sucked back into the game

(Atta snatches Flik from Hopper's grasp; the mad grasshopper growls and pursues them) Go that way! (Princess Atta: But the anthill's over--) I got an idea! (Atta veers to the left and changes course; Hopper closes in on them roaring maniacally; after a brief chase, a raindrop falls on him, making him lose the duo) (Flik points somewhere near the bank) There! (A raindrop falls on them then towards the ground) C'mon! We gotta hide! No matter what happens, stay down! (Princess Atta: Flik, no! What are you doing?!) (Flik runs back into the open, when suddenly, Hopper lands right in front of him!) Hopper! (Hopper, advancing on him: You think it's over?!) No! No! I-I can explain! (Hopper: All your little stunt did was buy them time!) No! Please! Please, Hopper! (Hopper, grabbing Flik's throat: I'll get more grasshoppers and be back next season! But you won't!) (Suddenly, the sparrow looms over them) (Hopper, smirking: Well, what's this? Another one of your little bird tricks?) Yep! (Hopper: Are there a bunch of little girls in this one, too? Hello, girls!) (The bird shrieks at him; Hopper screams in terror and tries to run away, but the bird grabs him with her beak. Flik hides behind the rock with Atta. The bird holds a squirming and screaming Hopper in its beak. He's lowered into a nest that contains three hungry chicks as Flik and Atta shield their eyes from the gruesome sight.)
~ Flik luring Hopper into the sparrow's nest, allowing the evil grasshopper to be devoured by her chicks.

(Riddler about the press the button that will lead to Robin and Chase's death) Wait! (Riddler turned to Batman) I have a riddle for you. (Riddler: For me? Really?) (Riddler twirl his cane: Tell me.) (Riddler sat down in his chair) I see without seeing. To me darkness is as clear as daylight. (Batman took out his giant batarang) What am I? (Riddler: Please you're as blind as a bat.) Exactly. (Batman blinded his eyes and threw the batarang that contains the energy of people's mind and destroyed it) (Riddler: NO!) (Two-Face, Sugar and Spice ran away as the chaos tumbling down on them which is destroying Riddler's base leaving Riddler as he is losing the Gotham's brainwaves inside his mind)
~ Batman outsmarting Riddler by throwing the his batarang at the energy the contained all the brainwaves of Gotham which cause Riddler to lose them inside his mind

(Creedy: Die! DIE! Why won't you die!? (his gun clicks empty) Why won't you die?) Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea, Mr Creedy. And ideas are bulletproof. (grabs Creedy by the neck, and then snaps it.)
~ V defeating Party Leader Creedy

(Alex and Zuba have brought back the water to the savannah; Makunga shoves his way across the cheering crowd) (Makunga: Out of my way! Well, well, well. You know, Zuba, if I remember correctly, you quit the pride. And you were kicked out. So, don't think for an instant that this changes anything.) You're right. In fact, we humbly present you with this token of appreciation. (pulls out Nana's purse) It's a man-bag. Very popular where I come from. (Makunga [taking the purse]: I-I don't know what to say.) You can still be tough and carry your stuff. (Makunga: Does the strap adjust? [places the strap on his shoulder] Yes... I think this'll go very nicely when I go out hiking. But I'm afraid you're still banished.) We figured you'd say that. (Zuba tips the tin barrel, unleashing Nana from it; Nana sees Makunga with her purse and gasps.) (Nana: My handbag! You bad kitty!) (Nana attacks Makunga as she kicks him in the crotch, stomps on his foot, whacks his paw with a ruler, wet-willies, arm-burns and spanks him, before dragging him away by the ear, as the other animals cheer happily.)
~ Alex tricking Makunga into taking Nana's purse, then unleashing the old lady to attack him.

(Nigel lunges at Blu grabbing his neck in his talons) (Jewel, charging: LET HIM GO!) (Nigel knocks Jewel aside, causing a cage to fall on her wing.) Jewel! (Jewel: Ow! My wing!) (Nigel: Oh, pity! Now we have TWO useless, flightless birds!) (Nigel cackles; Blu notices a fire extinguisher rolling towards him and Nigel. He hooks the bungee around Nigel's leg.) (Nigel: Huh?) Not cool, man! Not cool! (Pulls the pin, causing Nigel to be dragged out of the plane by the rocketing canister)
~ Blu attaching Nigel's leg to a fire extinguisher, then sets it off, sending the evil cockatoo rocketing out of the plane

(Sulley places Boo in her bed; Waternoose suddenly enters.) (Waternoose: This has gone far enough, James!) Sulley: She's home now! Just leave her alone! (Waternoose: I can't do that! She's seen too much! You BOTH have!) Sulley (trying to reason with him): It doesn't have to be this way! (Waternoose: I have no choice! Times have changed! Scaring isn't enough anymore!) Sulley: But kidnapping children?! (Waternoose: I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die! And I'll silence anyone who gets in my way!) (knocks Sulley aside and lunges at Boo, only to find the simulation child instead; the walls come up with Mike and the CDA behind the monitors; They are in the simulation room) Mike: Well, I dunno about the rest of you guys, but I spotted several big mistakes. (Waternoose, confused: B-but...H-How'd you--) Mike: You know what? Let's watch my favorite part again, shall we? (Waternoose [on tape repeatedly]: I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die--I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die!) (CDA Agent: I'll get him. All right, come with us, sir. [grabs Warternoose by the arm) (Waternoose, as the CDA drags him away: What-what are you doing? Get your hands off me! You can't arrest me! I hope you're happy, Sullivan! You destroyed this company! MONSTERS, INC IS DEAD! Where will everyone get their screams now?! The energy crisis will only get worse, BECAUSE OF YOU! (The door slams as Waternoose is forced out of the room)
~ Mike and Sulley tricking Waternoose into exposing his plot, making the CDA turn on Waternoose and arrest him.

(Ellie: We need to get outta here!) (She and Peaches run off to the next ship) Go, go! I'm right behind you! (Gutt: [grabbing Manny's tusks] No! I'm right behind you!) (Peaches: Dad!) (A huge chunk of the rock wall falls into the sea and launches a landmass upward that splits the iceberg ship in half, lifting Manny and Gutt hundreds of feet high.) (Peaches: No!) (Gutt continues holding Manny by his tusks) (Gutt: There's nowhere to run, Manny!) (Gutt flings Manny by his tusks. As the ice hunk they fight on slides toward the sea, Gutt attacks with his bone sword. Manny defends himself with his tusks and a spear held in his trunk.) (Gutt: You know, this ocean isn't big enough for the both of us!) (Gutt knocks the spear out of Manny's trunk and swings his sword at the mammoth, barely missing his eye.) Don't worry! You won't take up much space once I FLATTEN YOU! (Manny tries to stomp on Gutt, but the pirate grabs his foot and pushes him off. Manny charges, but Gutt leaps up and swings from vines overhead, then leaps down and kicks Manny to the edge of the ice mass. Manny eyes the nearing sea. Then he turns back to Gutt as the fiendish pirate grabs a heavy log to finish him off.) (Gutt: Told ya, tubby! You shouldn't have messed with the Master of the Seas!) You know, sometimes, it pays to weigh 11 TONS! (Manny jumps on onto the very back of the ice, catapulting Gutt into the air.) (Gutt: NO!) (Manny catches the log) Bon voyage, monkey boy! (Manny bats Gutt towards the rock wall, sending the evil ape flying far, far away into the distance)
~ Manny outsmarting Captain Gutt, by catapulting him into the air, then whacking him with a log, sending the evil ape flying into the distance

(After a brief fight, Capn Fawcett gets back on his feet and aims his pistol at Shane) (Captain Bill Fawcett: Any last words, Shane?) Say goodnight, Peter Panda. (Shane's voice activates the vault behind Fawcett; the vault door strikes Fawcett on the back of the head, and he falls to the floor, unconscious)
~ Shane Wolfe outsmarting Captain Fawcett by saying the password for the vault behind Fawcett, opening the vault door which strikes Fawcett on the back of the head, sending him to the floor, unconscious.

(Jill sees Joe's shadow behind a tent) Joe! (Suddenly, a gun cocks and points in her face. It's Strasser, holding the gun, intent to kill her!) (Andrei Strasser: Goodbye, Jill. Meet your mother... in Hell. (Jill sees Joe emerging behind Strasser and smiles slyly.) Goodbye. (Strasser looks behind him to see Joe towering over him. Joe grabs Strasser and roars in the evil poacher's face, before flinging him onto some electrical wires over a transformer. Short two fingers on the hand holding the wire, Strasser's grip fails and he falls into the transformer, electrocuting him to death and leaving only his half-glove hanging from the wiring.)
~ Jill Young facing Andrei Strasser as he aims his gun at her, but before he can shoot her, Joe grabs him and roars in Strasser's face before flinging him into a transformer, electrocuting him to death

(Thrax attacks Ozzy as both are on Shane's false eyelash) (Thrax: Can you feel the heat, Jones? Too bad you won't be here to see me break my record, when I take down Frank's pretty little girl!) She ain't goin' down! (Thrax notices his claw is stuck on the false eyelash) You are! (Thrax: What?) (Thrax tries pulling his claw out of the falsie, but it's no good. Ozzy escapes just as the falsie falls out of Shane's eye and into a bottle of rubbing alcohol which dissolves Thrax, destroying him once and for all)
~ Osmosis Jones outsmarting Thrax by tricking him to clawing himself onto Shane's false eyelash, allowing the vile virus to fall to his death into a bottle of rubbing alcohol

So you admit you stole my story? (Marty Wolf: Yeah, I stole your story, whoop-de-doodle-do! Ya happy now? I STOLE JASON SHEPHERD'S PAPER, AND TURNED IT INTO BIG FAT LIAR! You know who's listening, pal, hmm? No one. And they never will. So for the last time give it up! Because I will never, ever, ever-- like never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever-- infinity-- tell the truth!) [blows a raspberry] 'Cause the truth's overrated, right? (Marty Wolf: That's right!) (Suddenly, a director yells AND CUT!) (Wolf sees multiple cameras who have recorded his confession) (Dusty the director rises from the chair) (Dusty Wong: I told you, Wolf. The only way to shoot this scene is from 12 different camera angles, with birds flying around. By the by, Confucius say, "Kastang! You're busted!" Rock and Roll, baby!) (Wolf runs to the edge of the building to see the whole film crew and press below him) (Joscelyn Davis: It's just like you wanted, Wolf. The press is all here!) (Wolf looks at his former assistant Monty Kirkham, ex-cheuffer Frank Jackson, Kaylee, and Jason's parents along with his boss and CEO Marcus Duncan, who is outraged by his plagiarism and Wolf nervously bites his lip) (Marcus Duncan, disgusted of what Marty has said: You stole the idea for this movie from a 13-year-old boy?) (Marty Wolf, nervously: He-he's 14.) (Marcus Duncan: This is the end of the line, Wolf. It's over.) (Wolf growls and turns back to Jason) Wolf, I wanna say thanks. You taught me a valuable lesson. The's not overrated. (Wolf starts laughing, then becomes enraged) (Marty Wolf: I am gonna...GET YOU, SHEPHERD!!!!) (Wolf chases Jason, who jumps off the building and lands safely on a stunt cushion, where his parents embrace him) (Harry Shepherd: You did all of this just to prove you weren't lying?) I wanted to earn your trust back Dad. (Harry Shepherd: Hey, you earned it buddy. You earned it.) (Jason and Harry hug together and Wolf still stands on the top of the building) (Marty Wolf: Hey! We got a movie to shoot. Huh? C'mon! Let's make some magic! The human hit factory is ready to roll! ) (Harry Shepherd: Let's go home.) (The crowd begins to leave.) (Marty Wolf: Hey, where do you think you're goin'? YOU CANNOT TURN YOUR BACKS ON ME! I'M MARTY WOLF! All right, fine! Fine! YOU'RE ALL FIRED!!) (Guy from Crowd: You suck, Marty!)
~ Jason Shepherd facing Marty Wolf as Wolf blurts out that he has stole Jason's paper and turned it into a theatrical film, thinking that no one heard it, but discovers that everybody, including Mr. Duncan has heard the entire confession on the camera, causing Wolf to be fired by Mr. Duncan, sending Wolf's career down the toilet.

(Sam corners Bugs at the Hoover Dam, guns in hand) (Sam: Ain't no place to run, cheater! It's all over but the shootin'!) (Bugs suddenly sees a slot machine.) Ooh, they think of everything. You have a quarter? (Sam: Yeah, I got a quarter, my last one... (shoves Bugs out of the way) ...and I'm playin' it myself!) (throws the coin into the machine, causing the wheels to spin until they read H-2-O, and then alarms sound.) (Sam: I WIN! I WIN! I-) (water runs over the wall of the dam. Sam screams as it consumes him. We then see Bugs at the top of the dam. His phone rings, and he answers it.) What's up, doc? (Sam: I hate you, rabbit.)
~ Bugs Bunny outsmarting Yosemite Sam in Hare and Loathing in Las Vegas.

(Russian squad leader: First person to move, first person to die.) (Xander slowly turns left, imitating a whirring machine.) I moved. (dances, even though there's no music.) I just moved again. I'm still alive. (Squad leader: Shut up, hero!) Alright, let's do this. (All the party goers draw guns on the Russians.) Okay, I actually have what you want. Pandora's Box. I got it right here. But you're wrong, though. Take it from me and you die first. Then Lt. Leningrad who thinks he's got your back... (Adele points her gun at the soldier behind the leader's back)...the two Ivans by the door... (Adele points to two soldiers by the door)... then Moscow Mule by the bar... (Adele points to another soldier by the bar) ...and then Igor on the stairs. See where we're going with this? But none of that matters, because like I said, if you take this from me, you die first. (Squad leader: I'll take it from you dead or alive. If you hold it too tight, I'll cut your arm off.) (Serena quietly draws a knife) Suit yourself. (throws a live grenade. Although the leader catches it and attempts to prevent it going off, Serena throws her knife at the soldier's wrist, causing him to drop the grenade and allow it to go off, killing him. The soldiers then attack the party goers, but Xander, Serena, Xiang, Talon and Hawk defeat most of them, while Nicks strangles a soldier with a cable. (Adele: Leningrad. (shoots her first target.) Hello, Ivan. (shoots one of her second targets.) Other Ivan. (shoots the other of her second targets. Talon subdues one of the Russians.) (Adele: Ooh, bye, Moscow Mule. (shoots her fourth target, then her fifth.) Igor. That's another one you owe me, X.) Read between the lines. (Xiang escapes on a motorbike with Pandora's Box.
~ Xander Cage outsmarting a group of Russian soldiers.

(Proculus: You're brave, I'll give you that. But no savage can ever be the match of a Roman.) (Bellator stands behind Proculus in confusion.) How about 20 of us? (Proculus realises exactly what Milo is thinking. Milo pulls a bar down, and it opens all the cells near them. As the gladiators in the cells charge out, Proculus barges past Milo, towards the portcullis.) (Bellator: (chasing Proculus to the portcullis) NO! NO! WAIT! WAIT! NO!) (Proculus closes the portcullis, leaving Bellator and the gladiators behind.) (Bellator: (as the gladiators beat him to death on the portcullis) MERCY!) (Atticus: Good to see you, brother.) And you.
~ Milo outsmarting Proculus and Bellator, by allowing his fellow gladiators to escape their cells and kill the latter.

Today's your lucky day. What more can my people do? Tell the F-15s to fire? Even if they tried, we're equipped with tactical countermeasures. (Bennet: He's talking to us.) (Terrorist: What do you mean?) I just want you to feel secure. That way, no-one gets hurt. The computer will fly circles around any missile they fire at us. And no hit, just a shock wave. (Bennet: He's telling us what to do.) Believe me, all that would happen is that we'd get knocked off our feet, that's all. (Terrorist: SHUT UP!) (General: My God! Is he saying what I think he's saying?) (Bennet: If we're going to act, we have to act now.) (Dean: It's too risky.) (Bennet: The president is up there with a gun to his head!) (Northwood: He's asking us to do that? To Air Force One?!) (Bennet: He's not asking. Your commander-in-chief has issued a direct order. DO IT!) (the officials cause commotion. Back in the skies over the Europe-Asia border, the pilots still watch Air Force One.) (Carlton: Sir, are you sure that's what you want me to do?) (Dean: You heard me, Carlton. Let's just pray that it works the way it's supposed to.) (Carlton: Okay, boys, give me some room. I've just been ordered to fire on Air Force One.) (the other jets break formation. Carlton takes his jet to a position behind AFO.) (Carlton: I'm in position. Target acquired. I have a good lock. I hope this works. Fox 3.) (fires a missile. (Korushunov: (goes into the pilot room, with Sergei struggling to get the plane back into position; in Russian) What's going on?) (Sergei: The Americans fired at us. I have no control. The computer is flying.) (As predicted, countermeasures detonate the missile, causing an explosion that shakes the plane.) (Korushunov: ARE THEY CRAZY?!) (During the shockwave, Marshall attacks and kills the terrorist that captured him.)
~ President James Marshall outsmarting a terrorist, who is holding him at gunpoint, by quietly ordering his White House staff to fire on Air Force One, knowing this will allow him to turn the tables on the terrorist.

(Pac-Man runs one way, only to face Ludlow.) (Ludlow: Nope.) (Pac-Man turns the opposite direction, only to face Brenner.) What's up? (Pac-Man turns right and sees Eddie driving towards him.) (Eddie: OH YEAH!) (drives into Pac-Man, disintegrating him for the first time. The military officers cheer.) (Cooper: Good one, Eddie.)
~ Sam Brenner, Ludlow Lamonsoff and Eddie Plant defeating Pac-Man's first life.

(Ludlow, having escaped his car, runs from Pac-Man.) (Ludlow: YOU'VE BEEN BRAINWASHED! YOU'RE A GOOD BOY!) (Cooper: Ludlow, run! Pump your legs! Go, baby!) (Eddie broadsides Pac-Man with his car, disintegrating Pac-Man for the second time.) (Cooper: Attaboy, Eddie!) Ho-ho-ho, you just got fire-blasted, sucka!
~ Eddie Plant defeating Pac-Man's second life.

(Van Patten: Brenner, it's on you. There are still three other Power Pellets out there, so stay alert.) I got this. If I don't, the world ends. Can't let that happen. (Cooper: Come on, Brenner.) (Brenner continues chasing Pac-Man.) (Van Patten: Brenner, he's leading you directly toward one of the Power Pellets. Get out of there.) (It's too late. Pac-Man eats the pellet and Brenner's car turns blue. One. (starts reversing.) (Van Patten: What is he doing?) Two. (Van Patten: Dang it, Brenner, I have a son who I'd like to see grow up.) Three. You'll see your boy grow up yet. (reverses into a parking garage.) Four. (Van Patten: BRENNER, GET OUT! HE'S GOING TO EAT YOU!) Five. (reverses up a ramp onto the next floor.) Six... seven... eight... nine...(reverses through some bars, and ends up jumping from the garage onto another building, with Pac-Man inches from him.) Ten. (his car turns red again. Pac-Man bites it afterwards and then disintegrates for the last time. Van Patten, Cooper and his White House staff cheer while Brenner lands safely and gets out of the car.) (Cooper: YOU DID IT! THAT'S THE ONE, BABY!)
~ Sam Brenner defeating Pac-Man's third life.

(McCullen: Do you think she loved you? Do you imagine your life with her?) (Duke sees McCullen reaching behind him for a flamethrower.) All I know is, neither of you deserve her. (The Doctor: That's it. She dies!) DON'T DO IT, REX! (McCullen grabs the flamethrower and attempts to burn Duke with it, but Duke shoots the flamethrower with the plasma gun he is holding. The flamethrower explodes, burning McCullen and causing the Doctor to drop his computer screen, which he is using to control Ana's nanomites. Duke picks it up, and tries to free Ana, while the Doctor escapes.) Come on. (Ana regains consciousness with a loud gasp.) I'm gonna get you out of here. (McCullen: NOOO!) (The Doctor: (wraps his arm around McCullen's neck) Get up. You're coming with me.)
~ Duke outsmarting James McCullen/Destro and the Doctor to save the redeemed Baroness.

(Sylvester: Those birds have got to be somewhere on that stupid supersonic plane.) (Ticket Taker: We do have one extra ticket if you want to come to London that badly, sir.) (Sylvester: (takes the ticket and runs away.) I'm flying to London!) (As the plane takes off, Sylvester rampages through luggage, only to get surprised when he looks out of his window.) So long, Puddy! See you in London! (Aoogah lets out a Horn Scream. Sylvester displays his Wanted Poster and bangs on the plane window, screaming.)
~ Tweety and Aoogah leaving Sylvester on a Concorde.

(Kaufmann: But now, I'm afraid, Mr Bond, that our little- OW, STAMPER! Stop yelling in my ear, ja?) (Stamper: Sir, they can't get into the car.) (Kaufmann: You can't be serious. Did you call the Autoklub?) (Stamper: Do you want to call them? Make him tell you how to open it.) (Kaufmann: OK, I ask. (pauses) This is very embarrassing. It seems there is a red box in your car. They can't get to it. They want me to make you unlock the car. I feel like an idiot. I don't know what to say. I am to torture you if you don't do it.) Do you have a doctorate in that, too? (Kaufmann: Oh no, this is more like a hobby, but I'm very gifted.) Oh, I believe you. My cellphone opens the car. (Kaufmann: No, no, Mr Bond, I'll do it, ja?) Recall 3, send. (Kaufmann takes Bond's cellphone, then presses a button, only to activate its security system and electrocute himself. Bond then rushes to Kaufmann and forces his own gun on him.) (Kaufmann: Wait! I'm just a professional doing a job.) Me too. (Bond shoots Kaufmann.)
~ James Bond tricking Dr Kaufmann into electrocuting himself, then killing him in Tomorrow Never Dies.

(Aladdin reaches the Hand of Midas idol) (Aladdin: See? It pays to have a junior partner.)(Cassim: Be careful. Don't touch the golden hand!) (Aladdin grabs the Hand by its bronze handle and pries it from the stone) (Aladdin: Heads up!) ((Aladdin throws the Hand to Cassim. Cassim catches it in his cape. It turns to gold.) (Cassim (laughing with triumph): The Hand of Midas! (the cave suddenly begins to flood) Time to go, Aladdin! ) (Suddenly, Sa'Luk jumps down from an upper level, tackling Aladdin) (Sa'Luk: Nobody's going anywhere! Give the Hand of Midas to me, Cassim, or your son dies!) (Cassim: Sa'Luk, your battle is with me!) (Aladdin: Don't worry, Dad, I can take him alone.) (Cassim: But you're not alone ...not anymore. You want the Hand of Midas, Sa'Luk? TAKE IT!) (tosses the Hand to Sa'Luk, who catches it by the golden part) (Sa'Luk: The Hand of Midas is MINE! (laughs!) And also, the life of your brat!...What are you staring at? (Sa'Luk realizes he caught the Hand by the golden part) (Sa'Luk: No! NO! NO! AAAH!...)(Too late, Sa'Luk transforms into a golden statue and falls into the water and sinks to the bottom of the treasure chamber)
~ Cassim tossing the Hand of Midas to Sa'Luk, who catches it by the gold hand itself (instead of the bronze handle) and is thus turned into a golden statue for all eternity.

(Martha Jones has been brought onboard the Master's flagship, the Valiant, where her family is being held captive, along with the Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness) Master: Your teleport device, in case you thought I'd forgotten. (Martha throws it to him) Master: And now... kneel. (She does so) Master: Down below, the fleet is ready to launch- 200,000 ships set to burn across the universe. Are we ready? Voice: The fleet awaits your signal! Rejoice! Master: 3 minutes to align the black-hole converters! Counting down! I never could resist a ticking clock. My children, are you ready?! Toclafane: We will fly and blaze and slice. We will fly and blaze and slice. Master: And zero, to mark this day, the child Martha Jones, will die. My first blood. Any last words? No. Such a disappointment, this one, Doctor. Days of old, you had companions who could absorb the Time Vortex. This one's useless. Bow your head. And so it falls to me, as master of all, to this day, establish a new order of Time Lords. From this day forward-(Suddenly, Martha starts laughing) Master: What- What's so funny? Martha: A gun? Master: What about it? Martha: A gun in four parts? Master: Yes, and I destroyed it. Martha: A gun in four parts scattered across the world? I mean, come on, did you really believe that? Master: What do you mean? Doctor: As if I would ask her to kill. Master: Oh, well, it doesn't matter. I've got her exactly where I want her. Martha: But I knew what Professor Docherty would do. The resistance knew about her son. I told her about the gun so she'd get me here at the right time. Master: But you're still going to die. Martha: Don't you want to know what I was doing travelling the world? Master: Tell me. Martha: I told a story. That's all. No weapons, just words. I did just what the Doctor said. I travelled across the continents all on my own and, everywhere I went, I found the people and I told them my story. I told them about the Doctor, and I told them to pass it on so that everyone would know about the Doctor. Master: Faith and hope? That's all? Martha (Stands up as she talks) : No, because I gave them an instruction. Just as the Doctor said, I told them that if everyone thinks of one word at one specific time- Master: Nothing will happen! Is that your weapon? A prayer? Martha: Right across the world, one word, just one thought at one moment, but with 15 satellites. Master: What? Jack: The Archangel Network. Martha: A telepathic field. binding the whole human race together, with all of them, every single one of them, thinking the same thing at the same time and that word is Doctor. ( the countdown reaches 0 and the Doctor suddenly starts transforming.) Master: Stop it. No, no, no, no, you don't. (Despite his words, everyone keeps chanting Doctor) Doctor: I've had a whole year to tune myself into the psychic network and integrate with its matrices. (Seconds later, his body is fully restored and he has become some sort of God) One thing you can't do is stop them thinking. Tell me the human race is degenerate now when they can do this!
~ Martha reveals that the 'gun in four parts' story was just a ruse and that she actually told everyone about the Doctor in order to turn the Archangel Network against the Master, restoring the Doctor and foiling the Master's plans.

(Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes are on a plane with Irene Adler, discussing the contents of her phone) Mycroft: We have people who can get into this. Irene: I tested that theory. I let Sherlock Holmes try it for six months. Sherlock, dear, tell him what you found when you x-rayed my camera phone. Sherlock: There are four additional units wired inside the casing. I suspect containing acid or a small amount of explosive. Any attempt to open the case will burn the hard drive. Irene: Explosive. It's more me. Mycroft: Some data is always recoverable. Irene: Take that risk. Mycroft: You have a passcode to open this. I deeply regret to say we have people who can extract it from you. Irene; Sherlock. Sherlock: There will be two passcodes, one to open the phone, one to burn the drive. Even under duress, you can't know which one she's given you and there would be no point in a second attempt. Irene: He's good, isn't he? I should have him on a leash. In fact, I might. Mycroft: We destroy this, then no-one has the information. Irene: Fine. Good idea. Unless there are lives of British citizens depending on the information you're about to burn. Mycroft: Are there? Irene: Telling you would be playing fair. I'm not playing anymore. (hands Mycroft a page) A list of my requests and some ideas about my protection once they're granted. I'd say it wouldn't blow much of a hole in the wealth of a nation, but then I'd be lying. (Mycroft reads the requests) Irene: I imagine you'd like to sleep on it? Mycroft: Thank you. Yes. Irene: Too bad. Off you go and talk to people. Mycroft (sighing): You've been very thorough. I wish our lot were half as good as you. Irene: I can't take all the credit. I had a bit of help. (to Sherlock) Oh, Jim Moriarty sends his love. Mycroft: Yes, he's been in touch. He seems desperate for my attention, which I'm sure can be arranged. Irene: I had all this stuff, never knew what to do with it. Thank God for the consulting criminal. Gave me a lot of advice on how to play the Holmes boys. Do you know what he calls you? The Iceman and the Virgin. Didn't even ask for anything. I think he just likes to cause trouble. Now that's my kind of man. Mycroft: And here you are, the dominatrix who brought a nation to its knees. Nicely played. Sherlock: No. Irene: Sorry? Sherlock: I said no. Very, very close, but no. You got carried away. The game was too elaborate. You were enjoying yourself too much. Irene: No such thing as 'too much'. Sherlock: Oh, enjoying the thrill of the chase is fine. Craving the distraction of the game, I sympathize entirely. But sentiment. Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side. Irene: Sentiment? What are you talking about? Sherlock: You. Irene: Oh dear god, look at the poor man. You don't actually think I was interested in you? Why? Because you're the great Sherlock Holmes? The clever detective in the funny hat? Sherlock: No. (whispers in her ear) Because I took your pulse. Elevated. Your pupils: dilated. (takes Irene's phone) I imagine John Watson thinks love is a mystery to me but the chemistry is incredibly simple and very destructive. When we first met you told me that disguise is always a self portrait-how true of you. The combination to your safe: your measurements. But this-(turns on her phone) this is far more intimate. This is your heart. (puts in the first character) And you should never let it rule your head. You could have chosen any random number and walked out of here today with everything you worked for. (puts in the second character) But you just couldn't resist it, could you? I've always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage. (puts in the third character) Thank you for the final proof. Irene: Everything I said, it's not real. (gulps) I was just playing the game. Shrelock: I know. (puts in the last character) And this is just losing. (The phone reads I AM SHER-LOCKED) Sherlock (to Mycroft): There you are, brother. I hope the contents make up for any inconvenience I may have caused you tonight. Mycroft: I'm certain they will. Sherlock: If you're feeling kind, lock her up. Otherwise, let her go. I doubt she'll survive long without her protection. Irene: Are you expecting me to beg?! Sherlock: Yes. Irene: Please. You're right. I won't even last six months. Sherlock: Sorry about dinner.
~ Sherlock Holmes uses the knowledge of Irene Adler's feelings for him to crack the code of her phone, defeating her and leaving her defenceless.

(C.C. walks into an amusement park, where she expects to meet Mao. Suddenly, all the rides start working and she sees Mao on the merry-go round) Mao: C.C., your mind is so quiet. It's the only one I can't read. You really are the best there is. C.C.:As childish as ever, I see. Mao: I'm a prince on a white stallion. And a prince has to rescue the princess. (laughs) Does that make you happy, C.C. C.C.: Mao, we talked about this before. I told you that you and I- Mao (interrupts her): Those were all lies. Lies. C.C., you love me and this is how I know. (takes off his headphones) Recording of C.C.: Thank you, Mao. Mao. C.C. Stop it! (Flashback showing a young Mao being hugged by C.C.) Mao: Be quiet! C.C. Don't listen to them. Just listen to the sound of my voice. That's it. Since my mind is the only one you can't read and you can only be happy when you're with me, I will stay with you, always. Yes, I'm right here, so you don't need to worry. (Flashback ends) Mao: C.C., you're the only one. The only one I want. Forever. Lelouch doesn't matter at all. If you just come with me. C.C. (taking out a gun and aiming it at Mao): Stop it! I should have done this a long, long time ago. (We hear a gunshot. The scene then cuts to Lelouch in his house, listening to a recording of C.C. and Mao. He then goes to Tokyo Tower, thinking about C.C.) Lelouch: She comes and goes like the wind. I can't read her. I can't fathom how such a twisted girl thinks. Idiot. (The scene then cuts to the amusement park, where it's shown that Mao shot C.C., not the other way round.) Mao: I knew it. I knew you couldn't pull the trigger. That's because you really love me, C.C. (laughs) C.C.: You're wrong! I was just using you, right from the start! Mao: What are you saying? You shouldn't tell lies like that. You really shouldn't. (shoots her again) Lies are very, very wicked. Wicked lies! (shoots her several more times) Don't worry. I understand. C.C., you must listen to me. I've built a big, brand new house in Australia. A very quiet, immaculate, special house. But to get to Australia, you'll need to take an airplane and there isn't very much room. The thing is, C.C., you're a little too big to bring on a plane. So that's why- (takes out a chainsaw) -I'm going to make you compact! It'll take no time at all. C.C.: Is this your revenge? You're punishing me. Mao: Oh, no. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not at all. I'm showing you my gratitude. Lelouch: So this is the place that you've picked. (Mao suddenly stops and turns to the monitor, and sees Lelouch) The place where there would be no-one else's thoughts to bother you. That narrowed it way down. Mao: Lelouch. Lelouch: Since your Geass has a total maximum range of 500 meters, it can't reach me here in Tokyo Tower. Mao (laughs): That's true. That's very true. But what can you do from so far away, hm? After taking all that trouble to hack into the system, what's your grand plan? A remote-control attack with some battery-operated toys? Or a tongue-lashing to lecture me into submission? Ah, cat got your tongue now. If you want C.C., then you'll have to come- Lelouch (interrupts him): Mao, think. You don't believe C.C. is her real name, do you? She never even whispers it to anyone. But I know it, though. She told me her true name. Mao: Is that right, C.C.? You never told me. Ever, ever. But you told it to him? Lelouch: You know why? Because C.C. is mine. C.C. belongs to me in every possible way. Mao: No! She doesn't! She doesn't! She doesn't! She was mine long before she met you! Lelouch: I have gained every single thing from her, including all of the parts that you have never seen. All of them. Mao (starts attacking the monitor in anger): Lelouch! Face me! Lelouch! Come here! Come here so look into your mind! I'll see the truth! I'll see what a liar you are. Liar! Lelouch: Mao, you've lost. Mao: What are you talking about?! I don't care! I'm going to be with C.C.! (He suddenly starts hearing thoughts) Is that Lelouch? He's too far away. Sounds everywhere. All those voices. (Entire platoons of police appear) Police Officer: Hold it right there! Drop your weapon and surrender! Mao: What are they doing here? (A light shines down on him from a helicopter) Voice: Remain where you are! Drop your weapon and raise your hand! Mao: It's the police. Who contacted them?! (An officer comes to C.C.'s aid and picks her up. She looks and sees that it's Lelouch.) C.C.: Lelouch, what are you doing here? Mao: It can't be! He was just in Tokyo Tower! He can't be here now! Lelouch (projecting his thoughts to Mao): Are you that slow? That was all a recording. Mao: That's a lie! You were talking to me! Answering me! Lelouch: Your thoughts are simple. Since you read minds, you never resorted to cunning. Mao: You predicted everyone of my answers?! Don't play games with me, punk! If the cops arrest me, I'll be back out in a heartbeat! (starts hearing the police's thoughts) Shut up! Just stop taunting me! Lelouch: C.C. told me you can't turn off your Geass. And your reach is erratic. You don't concentrate, the range gets very short. Mao: So you used the monitor to keep me distracted? Even so, I can still defeat you. I'll have you ruined! Lelouch: The moment you try is the moment you die. (starts to walk away) C.C.: Lelouch, wait. If I talk to him, I can get through. Mao: You think I'll die?! Listen, cops, you know who that guy is?! He's the terrorist you want! He's- Commander (under control of Lelouch's Geass): Fire! (The police gun Mao down) C.C.: Oh, no! Mao (wheezes):-Zero.
~ Lelouch outsmarts Mao by keeping him focused on a monitor, allowing him to move in and rescue C.C., leaving Mao to be gunned down by the police.

(Spike: Any last requests?) Yes. Could you fly, quite suddenly, off the boat, screaming like a girl? (Spike: What? [is jerked off the boat by the cord he's attached to] AAAAAAAH!!!)
~ Roddy St. James outsmarting Spike as the cord attached to the latter runs taught and sends Spike flying quite suddenly off the boat screaming like a girl.

This is it! We're gonna save my brother and his future wife! (Drake Wilson: Uhhh, how?) Don't fret, Drake. Course is clear. (Thomas McCallister: You sure this is safe?) (Josh McCallister: You've gotta trust him, brother. It's our only chance to outrun Maroone.) There are fighter planes outside that we can snag from the henchmen. We can also use them to save Jason and Evelyn. No one's around, so our chance is now. You with me? (Harper Weiss: We're with you, buddy.) (Seth Wilson: Let's go!) [The heroes are about to make for the exit, but Quincy Maroone and his henchmen pop out from behind them] (Quincy Maroone, popping up from behind them: SURPRISE!!!) [Harper gasps and the heroes scramble behind Gunther] YOU!!! (Quincy Maroone: Yes, Gunther. It is I. The man who blamed your brother for shoplifting, huh?) What do you want of us, Maroone? Whatever it is, you're not getting it!) (Quincy Maroone: Oh, yeah? I have the city, the people, I have my treasure, my office, I have everything! I'm just perfect! [laughs wickedly] Gunther Gibson, furiously: You can't do this! (Quincy Maroone: YES... I... CAN!!!) [laughs wickedly again] Never again, Maroone! We have unfinished business with you and we will stop you! (Tobin: What!?) (Hank: You can't be serious!) (Christopher Cameron: Ooooh, we're really scared!) (Thomas McCallister: You should be! Lots of unfinished business!) (Seth Wilson: You will leave this dreaded hallway and let us go on.) (Quincy Maroone: No way! I'm in charge! No one goes anywhere without me!) Just once! Listen to us! We will go alone without you, you traitor! You leave us alone in this hall and let us go on! That's final! (Quincy Maroone, reluctantly: All right. Fine. Go on, guys.) Go! Go! Go! Out now! [The heroes run out the door and the henchmen pull out their Walther pistols] (Quincy Maroone: FIRE!!!) [The henchmen fire their pistols a few seconds before the exit door slams]'
~ Gunther Gibson, Seth Wilson, Thomas McCallister, Drake Wilson, Josh McCallister and Harper Weiss outsmarting Quincy Maroone and his henchmen on their way to free Jason Johnston and Evelyn Ross from the small island.

(Larry Quinn forces Sally and Conrad back the house, which is oddly spotless) (Conrad: Sally, what happened? What about the mother of all messes?) (Sally: I don't know!) (Larry Quinn: ACHOO! Why am I sneezing?) (out of nowhere, the Cat taps on Quinn's shoulder; Quinn slowly turns) That'd be me. BOO! (Larry Quinn: AAH! YOU'RE A GIANT--(sneezes twice!) (falls out of the wallpaper and down a steep cliff with purple goo below) C-A-A-A-T!!! JUDAS PRIEST!) (*SPLASH!!*)
~ The Cat in the Hat outwitting Larry Quinn by scaring him and causing him to literally fall through the wallpaper and into a puddle of purple goo.

(George Newton and his family catch up to Regina and Floyd by the cliff)(George Newton: Put the puppy down.) (Regina (smirking): Well, look who we have here.) (Floyd: Back off. You're outta your league.) (George Newton: Put the puppy down!) (Floyd: You mean this puppy?) (threatens to drop the puppy into the river) (Ted, Ryce and Emily: No! No!) (George Newton: Put the puppy down!) (Floyd: You want this puppy. Huh? You can't have him.) (George Newton (angry): What kind of person are you?! ) (Floyd: You don't like me? What kind of person are you?) (George Newton: Put the puppy down! ) (Alice Newton: Please can we talk about this? Can we calm down?) (George Newton: This doesn't have to get ugly. Just put the puppy down) (An angry Beethoven watches, ready to charge Floyd) )Floyd: Ugly? You ain't seen ugly. That ain't ugly. (puts the puppy on the ground) That's ugly!) (pokes George in the chest with a stick) (Alice, Ted, Ryce and Emily shout in terror) (An enraged Beethoven charges toward Floyd as Regina laughs at George Newton and he charges at the stick that Floyd is holding ramming it into Floyd's crotch and he loses his balance) (Floyd: Ohh! REGINA!!) (Regina stops laughing and grabs his hand, but she and Floyd fall off the cliff and land into a pool of mud as the Newtons watches) (George (Newton (calling out): Hold on!) (Regina: Shut up, and don't do us any favors! Take your stinkin' puppies and stuff it!) (Floyd: Yeah, stuff it!) (Alice Newton (calling out): We're gonna help you! It will be all right!) (Regina (to Floyd): You idiot!) (Floyd: Why me?! This whole dog business was your idea!) (Regina: My idea? (They both fall into the river and washed away by the current) I Hate you!) (Floyd: You stupid! You got me into this!) (Regina: No, it's not!) (Floyd: I didn't even care about those dogs!) (Regina: Let go of me!) (Alice Newton (to George): Well? You hungry?)
~ Beethoven knocks Regina and Floyd into the river after Floyd threatens to drop one his puppies into the river and pokes George Newton in the chest with a stick.

(Kai glares at Po and his giant translucent dragon avatar) (Kai: It took me 500 years to take Oogway's chi. I will have yours if it takes me 500 more! (Po makes "chit-chat" gestures; his dragon avatar mimics the movement) Chitty-chitty-chat-chat, chit-chat! (Furious, Kai charges at Po, who begins to charge his chi energy. Behind him, the dragon curls into a Yin Yang.) You want my Chi so bad? Then take it! (Po pushes his hands at Kai, and the chi dragon zooms into the yak's chest. Kai beams) (Kai: Yes! The power... is MINE! [the jade pendants, the chi he has collected from the Masters, begin to break away from him] Wait! No! It's too much! It's TOO MUCH!! NO! UGH!! [Kai begins to glow, overloaded with power, as the pendant of Oogway floats away from him] NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!')(a beaming light engulfs Kai, ending his terror.)
~ Po defeating Kai by overloading him with chi, causing the evil yak to be obliterated into a bright light, being destroyed by the very same power he sought to obtain.